They used to be able to produce lots of soot and smoke in Pittsburgh, but they can’t even do that now. Braves 14, Yo Ho’s 2

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirates series for me. Braves pillaged and plundered and even hijacked, wake up me Braveys yo ho!

Braves swept a series. Check. Braves won a day game. Check. Braves won on Wednesday. Check. Braves get an off day. Check. Braves got 7 innings in the 70’s on pitch count. Check. Braves got away from working the same guys in the pen with an off day tomorrow. Check. He’s made his list. He’s checked it bunches of times. Check.

This morning, despite the Braves having a larger net run differential, the ESPN “expected standings” had the Mets up by a game. Can anybody tell me why? I thought it was a pure “pythag.” Now, those standings show the Braves up by a half a game (when the real standings have them down by one and one half).

“Miss Scarlet, Miss Scarlet, why ARE you cheering for those Yankees.” “Because it will help the Braves, dumb ass!”

About the game. Yes, I had to work. I did hear part early on the radio. Nick Green has done what (to me) has seemed to be a surprising number of games. I thought it was about 2/3rds each on Ingram, Powell, and Simpson going into this season. Has somebody had health problems? Gotten fired? Well, in the midst of my rambling around town I heard Kyle Wright’s 8 pitch first inning. I heard Olson’s double. I went into a store and missed Contreras’ homer. But 2 to nothing after one was a positive.

I was sitting at my desk with GameDay playing in the background when all of a sudden, it exploded. Ground out, single, strike out. Not exactly what great rallies are made of, ordinarily. But then, single, error, walk. A run was in. Bases loaded with a mound visit. Did Mitch Keller know his Detroit Wheels were about to spin off? Double, single, three more runs were in. Pitching change to Manny Banuelos, one of our old friends from long ago. Passed ball, walk, then strike out to end the inning. 7 to nothing after 4. Usually, that turns out o.k. The key is for the pitcher to throw strikes and not give up too many meatballs.

Wright pitched 7 with 73 pitches, 55 were strikes. 8 K’s, 1 BB, 2 H, 0R. So far this year, Wright has been better than the pitcher I thought he could be at 90% max. This is unreal. I might have stretched him one more inning, but he just had a rest for a tired arm, so the pitching management team brought him out. At that point, it was 7 to 0 and you might have expected a cruise. But this offense refused any further HIBERNATION MODE. No, it was time for more fun.

In the 8th, Colin Holderman came in to pitch. Walk, single, single (run scoring, 8 to 0). 1.000 / 1.000 / 1.000 for a 1.000 OPS. So, it was time to change pitchers, right? Well, no it was just a visit to calm him down. So, he hit Austin Riley, scoring Run 9. THEN, it was time to bring in Cam Vieaux. That made me curious. Was he a Canadian? Cajun? Well, ESPN has him from Novi, Michigan. Maybe he was from fur trappers who stayed. He gave Olson the 4 run gopher ball. Now, 13 to 0. So Contreras singled. Then, Vieaux struck out Rosario for the FIRST OUT OF THE INNING. Then, he struck out Grissom. Then Harris walked, FOR THE SECOND TIME IN ONE INNING. How many weeks has Harris walked twice since he came up? Zero before this one? Then LovelyMan singled to bring in Contreras and it was 14 to 0.

Matzek had dominated the 8th. Kirby Kali Yates got the 9th. Home run, ground out, single, double, walk and it is 14 to 1 and bases loaded, one out. then a sac fly and an out 3 fly and that was it.

Projections and extrapolations are hard from this series. The Pirates are devastatingly bad. However, there are signs that the Braves are better than last year. Wright, Harris, Contreras, Grissom, improved Dansby and Riley, return of plus d’Arnaud, Strider. What a roster. All hail Alex!!! All hail Dana!!!

Now, eject the Devil Magic into the outer limits of the Universe, and come home to a victor’s welcome. Well done, men of Truist.

