4/19/98: The Rockies and Braves are playing one of those godawful day/night doubleheaders, not a “doubleheader” in any real sense of the term, since they charge separate admission. Way to bring the fans back, boys. The worst part is that because of ESPN’s blackout rights (no games overlapping Sunday Night Baseball, which BTW ends up on ESPN2 later this year because of ESPN holding the rights to the sunday night football games) the game isn’t on TBS or even Sportsouth. It might be airing in Atlanta, but I doubt it. Danny Bautista went on the DL today with a shoulder problem of some sort. I think it’s a real injury, but actually a fake injury would work too. There just isn’t a role for him on this team. The Braves brought up Paul Byrd. Byrd can help a team; I’m not sure that the Braves are that team though. I don’t like 12-pitcher staffs. Michael Tucker got hurt a little in the first game today, fouled a ball right off his lower thigh. I don’t remember ever seeing that before. I think he’s having one of those cursed seasons that happens every so often.