Cardinals 6, Braves 5 (by braves14)

Kenley Jansen had a rough outing in the 9thand blew the save in a 1 run game, as the Braves lost a game to the Mets in the standings.

The Braves jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the 4th inning off of Jordan Montgomery. Olson and Riley led off with singles, and TDA hit a 3 run homer. Later in the inning, Contreras hit a hustle double and Harris singled him in. In the bottom of the inning, however, Morton walked the leadoff man and allowed a 2 run homer to Andrew Knizner of all people. The next inning, Olson and Riley hit consecutive doubles for the 5th run which capped the Braves scoring.

Morton allowed another 2 run homer to Arenado in the 5th inning. He didn’t really have his best stuff, allowing the 4 runs in 5 innings, and it took him 93 pitches to get through 5.

With a 5-4 lead, it became a battle of the bullpens. Both bullpens were sharp. The Cardinals threw JC Romero, Jordan Hicks, and Ryan Helsley, who were all throwing gas. McHugh, Iglesias, and Minter pitched the 6ththrough the 8th for the Braves. 

In the bottom of the 9th, Jansen allowed a 1 out double to Brendan Donovan, who reached 3rd on a wild pitch. Jansen really struggled with his control. He pitched around Goldschmidt, but with a 1-2 count on Arenado, he hit him with a pitch to lead the bases. Corey Dickerson hit an infield single to score the tying run. Then, Jansen walked Tyler O’Neill with the bases loaded for the winning run.

Jake Odorizzi pitches tonight against Adam Wainwright as the Braves try to take 2 out of 3 on the road.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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49 thoughts on “Cardinals 6, Braves 5 (by braves14)”

  1. Double or not, nothing good comes from two walks, a HBP, and an infield single. It’s hard for the “team” to help when you don’t throw anything related to a strike. And the HBP was on a 1-2 count. I noticed the Cards got three HBPs and at least two of them were on elbow pad ticks where there wasn’t a whole lot of dodging going on.

  2. Funny way this game goes, too,. If the Braves had been playing “in” instead of playing for the double play, they might have gotten a DP on Dickerson’s dribbler (home-to-first). Then we wouldn’t be mad at Jansen at all.

  3. Glad I didn’t get to watch last night. Jansen is this year’s Will Smith for me. Let’s hope he has the same postseason magic.

  4. Rockies shut out Mets 1-0. Chance to gain yesterday’s game back if Odor Is He isn’t too stinky.

  5. It would have been a huge break to get this one rained out. But then again, Wainwright hasn’t had a bad game in a while, and he’s due.

  6. I think it’s just typical pain and discomfort coming back from an ACL repair. Frustrating, but not unexpected, I don’t think, especially with how hard he plays the game.

  7. Odorizzi pitching far better than expected. Watching on PC and TV – – so not sure if the strike zone has been very consistent. Wainright got a couple of bogus calls early for sure.

  8. Yes, very frustrating. Six hits plus several rockets right at folks, and nothing to show for it.

  9. Well, that was a fun game for a while… gotta go get ’em Braves…

    Made a visit to Marlins Park (er, loanDepot Park) in Miami today. Pretty weird stadium, and somewhat different baseball experience.

    It looks like a flying saucer sitting in the middle of the Little Havana neighborhood on the site of the old Orange Bowl, very close to the Miami airport. We took Uber from our airport hotel, but one can take light rail there from a few directions (airport, downtown, etc.), which was nice to see. And, as it was sprinkling rain & more than a little humid, that retractable roofed A/C environ was rather welcome.

    Going in, it reminded me a bit of SkyDome in Toronto b/c it’s pretty concrete & gray with big, long, unsightly A/C ducts everywhere. Necessary, sure, but doesn’t really feel like a ballpark, more like a personality-free football stadium. Once you’re in, it’s just a relatively small, domed stadium with some unique touches – local food (ceviche) & drink (Cuban coffee) selections – and a few odd elements – a dance troupe that’s perhaps better suited at Ultra Music Festival. During the game, it was announced that the “Real Housewives of Miami” were sitting in the section next to us – well-preserved & soaking up the attention – and that seemed oddly appropriate.

    A Guilty Pleasure: I did really dig the Bobblehead Museum, which had a few hundred bobbles (mostly baseball, but not completely) on a moving grid inside a large, rectangular glass case.

    The Game: In front of an announced crowd of 13,000+, including a ton of Dodgers fans, it was a stomping out of the gate. On pitch #2, Mookie Betts hit a HR to dead center. The next inning, Trayce Thompson crushed one inside the LF foul pole. Outside of beaning Trae Turner, Marlins starter Edward Cabrera finally settled down. But in the 6th with 2 outs & the based loaded, he handed a 3-1 deficit to reliever Tommy Nance, who promptly executed a triple-Grybo – inflating Cabrera’s season ERA to 2.45 (he came into the game at 1.41). After that, behind a one-hit/6-IP effort from Julio Urias, the Dodgers terrorized the Marlins bullpen for an 8-1 ride on easy street. They are now 88-38, a cool 50 games over .500.