57 thoughts on “They used to be able to produce lots of soot and smoke in Pittsburgh, but they can’t even do that now. Braves 14, Yo Ho’s 2”

  1. Great recap. That was a nice stress free game.

    Looking at the comparative schedules, we have to hope that the Marlins can give us some help. Hard to see the Mets dropping any other series. It will take over 100 wins to win the division this year

  2. Scratch that, I missed the Brewers series the Mets have. Hopefully they and the Dodgers can beat the Mets for us

  3. Did someone ask for math?
    Yes, the Braves now have a better run difference than the Mets; but because they have both scored more and given up more, the difference is a smaller percentage of their total runs scored, so their Pythagorean expectation is slightly lower. Think about it this way: a team which has scored 100 runs and given up 80 is probably a much better team than a team that has scored 200 runs and given up 179, even though the second team has a better run differential.

  4. @4 Is that the mathematical version of the old adage that good pitching beats good hitting?

  5. The Mutts are a great club, but I’ll take our guys against anybody – including the 2021 World Champions. This is just a heck of a ballclub and they picked a good time to get hot.

  6. Ingram is the main PBP guy. Joe Simpson seems to be on the downslide to retirement. He made a permanent move to St. Simons Island, GA, and seems to be taking less games to spend more time there.

  7. @9 Ok, that makes sense. I was wondering why I wasn’t hearing Joe on the radio much anymore.

  8. Holderman seems like a good name for a superhero middle reliever. Don’t know if the announcers mentioned it, but he’s the guy the Pirates got from the Mets for Vogelbach. Was doing ok in 28IP before today, when his ERA went from 2.22 (FIP 3.12) to 3.81.

  9. Just noticed an interesting fact perusing the BRef team page. Both the Braves position players and the pitchers have each produced the same 18.7 WAR to date. The rookie quartet of Strider, Harris, Grissom, and Lee are responsible for 7.9 WAR. And if you include Contreras, who barely exceeded rookie status last season and we were not expecting this much from this year, that adds another 2 WAR. Over 26% of the team total. Quite an impressive amount of unexpected contribution from the young guys.

  10. @13 Thanks for sharing, AAR. Great time to be a Braves fan.

    @JonathanF from the last thread – Thanks for vividseats. Hadn’t heard about them.

  11. Cliff, excellent recap; enjoyed every word. To all who pour their time and heart into this site: Thank you!

  12. Cliff, your recap was excellent. Thank you.

    For those who care, the author of comment 16 speaks empty words.

  13. Great job, cliff. I already thought you do a great job, but the commenter @16 only confirmed it. IIRC, he previously said something similar about JonathanF. I’d be honored to be in the same company as the two of you.

  14. Loved this and every one of your recaps, thank you so much. Same goes for all recappers really. Best place on the web.

  15. Yeah just to echo, this recap, as per usual for this site, was excellent. There’s a reason this is the only website I’ve visited every day since 2005. Looks like is available, if this place isn’t up to your standards.

  16. @12 Looks like the Phillies are the only team so far this season that has lead the NL East other than the Mets. That was on April 11th – the Mets beat the Phils on April 12th and haven’t relinquished the division lead since. The Braves got within 1/2 a game on July 23rd before the Mets pulled away again… but now we’re knocking on the door once more.

    I think the Braves are better than the Mets. As a matter of fact, I think the only team clearly better than the Braves are the Dodgers, and (as we all know) the Braves can (and have!) beaten the Dodgers before.

  17. Good recap.
    And thanks to all of you who donate your time to the recaps and other articles that get posted.

  18. Love the recap, cliff. I discovered this website two years ago and love it. For a reborn Braves fan, it’s been a great resource. I was dormant from 2000-ish to about 2019. Not sure exactly why except that college and marriage and a career took me away I guess. This site has been such a welcome place to “relearn” the game and the Braves. Thanks so much!

  19. I think Ed’s intention is to sow discord. Maybe he’s even a bunch of different people all working out of a Russian troll factory.

    I love that the reverse is happening. His idiotic takes bring this community further together, and reminds us what a great group of writing (volunteers) here.

    As a long time lurker who really never posts, but loves the content, thank you all! Go Braves.

  20. Cliff,

    Thanks for doing a great job, as usual. I was wondering, however, if you ever announced the source of the “Huns” quote before the Braves’ disappointing series with the Mets in Flushing. Inquiring minds want to know.

