What didn’t go right yesterday?

Since starting the year with a 5.67 ERA in 12 starts, Charlie Morton has been a front of the rotation starter. Since his June 17th start, Charlie has a 2.61 ERA and has struck out 87 guys in 69 innings. Nice. Last night, he was unhittable. In 6.2 IP, he struck out 12, walked one, and gave up 3 hits in another scoreless start. He struck out the side in both the 2nd and 5th innings. This is the Charlie Morton we will need during the stretch run.

Matt Olson is starting to hit like Matt Olson. To say it’s been a bit of a disappointing season for Olson is fair. After hitting .293/.398/.476 in April, he carried “only” a .829 OPS during May, June, and July. But in the last 30 games, he has a .908 OPS and has hit 12 home runs. Last night, he hit another ball to the freaking moon, hitting on top of the Chop House:

I’m not sure I’ve seen a ball hit that far at Truist Park.

We have now won 8 straight, and we are only 3.5 back in the division. Now the hard part: the Braves face off tonight at 7:20, Jake Odorizzi vs. Max Scherzer. And then when we’re done with that, we’ll face Jacob deGrom. So these next two games will be no fun.

But the biggest news of the day is Michael Harris II’s extension. The breakdown is below:

I know the prevailing thought is that these are steals for the team, and they are. If Michael Harris II remains the player he’s been in the first 3 months of his career, this is a steal for the Braves.

Ozzie Albies played half a season in 2020. He’ll miss at least 3 months this year. He hasn’t played a full season where he produced a .800 OPS or higher since 2019. He fractured his elbow swinging a bat in the minors and fractured his foot swinging a bat this year. There’s no guarantee this guy is going to have a long, healthy career.

Ronald Acuna Jr. played half the year last year and has struggled this year. Acuna could be Mike Trout or he could be Ron Gant. Or Bo Jackson. Or Eric Davis. In a 22 year career, Ken Griffey Jr. played more than 145 games exactly 8 times.

So for Harris, he locks in $72M. He can hit free agency in 2033 after making $107M. Even with all the surplus value you would expect Harris to produce during this time, Atlanta’s still taking a risk.

I’m interested to hear what impact this might have on the Dansby negotiations. Why would he not want to stick around with this core locked up?