Goodbye, Dave

Dave Martinez, as expected, has retired from baseball. He tore up his leg and missed the entire 2002 season after playing semi-regularly for the Braves in 2001.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Dave”

  1. Fick can catch, right? Because one thing we really need is someone to back up Javy, Henry, and Johnny.

    Seriously, assuming they’re not paying him much this would be fine, in that he can play 1B (or at least he used to be able to), back up in the outfield, etc. Based on a quick glance at, he’s a considerably more useful Wes Helms. Let us just hope he’s not being paid too much.

  2. I’ll actually read the link before I post next time. 1 year, 1 million with the chance for 350K in incentives. Pretty good, especially the length. I question whether he can actually hit .300 like the article says, but he could be a solid 1-year pickup while we wait for Javy and Vinny’s contracts to go away.

  3. Got the Fick entry up. The best case scenario is probably that he plays left field, Chipper moves to third, and Vinny winds up platooning at first. My guess is, however, that Fick plays first base, or platoons with someone, and we’re stuck with Vinny at third again.

    Just speculating, but I think Blanco will be traded.

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