– MLB – Recap – Expos at Braves – 04/02/2003

Obviously, it’s time to panic. No, not really. Though a little panic, represented by waiving Vinny with extreme prejudice, would be nice. On the other hand, he has two (weak) hits, so they probably think he’s doing well.

Anyway, remember Florida, when the offense was doing so well? Well, the Braves were shut out on three hits by Zach Day, whoever that is, and three relievers. The closest the Braves came to scoring was the first, when with two out Sheffield and Chipper walked and Andruw pulled a long ball foul, then reached on an error. But Javy Lopez grounded out, end of threat.

Day was very good, but it’s easy to overstate that. He looked a little wild to me. He only walked two, but that’s largely because the Braves kept swinging at pitches they had no chance of hitting. You know the drill; 2-0 count, nobody on, trailing by two runs, and they ground weakly to second because they tried to pull a letter-high fastball for a homer. How does a team strike out swinging twice in the ninth inning of a game in which they were trailing by three runs?

Not only have the Braves not won this season, or even led, they’ve yet to bat with the score tied. Horacio Ramirez allowed a two-run homer to the second batter of the game. He pitched well after that, well enough to win, but no luck. The Expos added a run off of Holmes in the ninth to make the score 3-0.

Marcus Giles, who drove in one of only two runs in Monday’s game, was benched for Mark DeRosa. Because Bobby loves DeRosa, only not enough to play him at third base. I can’t stand it.