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As Spring Training gets closer to an end, it’s good to have the inside know on where each Braves player stands on Minor League Options.

What are Minor League Options?

Directly from MLB’s website:

Players on a 40-man roster are given three Minor League “options.” An option allows that player to be sent to the Minor Leagues (“optioned”) without first being subjected to waivers. Players who are optioned to the Minors are removed from a team’s active 26-man roster but remain on the 40-man roster.

A player who is on the 40-man roster but does not open the season on the 26-man roster or the injured list must be optioned to the Minor Leagues. Once an optioned player has spent at least 20 days in the Minors in a given season, he loses one of his options. Only one Minor League option is used per season, regardless of how many times a player is optioned to and from the Minors over the course of a given season. Out-of-options players must be designated for assignment — which removes them from the 40-man roster — and passed through outright waivers before being eligible to be sent to the Minors.

Added Bullets:

  • Players typically have three option years, but those who have accrued less than five full seasons (including both the Major and Minors) are eligible for a fourth if their three options have been exhausted already
  • Spending at least 90 days on an active Major League or Minor League roster during a given season counts as one full season.
  • A player’s option years do not need to be used in succession.
  • Players with more than five years of service time must consent to being optioned.

Braves Players on MILB Deals with 0 Options

Braves Players on 40-Man with 0 Options

Braves Players on 40-Man with 1 Option

Braves Players on 40-Man with 2 Options

Braves Players on 40-Man with 3 Options

Why are Options so Important?

For a team that needs flexibility, it’s important to have movable parts between Gwinnett and Atlanta (especially in the bullpen) that doesn’t come at the expense of a player being designated for assignment.

With the Braves having a full 40-man roster and the need to create roster space for 1-3 players before Opening Day, it’s worth noting that the pecking order of players in jeopardy of losing a 40-man spot likely starts at the players with the least amount of options. Unfortunately for him, it looks like Grant Dayton would be first in line.

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9 thoughts on “Braves Minor League Options”

  1. Bowman said that Hamels and Jeremy Walker to the 60 day DL were also possibilities.

  2. If Spring tells us anything, maybe Acuna should start at AAA this year until he gets going.

  3. I’m encouraged so far with Newk. He may or may not turn out to be an effective ML starter, but you’ve got to see if he can. He’d be much more valuable as a starter than a reliever. I don’t understand why Peanut continues to imply that the team would prefer him in the pen, and that the only reason he’s stretching out this spring is because AA promised he could.
    In fact, I’d feel better with Newk and Wright in the 4 and 5 spots than King Felix. But the king appears to have the inside track.
    (Of course I’d be delighted if Felix becomes Anibal 2.0–I’m just skeptical that bolt of lightning will strike twice)

  4. #3 – Spring doesn’t tell us anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets player of the month in April.

  5. @2, good catch. In Bowman’s column, he says the Braves are probably planning for Hamels to be on the IL through mid-May. But if the 60-day DL is a possibility, then we have to start considering the possibility that Hamels misses much of the year. The 60-day DL means he’d be out until June at the minimum. But considering how far off that is, that means the Braves think it’s possible he could take nearly half a year to heal (injured early February, out till at least June).

    Another setback and he could be out till the ASB.

  6. Remember when Braves State Media was talking like Hamels would miss maybe one start and the injury was just a tweak?

    Now we are thinking June? That means the all star break. Get ready for the token “Our deadline blockbuster is Hamels coming back!”

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