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Is Chris Martin the most underrated reliever on the Braves? Likely. Is he one of the most underrated relievers in the entire Majors? Also likely. Despite being a Sasquatch-esque presence on the mound, Chris Martin flies under the radar and I’m sure that’s exactly what Alex Anthopoulos wants to continue past 2021.

2020 Atlanta Braves Player Review: Chris Martin

On Friday, July 24th, real Braves baseball was being played. There was no smell of hot dogs, beer, popcorn, but it was a good day nonetheless. Mike Soroka took the mound, threw 6 shutout innings outlasting Jacob DeGrom in a pitcher’s duel. The scoreboard was empty for both parties until Yoenis Cespedes strolled to the mound and did this…

Unfortunately for Martin and the Braves, that was the only run scored on the day and the Mets went home winners and Cespedes went home thinking “I’m BACK BABAY!”. Unfortunately for the Mets, they were only winners 25 more times in 2020 and finished as the cellar dwellers of the NL East. Cespedes’s time in the limelight was short-lived as he continued his reign of suckage to the point that it even annoyed himself and he opted out of the season after a bizarre disappearance on August 2. Mets gonna Met, but Martin, fortunately, is no Met.

The next 16 games were a master stroke for Martin as he continued to do what he does best, which is to limit baserunners and get people out. He gave up 5 hits, walked 2, struck out 18 and gave up 0 runs. 16 clean innings of sweet dominance. On the 2020 season, Martin pitched in 18 games and only gave up runs in 2 of the 18. His final line on the year:

  • 18 IP
  • 1.00 ERA,
  • 20K,
  • 3BB
  • 0.61 WHIP
  • 1.5BB/9
  • 10.5 K/9

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better stat-line in the bigs. While the K’s might be more gaudy, the 1.5 BB/9 combined witht he 10.5 K/9 is the real gem here and he’s been doing it since he put on an MLB uniform.

Martin is under team control for the 2021 season for $7MM and will be a free agent come 2022. While I don’t expect an in-season extension for Martin, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Anthopoulos re-sign a reliever that continues to dominate without the name recognition.

Also, this gem.

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