We didn’t know there was an Organic Beer Garden over the center field wall at ATT Park until Matt Kemp hit an O-by-the-way three run homer alongside it in the fourth inning. Folty had given up a solo homer in the 2nd but nothing since, their scheduled starter had failed to show up, his replacement Suarez had to drive himself to the Park from Reno where he claims to have a part time job at the new Elon Musk battery Gigafactory, Belt and fellow Braves killer Posey had both folded from fatigue when they saw it was us again tonight and were non-starters, SO…you would have to say things were looking good for the Bravos. Right? Up 3-1 after 5. What could go wrong? Get the drinks ready.

We nearly added in the 6th. Flowers 2 out double to the dreaded RF triangle, Peterson was walked, Dansby dollied a single to right, they had to send Flowers , they had to have him by twenty feet at the plate. Dansby apparently was a sartorial sensation downtown at midday sporting the latest Atlanta hi threads – the hair caused particular concern, several local fashionistas opining how recherchez it made the local coiffeuring look.

Braves still up 2 going to the 7th. Where are Belt and Posey – in Reno or hiding in plain sight? The whole evening might depend on it. Folty in trouble from a lead off double keeps his cool and pitches round it  helped by a great throw from Adonis. We are reminded Belt has a stiff neck which apparently is enclosed in ice which refuses to melt, forget it. There are rumors though of a Posey sighting, please no.

Drama in the bottom of the 8th. Miraculous appearance by Belt, apparently from Lourdes, his neck still frozen. Folty goes full then gets him to take an exquisite breaking ball a mere foot outside- throughout the evening the width of the strike zone featured an additional 12 inches, on either side.. But Span doubled down the line and then there was a consummate confrontation with Folty approaching his 100th pitch and Angel Pagan, no Lourdes pilgrim he, representing the tying run. He eventually worked a walk and Snit showing no sentiment was out of the dugout like a shot.Enter our young tyro, Mauricio, showing his growing maturity by combining well with Freddie on a nasty, slow roller to get that crucial third out.

A great show by our own Basil Folty -  7.2IP/5H/1R/1ER/1W/6k…103 pitches…best for me was at no time, starting with the 2nd inning homer, did he look rattled, lose his cool. Maybe he grew up tonight. Good on ya.

JJ appeared and went about the bottom of the 9th. Again his whole manner in doing so fascinated. He seems mildly disinterested, bored even, with what is going on around him, its import and his leading role in it. Let it stay that way. Attempting to inject some life into the proceedings the Giants could not resist producing Posey alongside each of their three hitters. Subtle, eh? We’ll send him up after whoever of the three gets on. He’s the tying run you know. He got no further than the on deck circle you know when the final out was recorded by the still quiescent and affable Johnson. Posey’s wrenching sobs of frustration could be heard in the distant OBGarden, Giant’s fans in languid line to drown their sorrows. What a nice win.