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Note from Ryan: Today’s piece, Worst Trades in Braves History, Andrelton Simmons, is a complete contradiction from a post that I made 2 days ago on Braves One Year Wanker, Erick Aybar. In that piece, I said this:

While it might be too early to call the Andrelton Simmons trade, back in November of 2015, one of the worst in Braves history (I mean, it is minutely possible Sean Newcomb could salvage the trade that has a MONSTROUS gap in value right now… good luck, Newk)…

Ryan C.

Let’s be honest here, Snowshine’s right. There’s less than 10% chance that Newcomb will be able to close the gap in value. I applaud Snowshine for calling a spade a spade.

Worst Trades in Braves History: Andrelton Simmons

On Nov 12, 2015, the Braves traded Andrelton Simmons and Jose Briceno to Angels for Erick Aybar, Chris Ellis, and Sean Newcomb

Year Angels WAR Braves WAR

2016 4.4 -0.1

2017 7.8 1.4

2018 6.3 1.6

2019 1.9 1.2

Well that was fair so far. At least we saved about $44M to not get that production.

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