8 thoughts on “Like they need more pitching”

  1. Did you see that piece in the AJC where Kasten says that the money they saved on Glavine will be used on other players and they expect to be very active at the winter meetings? I realize it’s mostly meaningless blather, but maybe we’re in for something cool (or awful) in the next week or two.

  2. Problem is, are there actually good players still available to spend this money on, other than Maddux? My guess is he goes after an Expos pitcher; if not that, then maybe Vidro.

  3. Well Kent & Floyd would be upgrades at 1B, 2B or (if moving Chipper) LF. Not that I could see Schuerholz going for either, but IMHO either would be a better use of the money ~ for this particular team ~ than Glavine would have been.

  4. I’d rather us not deal with Kent. Impressions can be very wrong, but mine is that he’s an asshole. And I know he’s a pretty decent hitter — though apparently not in the offseason — but who wants to look at that porn-star moustache any more than we have to? Vidro, on the other hand, or (please please) Guerrero would be dreamy.

  5. It should be an interesting weekend for Braves fans. I think they will be active at the Winter Meetings. Maybe not as active as they’re letting on. They want to let fans know right now that they’re still committed to putting another championship team on the field. After the last couple of weeks, I’m sure fans are wondering. They’ve got some room to move moneywise and depending on what Maddux does, maybe even more room. I’m pretty sure after the weekend is over, at least one current Expo will be with the Braves and I’m betting it might be more than one.

    Should be an interesting weekend. Winter meetings are always fun.

  6. Fonzie’s making comments suggesting a 3 yr 18 million dollar deal would lock him up. He’d be a big upgrade at 3B and would be a nice bit of payback, essentially Tommy for Fonzie plus 2 draft picks. His back seemed fine this year, he’s bad-attitude free, and he has that “fire” that Terence Moore’s always griping about the Braves missing.

    Anyone else surprised by Terence Moore’s praise for the Braves letting Tommy go? I hate to even suggest it, but could race play a factor in TM’s judgements?

  7. I’m not surrprised at Moore’s take on this. He’s been railing against the Braves “businesslike” approach for years, and Glav was the epitome of that on the mound.

    I’d like to see them get Alfonzo. In which case we might see Vinnie at 1B for the year. Floyd would be nice in LF if he’d bump Chipper back to LF. I don’t want Kent for 2B, it’s filling a hole we don’t need filled as much as others. And he does appear to be an asshole – vocal in complaining about Bonds to the media, then downright huffy after he got caught in breach of contract

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