Braves Roster News (and Game Thread)

A lot has happened since last we’ve covered Braves roster news. As many teams have found, this COVID situation is going to keep rosters fluid and the Braves are no different.

Braves Roster News: Scott Schebler

I mentioned on the podcast that Schebler could be a good target for a LH OF bat, but thought it was a no go after the Braves signed Matt Adams. Schebler has been added to the active roster, but likely not for long.

Braves Roster News: Tyler Flowers and Travis d’Arnaud Activated

While both Alex Jackson and William Contreras contributed in a positive fashion while d’Arnaud and Flowers were on the shelf, their time was short-lived as the veterans are back. It would seem that d’Arnaud will get the bulk playing time and Flowers will become the backup catcher that appears every 3-4 games.

Braves Outright Mike Foltynewicz, Sobotka YoYo’d

It’s not a surprise to many that the Braves didn’t find a trading partner for Mike Foltynewicz after he wasn’t able to break 90 with his fastball. He’s been outrighted to the Gwinnett camp to see if he can once again regain his fastball (and weight). Alongside the Folty news, Chad Sobotka was brought up to the MLB side for a few hours before being optioned back after Schebler came off the IL and was added to the active roster.

Nick Markakis Opts Back In

In a surprising move 3 weeks back, Markakis opted out of the 2020 season. In a more surprising “I didn’t know one could do that” move, Nick Markakis took his opt-out back and will return back to the club after a few workouts in Gwinnett. At this point, I think Markakis would be a welcomed addition to a team that has had a tendency to struggle against tough RHP.

Will Smith Close to Returning

Will Smith tested COVID positive prior to ST 2.0 and now he’s had a double negative and is back to throwing. That’s good for a bullpen that has already shown to be dominant in a small sample.

Alright crew, that does it. Let’s get this win.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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41 thoughts on “Braves Roster News (and Game Thread)”

  1. Soroka and Fried, then we bleed.

    Mike and Max, then don’t relax.

    Fried and Soroka, then pray for a soaker.

    Max and Mike, then nothing to like.

  2. I love Ozzie and Ronnie. I’m ready for them to do good again.

    And Bethany’s husband is pitching himself a game.

  3. Bethany, what’s your reaction to this peach fuzz that Max is rocking?

  4. Kaminski is really good. Willy Adames is up. Plays Down on the corner. I go “hub?” Check the song on bing and it was in an album called Willy and the Poor Boys. Also he did the 70’s Superman theme for Manuel Margot (Margot Kidder).

  5. Okay good because I hate it too. But I’ll tolerate the hell out of it while he keeps this up. He’s a stud.

  6. Willy and the poor boys was a great album. That was a while ago.

    Macon was a great town in 1969.

  7. Don’t know why I associated CCR with Macon, but Macon was a great music town in late 60s – early 70s.

    Max, you go.

  8. The best you could say about it is John Fogerty wished he was from Macon. Creedence is one of the best American bands ever, and easily the best Southern rock band from California.

  9. Did Jalen Beeks steal the commodity report with the frozen concentrated orange juice prices?

  10. Great play by Duvall, great throw by Flowers!

    That was the only inning I got to see tonight, so glad to see you folks took care of the rest.

  11. Re the discussion of Macon and music:
    I live in Macon. Fogerty and CCR wish they were from Macon (great line, AAR!), but we also wish they were from Macon. Their music would fit right in. But there was indeed a lot of terrific music made here in the late sixties and early 70’s. The old Capricorn studios have been renovated and now have a museum commemorating that glorious era. Y’all should come visit.

  12. Of course the rotation needs work, but you’ve got to love the one two punch. Maple and Varsity and pray for adversity.

  13. Macon made some lasting music in the 1950s, too — let’s not forget that the late, great Little Richard was a Macon native.

    And while we’re at it, Macon gave us Otis Redding & R.E.M.’s rhythm section (both guys went to HS there).

    Boy, I am digging this Max Fried.

  14. Fried last night was Kershaw-esque.

    2/5 of the rotation is lights out. The other 3/5 is not.

    Interested to see if Schebler has any power left, etc.

    I played HS baseball at Tallassee. We won a bunch of state titles. Many of them were won with a bunch of ‘winners’ that weren’t potential draftees, but were baseball lifers that had instincts and the it factor.

    Ozuna, is a WINNER. He has an aura about him that makes people around him better, IMO. He’s a keeper. For sure.

  15. Told my earthly higher authority the same thing last night, Chief. Marcel is a ballplayer.

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