Author: cliff

Sybil 3, Spicoli 1

This Braves team seems to suffer from a mental disease or defect. I am not sure if it is Multiple Personality Disorder or Schizophrenia. Whatever it is, it seems as if a different team shows up every few days and replaces the...

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Laundry (red hosiery) 8, Stinks 6

Well, yesterday began that most important of things, “the interleague rivalry game.” 10 years before I was born, the Braves shared Boston with the Red Sox. So they are our American League rival. Right. Seinfeld said...

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BRAVES 9, hops 3

The battle of the “Great April / Horrible May” teams. Either they will at least get to mediocre (a split of this 4 game series) or somebody will “right the ship.” Braves ship is a little more right as of...

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