Thanks for the title, coop

There is nothing less powerful than fulminating at a television screen.  Indeed, people yelling at screens has been a rich source of futility humor since at least The Honeymooners and probably before.

One step up from that is being a loudmouth at bars.  Even if you’re really, really persuasive (and let’s face it – persuasiveness is not the first attribute you  think of when you think of loudmouths in bars) it would take years for your opinions to make it outside of a small circle of inebriated strangers.

The next step up, I think, is writing for a group blog on the Internet.  It’s just a slightly bigger bar with somewhat less blotto readers, and there’s a chance that if you were sober enough to type, the arguments you make are slightly more coherent.

There are steps higher than that, but they are beyond my grasp.  So when I write here, I’m at the apex of my powers.  When I started ChipWatch, I was the guy yelling at the TV, the guy boring people in bars, who was given a very slightly larger megaphone.

I had fun with it, even as I struggled sometimes to vary the arguments against Chip.  Frankly, the first things I said about Chip were as a commenter, and those things really encapsulated everything I felt.  The rest was mere filigree, with examples…. and hopefully a few yuks.

In any case, my delusions of grandeur are undying, so I did have the faintest worry that someone in an actual position to do something about it would see what I’m saying, follow through, and leave Chip jobless.  (I thought this in the firm conviction that no one else would ever hire him.)  Because even though I thought Chip was pretty bad at his job, I wish ill on no one not named Jim Leyritz or Eric Gregg.  And bad as he was, he was obviously trying, and that counts for something.  Plus, plenty of you had no real issues with him at all.  Who am I to serve as the Lord High Executioner of Competence?

So it is really with a spring in my step that I see Chip go back to St. Louis, his childhood stomping grounds.  As bad as his Cubs bias was in Atlanta, though, it will be fatal in the Gateway to the West.  So he’d better be careful.  Plus, everyone tells me (despite all evidence to the contrary) that Cardinals fans are the most knowledgeable in baseball.  If that were actually true, Chip would be DOOOMED. And ChipWatch might return as early as April 3rd…. but there won’t be nearly as many of them. I promise.

As my father said: “Whenever a door closes, another one opens.” (My father was a fabulous life philosopher, and a horrible cabinetmaker.) So when the next foul ball is snagged by a fan from Cahokia Illinois, I’ll rest comfortable in the knowledge that that ball fell out of my earshot.

In any case, the retirement of ChipWatch leads me to one simple source of sadness.  Braves Journal may be very powerful, but we’ve just learned that no one in the Cardinals organization reads it. Hey… John Sterling is loved in The Bronx. So I’ll go with another Latin phrase: De gustibus non est disputandem. Suck it up, Redbirds. We got Ozuna and you got Caray. Hard to believe, but we win.