See Ernie Broglio, Milt Pappas, Doyle Alexander… It’s not his fault that he was all we got for Kevin Millwood. (We all know whose fault it was.) Given the complete inability of the Braves to develop catching — the best catcher the system has produced since Eddie Perez is probably Steve “Swings Like Girl” Torrealba — at least they addressed a position of need. At least in theory. Estrada played a good bit for the Phillies in 2001 when Mike Lieberthal was hurt, and put up Henry Blanco numbers — .228/.273/.359. I tend to think he’s a little better than that. He hit .279/.322/.417 in Scranton last year. That’s not too good either, considering it’s AAA. He might match that in the majors, in which case the Braves’ catching would only be bad, instead of casting a foul odor all over Turner Field. He’s painfully slow, but a good defensive catcher.

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