    Freddie Watch: He went 2 for 5 (a pair of singles) and got picked off first base. But he made a couple of terrific plays at first and, outside of Mookie, seemed to be the most popular Dodger… oh, that still sounds weird. Nonetheless, I hope he has a good week – he’ll be in Flushing Tuesday thru Thursday…

  10. Let’s get some runs, boys.

    Gotta tip my cap to ol’ Jake, he’s pitched much better his past 2 starts.

  11. Ugh… turning into the inning from hell here… c’mon fellas.

    Well, they had ceviche, which is a little bit like South American sushi… and they had Cuban sandwiches (of course) & an Argentine food stand… lotsa Latin American beers… but I didn’t try anything beyond a bite of veggie pizza & a large Corona.

  12. Sure glad Snit used Minter in the eighth inning with the score 8-1 Friday so he could pitch him the next two nights after that and, thus, have nothing left on the third consecutive day of use.

  13. Oof. Not sure what’s worse, our pen imploding or having to watch this atrocious ESPN broadcast.

  14. Blown two leads in a row now. Especially with a chance to pick up a game. Two really good relievers. Just demoralizing. At least Lee and McHugh did their thing.

    Of course, only 1 earned due to the Riley error.

  15. Good grief, strikeout Goldschmidt and Arenado but give up home runs to Edman and Oneill. And of course we can only speculate if pitching with a big lead on Friday, which made today his 3rd day in a row, had any effect.

  16. At some point Snit has to let relievers go more than one inning. Who knows what McHugh would have done against the heart of their lineup, but he barely broke a sweat in his one inning. AJ’s arm is going to fall off.

  17. Snit will not let guys go 2 innings . Minter arm is wore out .. like said.. pitched in a 8-1 game Friday .. Snit has no clue how to use a bullpen ..

  18. Collin McHugh has made 45 appearances this year. In 19 of them, he has recorded four or more outs; in 12 of them, he has gone at least two full innings. I don’t think it’s fair to say he doesn’t let relievers in general, or McHugh in particular, go more than one inning.

    But pitching Minter in a blowout, then throwing him on the third day in a row, was clearly not a good set of choices. We blew two winnable games out of our bullpen.

    That said, our pen has been the best in baseball for much of the year. They were bound to cough up a lead occasionally. I don’t think the sky is falling. Sucks to lose to the Cardinals. But there’s a lot of baseball left.

  19. The Cardinals have been the best team in baseball since the All star break. I think they’re a good team but not that good. Hopefully they’ll come down to earth when the playoffs come.

  20. Alright. We got our statistically unavoidable bullpen meltdowns behind us. Back to winning! Go Braves.

  21. Riley continues to struggle below .200 since signing contract Aug 1.. why do that in mid season when he is blazing hot .. hope AA learned a lesson .. Riley not giving us any power and rbi’s … and Grissom 1 for last 18 .. teams are seeing a weak spot possibly .. he will have to adjust …

  22. Riley continues to struggle below .200 since signing contract Aug 1.. why do that in mid season when he is blazing hot .. hope AA learned a lesson .. Riley not giving us any power and rbi’s … and Grissom 1 for last 18 .. teams are seeing a weak spot possibly .. he will have to adjust …

    July – 104 AB, 44 Hits, 15 Doubles , 11 HR’s , 25 RBI’s
    Aug 1 ..signs huge contract
    Aug – 100 AB , 23 hits, 4 Doubles , 2 HR’s , 15 RBI’s

    Hmmmm .. you dont think its related to relaxing after signing contract or lack of concentration ??
    Cant IGNORE FACTS … AA should have never extended him in mid season .. period !!!

  23. Riley and his wife just had a baby. If that doesn’t pose an immense distraction, what does? Give him time. He’ll come around.

  24. You can’t expect him to hit like he did in July all season. This is baseball. There are highs and lows.

  25. We went through years with Zombie Chipper and he is a fan favorite and hall of famer. I think Riley will be fine soon enough for the stretch run in September

  26. Personally, I’m excited to see where TAD goes next, after campaigning to consign Strider to the bullpen and then bashing our MVP candidate for cooling off after a month of .423/.460/.885, lol.

    Who else is out there to bash that’s unimpeachably good? Maybe AA? You know, Hank Aaron hasn’t been doing much for the Braves lately either… .. … … …. ….. …… …

  27. Glad you asked! Tad’s been running Witch Ape Studio and he’s also put out some solo work, like Suspended in Static, an album he did with his wife Peggy, who records as Pegadeth.

  28. I want to say “I always preferred Melvins to Tad,” but that’s going to leave me open to B.J. Upton jokes. So it goes.

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