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  1. Interesting Tim Tucker column today.
    or, more likely, after it is archived, here:
    He mentions some ideas that I thought were worth pointing out, particularly about the Braves pitching staff (the pitchers they let walk are not, as a group, doing better than the pitchers the Braves currently have), and bring up a point of concern about Rafael Furcal (low average + low OBP = pitchers figuring out how to pitch him?)
    The hack attack method of hitting draws plenty of praise when it’s working (at least from the traditionalist anti-stats guys), as it was early in the year, but can mean some serious dry spells if pitchers figure out that you don’t want to take a walk.
    He and Giles have almost identical walk rates (and those rates are just under 10%–48 BB for Furcal in 486 PA and 40 BB for Giles in 407 PA), while neither is hacking like Javy and the Vin-ster (22 BB in 333 PA and 21 BB in 407 PA, respectively).
    Having said that, do we simply acknowledge that this team is put together differently than other Braves teams in the past, and simply hope that everything works come playoff time? What are they susceptible to right now (especially when it comes to something that can be easily remedied, or solved with the personnel they now have)?

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