That’s something

Bravescenter reports that Jason Marquis has been promoted to the big leagues. No word if this is for an injured Gryboski or for the team finally designating Boom-Boom for assignment with extreme prejudice.

UPDATE: The report now is that Trey Hodges is being disabled. If he has an elbow problem, that might explain why he hasn’t pitched well lately. But Boom-Boom and the Rally Twins will stay.

4 thoughts on “That’s something”

  1. It’s about time. I’ve been very high on Marquis since he made his first start against Los Angeles. Although it could be an audition for other teams. (Montrael, Baltimore?) I hope not, I think he can be a future 20 game winner.

  2. Hey, this is Marquis’ big chance to shine. He has always been the odd man out (well not always, but in the last couple years) and has bristled at being shunted out of the rotation. The situation on the staff is so dire now though, that if he puts his ego aside, he could stake a claim to being our best middle reliever, and perhaps only a poor Shane outing or two away from getting back into the rotation (unless of course he is about to be dealt for a more expensive starter)

  3. It’s possible that the Braves are bringing Marquis back up to showcase him for a trade. Although if he got rocked, that strategy could backfire. Too bad the hitless Dodgers don’t come to town until after the deadline.

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