There’s a rhythm to a baseball season, and tonight’s game leaves me a little syncopated. St. Louis games are supposed to be characterized by stifling August heat, and, back in the old stadium, Astroturf you could fry sausages on. But it’s April 3, and we’re in St. Louis.; Really?The earliest the Braves have ever played in St. Louis before this was 1968, when they played opening day on April 10th in the previous Busch Stadium, a game that was delayed by a day for Martin Luther King’s funeral. Pat Jarvis lost a 2-1 decision to Ray Washburn in relief of Bob Gibson. The Braves had 3 hits (Boyer, Millan and Lum).The Boston Braves never played in St. Louis in April, and the Milwaukee Braves never played them in the first two weeks of the season.

The Braves got three hits a little faster in this game; they had three homers by the end of the 2nd inning, one of them a release of pent-up anger from Austin Riley which circled the Arch a few times before landing 475 feet from home at 113 mph off his bat. That was a solo shot, but a two run Ozzie Albies dinger and a three run RAJ knock gave the Braves a lead. 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 runs, which turned out to be more than enough. (But not always… see below.)

The Braves pitched Charlie Morton.I don’t claim to read everything about the Braves, but Charlie has flown completely below the buzz radar this spring. The fight for the fifth starter and the injury to Kyle Wright were the pitching stories I read. Last year, Charlie’s recovery from the broken leg was a big story. Now it’s just a matter of letting a 4th starter veteran do his thing.And that’s what he did: 5 1/3 of scattering hits here and there and three runs given up. If Charlie pitches that way all year, that’s really all you need out of a 4th starter. He’ll have a few much better games, and a couple of stinkers: just keep on keepin’ on, young fella.

Nick Anderson followed up Charlie, filthily.He gave up a homer to Goldschmidt, but a lot of good pitchers have done that, and by the time he hit it the Braves had scored a couple more. Easy peasy.

This is the way a ten hit team easily beats a twelve hit team: chicks dig the long ball.

Some Performances

Ronald Acuna Jr was 3 for 4 with ¾ of a cycle. Arcia played shortstop like Ozzie Smith. Ozuna played like Ozzie Nelson. (TFloyd will know who I’m talking about.)

Statistical Oddity Of The Night

The Braves hit 3 homers. A solo shot, a two run homer and a three run homer in order.; That doesn’t happen a lot, but it happens a lot more than I thought: 442 times. The Braves last did it on August, 19, 2017, with a solo from Brandon Phillips, a 2 run homer from Kurt Suzuki and a 3-run shot from Matt Adams. They lost the game 11-8. Remember back then? This is much more fun.

RIP Chipwatch

He was sitting in the other booth. Deo gratias. I didn’t listen.  Brandon and Jeff gave him a nice encomium in bottom of the 4th.I wish him nothing but well, as long as I don’t have to listen to him. Chipwatch is hereby retired, like Andruw’s #25.St. Louis will obviously like him more than I do, their being the most knowledgeable fans in baseball and all.