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As Robert noted in the comments, the Braves claimed Jaret Wright off of waivers from the Padres. This was so inexplicable that even Skip and Joe seemed dumbfounded by it. Wright’s arm is deader than Ty Cobb. He had put up an 8.07 ERA for the Padres and there is nothing good in his line except a decent strikeout total. He’s allowing over two baserunners an inning and something like 1.8 home runs per nine. This is in the bullpen, mind you. Every team in the NL passed on him — because otherwise he couldn’t get to the Braves — and I’ll bet even the Tigers would have in the AL.

It’s not like this is a new thing — he was even worse in limited play last year and nearly as bad in 2001. There are at least 100 pitchers in the minor leagues better than Jaret Wright. Heck, there are probably 15-20 in the Braves organization alone. There are guys coaching in high school now who are probably better. Bringing back Phil Niekro would have been a better option. There are position players better. Women’s fast-pitch softball pitchers. Japanese Little Leaguers.

This smells like one of Bobby and/or Leo’s quixotic quests to get some guy whom they once saw pitch well and think they can fix. The victim here is probably Joey Dawley, who’s only been back up for two days and now will have to sit on his hands for the next ten or fifteen, however long it is, because even with roster expansion I believe he’s got to spend time in the minors before he comes back.

5 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. When I first saw that the Braves had picked up a player from the Padres I thought Lockhart. So when i found out that it was Wright I was actually relieved. But yeah, it’s still stupid to pick him up.

  2. This is the most surprising thing the Braves have done all season. I was looking in the box score and saw J Wright pitch a scoreless inning. “No, can’t be Jaret Wright, he hasn’t done that in 3 years…” How does this guy keep getting chances? Yeah, he is only 27, but he was never really that good aside from his 16 start rookie season. Also, forget Joey Dawley, the people this really hurts are Jung Bong, Jason Marquis, and Trey Hodges, the future of our pitching staff. How can they possible give innings and a roster spot to this guy when there are atleast three guys that will do something with their careers and need the experience. First it was Shane Reynolds, then it was Roberto Hernandez, now we have to kidnap Jaret Wright…

  3. It’s like Mazzone and Cox can take anybody off waivers, and turn him into John Smoltz. Next thing you know, Todd Martin is going to be Billy Wagner.

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