– MLB – Recap – Braves at Mets – 09/29/2002

Well, the Mets feel better, having beaten the Braves 6-1. I’m sure the Braves are all broken up about it. The Braves used eight pitchers. Mike Remlinger pitched one inning, gave up one run, and got the loss. But Damian Moss had the worst outing, giving up four runs. The assumption has been that he’d be the fourth starter in postseason, but that can’t have helped his cause. Joey Dawley pitched the last third of the ninth, his major league debut. Pretty much everyone got in the game on the offensive side, including Jung Bong as a pinch hitter.

It looks like the lineup in postseason will be the worst one Bobby can devise. At any rate, the starting lineup today was:

M. Franco

With Javy for Blanco, that’s probably what we’ll get. Ugh. I’ll rant about the playoff roster when I see it.