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ajc.com | Braves | Initial offer fails to excite Glavine

I don’t expect Tom Glavine to get that big of a contract, but if the Braves really offered a one-year deal at the same rate as last year, they couldn’t expect him to accept it. It borders on an insult. Yes, $8 million, but for God’s sake you gave two years to Vinny Flipping Castilla and Javy Lopez got $8 million with a player option. And Tom Glavine has to work on a one-year basis?

Given the choice between Maddux and Glavine, I don’t see that one has to be made. It’s Maddux all the way. I’m sorry, but Maddux has been a far better pitcher pretty much every year since he joined the club, and most of the data indicates that he also has a better future. Yes, he’s had injuries, but not to his arm, and both his ERA and his peripheral numbers were better last year. And the year before, and the year before… These aren’t two pitchers of similar stature; Glavine is a Hall of Famer, but Maddux is one of the ten greatest pitchers of all time.

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