  21. The Dodgers are such juggernauts that they can take it in stride that Cody Bellinger’s utterly lost and Walker Buehler’s down with Tommy John, plus Clayton Kershaw’s hurt again and Dustin May has barely the last two seasons, and Kershaw’s only made as many starts as Spencer Strider… the way that they can just keep rolling and that stuff is like water off a duck’s back is awe-inspiring. Like, who even is Tyler Anderson? Why is he an ace now? How in the world do they keep doing this?

    (Oh, and let the record show that I wanted Gallo.)

    But I just think we have a really superb team from top to bottom. I’ll take our guys against anybody.

  22. @28, plus they thought they would have Trevor Bauer the last two seasons. (Looks like his appeal will last until after the World Series, so at least they won’t have to pay him this year.) Also, one would think that losing the prospects they traded for Scherzer and Trea Turner last year would’ve left their farm system pretty weak, but apparently not.

    Separately, Amen to comments 17-22 and 24-27.

  23. Reminds me of that old thing about how if Bill Gates saw a hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk, it wouldn’t be worth his time to pick it up.

  24. I think Bill Edwards of the Palm Beach Coast Tribune is the best bot here. EdK has some bugs to work through.

  25. What’s odd is that Cliff didn’t mention a single thing about the city of Pittsburgh.

    EdK is the one who is infantile.

  26. @28. In that same vein, fans of other NL East teams (the Phillies in particular) marvel with envy and ire at our ability to seemingly generate new, homegrown multi-tool talent each year. They’re patching together an expensive, mostly underperforming lineup, and we just continually parade new prospects into our starting lineup (from Ozzie to Acuna to Riley to our crop from this year, not to mention the pitchers).

  27. @35 you’re exactly right about Phillies fans. I love tuning in to sports talk radio up here after a Braves-Phillies game or after the trade deadline. They were gleeful about FF5 leaving, but that lasted about a day. They’re SUPER envious of the Braves system.

  28. @ 27, and others.

    Actually, it was Adolf Hitler in prelude to the invasion of the Soviet Union. “It will be a Hunnish sort of war.”

  29. @31

    I go in and out on a theory that they’re the same person trying out different troll personalities.

  30. I would think that a bot would at least have some consistent grammar and capitalization rules, so I am convinced that Bill Edwards is actually an @dril level troll, and I salute him accordingly.

  31. Cliff, if you would have only mentioned one of the 200 rock groups that EdK has seen in concert over the last 2 weeks, he would have been fine with your post. Seriously, keep up the good work! Thank you for your excellent recaps.

  32. I saw The Decemberists at Wolf Trap last night. It was a fabulous show and Ed was nowhere to be seen.

  33. I always wanted to see the Decemberists…. but I’m not going until EdK invites me.

    I’m going to see Ben Folds next week, Ed, if you want to join me.

  34. Hey EdK, we have a rule here: Don’t insult the writers that give of their time. It’s a pretty easy one to follow.

    Also, this team is pretty awesome and it’s really easy to throw them a bone every now and again.

  35. I don’t know whether we’ll see Muller with the big club in September or October, but he’s laid the groundwork for a possible breakout year in 2023, a la Wright.

  36. @50, yeah, I have high hopes for him as well , next year. Might possibly be a better option than Odorizzi right now.

    Apparently they are trying to make Ynoa a multi inning reliever at the moment.
    No matter what happens to him, his contributions last year won’t be forgotten.

  37. @51, seems like Ynoa may have cost himself a bunch of money over the course of his career by punching that dugout wall(?) or whatever it was.

  38. Any of you all want to pass the hat around with me and buy the Angels? I think Mike Trout would look good in left field.

  39. @52 indeed, James
    He may have been over performing a bit before the hand incident, but he was never the same after it. I read it might be a release point issue (as in him not being able to repeat it consistently).

  40. Idiomatically, even kindergarteners know about why you shouldn’t comment on the dentition of gifted equines. Especially when it is, by all accounts, a damn fine horse. Hopefully I gave that enough flavor that Ed read it.

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