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In the latest news regarding the shortened MLB season, a proposal has been made that teams will have 30-man active rosters with a 20-man taxi squad, jumping what once was a 26-man roster and 40-man roster. We discussed on the podcast, 3 Flags Flying, the idea of active roster expansion, but to me, it didn’t make sense unless the 40-man was also extended. Maybe Manfred listens to our podcast! While it might take me a few days to wrap my head around a 50 player total, I think I can give a fairly good prediction on a regular 30-man squad. Let’s get to it…Predicting Braves 30-Man Roster.

Predicting the Braves 30-Man Roster

I did a 29-man look a few weeks back, so I’ll remind you of the players I consider locks for the roster:




Predicting the Braves 30-Man Roster: The Final 8

It might be premature to assume this, but if teams are going to utilize the DH, I’d bet some solid money that most teams will only carry 14 position players and keep 16 pitchers to aid in shortened starts for starting pitchers. I can’t imagine that teams are going to want more than 6 players on a bench when there’s no pitcher to pinch hit for, especially in the NL where many managers will be struggling to find playing time for their bench.

That leaves 3 additions to position player and 5 additions to pitching.

Position Player Additions

  1. Johan Camargo– One of Riley or Camargo was a lock, but it was undecided who it was when Spring 1.0 concluded. Truthfully, I think both earned their spots in spring.
  2. Austin Riley– The utilization of the DH might have helped his roster chances, but the lack of a real Minor League experience in 2020 might be the biggest reason Riley gets the nod.
  3. Unknown- As stated above, the Braves really need a LH bat and there just wasn’t one that showed up and showed out at spring. As of now, I guess it’s Charlie Culberson‘s to lose, but he could also be part of the taxi squad. I like Ben Zobrist for this role and he remains unsigned.

Pitching Additions

  1. Felix Hernandez– He’s too cheap to not give him a chance at this time. Let him take a few starts to see if he can maintain his success he found in spring.
  2. Kyle Wright– Like Riley, with lack of a real MiLB experience in 2020, it might be time to see if Wright can stick in the bigs.
  3. Patrick Weigel– Earned his spot in spring and can go multiple innings.
  4. Phil Pfeifer– Lack of LH arms and the ability to go multiple innings should give Pfeifer a leg up on the competition.
  5. Tyler Matzek– As many were that watched, I was blown away by Matzek in spring, and the lack of fans in the stands would be a great way to test his ability to fend off the demons of anxiety.

Thanks for reading on Predicting Braves 30-Man Roster. We’ve covered this whole offseason here so give it a look to get caught up.