MLB – Braves’ fingers still crossed after Surhoff put on DL

Surhoff hurt his knee late in the game last night, a 6-3 loss to the Astros. Nobody knows yet what his prognosis is; they’re hoping he’ll be back in mid-May, but the injury could be more serious. It’s a tough loss, surprisingly. BJ has been hitting, for average anyway, and drawing some walks; his OBP is .369. He hasn’t had any power to speak of, and you’d want more from a first baseman or outfielder, but with Sheffield hurt he was likely the team’s best option in right field. Mark DeRosa is playing there now; as much as I like him, I don’t think he’s going to hit enough for a right fielder. With Javy Lopez hurt, the Braves are missing a lot of offense, and are playing with a very short bench.

Ryan Langerhans was called up from Greenville to take the roster spot. Langerhans is probably the Braves’ best outfield prospect, but that’s not saying much. People like to compare him to Paul O’Neill, but that’s not very fair to a 22-year-old kid who hasn’t played above A-ball before this year. (For that matter, O’Neill didn’t really become a top player until he was about 30.) He was probably Greenville’s best player, hitting .269/.383/.474, with three homers. I’ve no idea if he’s going to play or sit on the bench. Knowing Bobby… Well, who knows with Bobby? He will throw a kid out there, but at other times he’ll nail him to the bench. He’s a lot less predictable than his detractors say.

Kevin Millwood took the loss last night; it was his second-straight subpar outing. Like Maddux a few days ago, he walked a tightrope for awhile then blew up. He wasn’t that bad, really, and could have gotten out of the big inning that beat him with a little luck… Albie Lopez was reactivated to pitch today. I’ll talk about today’s game later.