– MLB – Recap – Giants at Braves – 08/13/2002

I can’t talk long, and frankly I don’t feel like it. The Braves lost 7-2 to the Giants even though they held Barry Bonds in check, Jeff Kent hitting two homers to pick up the slack. Greg Maddux gave up four of those runs in six innings. It wasn’t a good performance, but it’s not like he got shelled. But you know the standards for Maddux. He still leads the league in ERA by a tenth of a run per game over Randy Johnson.

Vinny Castilla had two of the Braves six hits and scored a run. He still sucks. Keith Lockhart started at second and drove Vinny in; he still sucks too and Marcus Giles should be playing… Tonight, Tom Glavine faces our old friend Livan Hernandez; Livan isn’t having a great year but that doesn’t mean I’m eager to see him.