The only other reliever to return from last year’s pen (out of eight who pitched in 30 or more games) and the most obscure of the lot. Gryboski is a former Mariner farmhand whom the Braves picked up cheap in spring because he was out of options. Gryboski pitched well as one of the back-of-the-pen guys early in the season. He got hurt in late July, missed about a month, and when he returned couldn’t get anyone out. However, he was fading even before then. His ERA at the break was 1.54, it was 2.27 when he got hurt, and 3.48 at the end of the season — 7.56 in the second half.

Which is the real Gryboski? Well, probably neither, but certainly closer to the one in the second half I’m afraid. He doesn’t get many strikeouts — only 33 (versus 37 walks) in 51 2/3 innings last year. He allowed a .387 OBP because of all the walks. Very few pitchers — if any — can thrive walking more than they strike out. The Braves would be wise to see if they can flip him for prospects or infield help in spring training.

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