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Remember that time when the Braves started drafting first rounders for need, rather than taking the best available? Remember when that led to drafts of Joey Devine, Jason Hursh, and Sean Gilmartin? Then remember that time when the Braves traded Joey Devine for Mark Kotsay, removed Jason Hursh from the 40-man roster, and traded Sean Gilmartin for today’s Braves One Year Wanker, Ryan Doumit? I wish I didn’t.

Braves One Year Wanker, Ryan Doumit

Aside from eyes that will take a man’s soul, Ryan Doumit seems like a pretty good guy. He quit baseball at 33, is married, has kids, and doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously as he plays shortstop in a slow pitch beer league with all his high school buddies. But while with the Braves, he played like a real wanker.

But was it really on Doumit? Before coming to the Braves he was known for 2 things:

  • He had history of being a good hitter.
  • He had history of being an atrocious fielder.

The Braves did their best not to let him play the field as he only saw 144 innings in the field. That was nice of them and I’m sure that it had something to do with to his -80 Defensive Runs Saved that he’d been collecting for 7 years. No, that isn’t an exaggeration.

But what about the bat? Surely a 33 y/o switch hitting Doumit had something left in the tank to give the Braves quality at-bats off the bench? Alas, no. His OPS found its way to .607 for one day the entire season, then whimpered back to the .500s to stay the rest of the season.

Who’s the Real Wanker Here?

Hindsight makes it easy to judge this acquisition harshly as Doumit didn’t necessarily tear the cover off the ball the year prior (.710 OPS) and the poor defensive reputation was well known. Factor those 2 in, along with the 3.5 MM salary for what was essentially a switch-hitting pinch hitter, and maybe the real wanker here is the GM who thought it’d be a good idea to give such a player 3.5MM AND give up a former 1st round pick on December 18th when players like that are given a few cans of beans after another team’s cut them during Spring Training.

Or, maybe I’m the real wanker for judging a trade that happened 7 years ago when I approved of it at the time. Yeah…it’s me.

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