– MLB – Recap – Braves at Marlins – 09/13/2003

I think we can put a lid on the Russ Ortiz Cy Young talk. Ortiz allowed six runs in the first inning, capped by a three run homer. That was more than enough for Dontrelle Willis. Ortiz wound up pitching only three innings and giving up seven runs. Marquis, Mercker, and the returning Darren Holmes all pitched scoreless ball from there (Boom-Boom came in to give up a meaningless run in the eighth) but it was too late.

Javy Lopez tried to get the Braves back in it, hitting a homer (number 40) in the second and doubling in Andruw in the third, but they didn’t produce anything else until the seventh. Actually, the Braves had a chance to get back into it in the second, when they loaded the bases with two out, but DeRosa (playing again for Giles) grounded out. The parade of stranded runners: one, three, one, one, none (double play), two, one, one, none. Let’s just say that the Braves should have scored more than three runs.

Just what we need with a three-game losing streak: Shane Reynolds pitches tomorrow. The game’s on TBS; the Braves won’t be back on the network again until next Sunday. The Phillies lost again. You realize that the Braves’ lead in the division is down to 8 1/2? That they’re even with the Giants in the loss column?