Matt Franco

The Other Franco had a remarkable year in 2002, completely out of context with the rest of his career, hitting .317/.395/.517, against career averages of .270/.356/.397. It seems unlikely Matt is really that good, but to be fair, he was getting semi-regular playing time for the first time in his career. He came up with the Cubs in 1995, spent the next five years of his career with the Mets, and was used mostly as a pinch hitter throughout his career. Before last year, he had only 732 plate appearances in 468 career games. Last year, platooning at first with Julio in the second two-thirds of the season, he had 233 in 81. Pinch-hitting is a hard duty, and most players are likely to hit better when used more regularly.

Matt theoretically can be used all over the place; he came up as a second baseman, and most of his field work before last year had come at third base, with a fair amount in left. I would be tempted to try using him at third in a platoon with Vinny (who could come in for late-inning defense) but that’s never going to happen.

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