Bruce Benedict (by Rusty S.)

In our continuing series on the 1982 Atlanta Braves, we look at catcher Bruce Benedict, who spent his entire 12-year major league career in Atlanta. Benedict had a career batting average/on-base percentage/slugging percentage of .242/.320/.299 in 3295 plate appearances.

Benedict hit only 18 career home runs in 2878 at-bats, but he was in fact a two-time All-Star, including a magical 1983 season in which Bruce hit .298 and everything that he touched seemed to find a hole. (He is tied with Leo Durocher for the 15th-worst career OPS among all players selected to the All-Star Game, and he and Bud Harrelson are the only two-time All-Stars with a career slugging percentage under .300.)

Benedict was a popular player, who was invariably met with shouts of “Bruuuuuuuuce!” when his name was announced, in reference to the old joke: “They’re not booing – they’re saying ‘Bruuuuuuuuce!'”

Inexplicably, they actually were saying “Bruuuuuuuuce.”

My favorite memory of Benedict came in 1994 while watching Dale Murphy’s uniform number retirement ceremony. The Braves introduced several of Murph’s old teammates, and despite the fact that by then Benedict had not been in front of an Atlanta crowd for 5 years, when he was announced, the crowd immediately went into “Bruuuuuuuuce!” mode. However, the topper came later in the ceremony when they introduced some random friend from Murph’s high school days, who was also named Bruce. Without missing a beat, again the crowd immediately crooned — “Bruuuuuuuuce!”

Sometimes, people are just the best.

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  1. Bruce(Pope)Benedict
    wrote and published the First Fulton County Edict
    there will be no success
    He would prefer you go on trying none the less.

  2. After his playing career Bruce Benedict became a part time referee for regional NAIA basketball games.

    Bruce Benedict once ran me out of an OU game against Emory. I wasn’t a player on the court. I was just really drunk and obnoxious.

  3. Sam…

    this is startling news for all your admirers to absorb…
    an isolated aberration, obviously.

  4. Joey Bosa
    the NFL is now much closer
    target as you did
    they’ll have cheered the way you speared that kid.

    …if the long awaited National Championship was designed to produce the best 4 teams in the country how come one can beat another 38/0? Does anyone know what the Vegas line was? Is Saban on a cloud of his own? Just asking.

  5. Benedict was an SEC basketball official for a while. Not sure if he’s still refereeing or not. I don’t know if he was good or bad. On the one hand you didn’t hear much from him, which is a good thing. On the other hand, he was an SEC official, which is a bad thing.

  6. @5 – I don’t think Bama is 38 points better than MSU. It was only 10 to 0 at the half and could have been 10 to 7. However it wasn’t hard to tell the team that had 4 straight number 1 recruiting classes and the team that had 0 top 25 classes in the same time period.

  7. In the last five years, Michigan State has never had a recruiting class ranked better than 22nd in the nation, according to the composite rankings compiled by 247 Sports. The Spartans’ average class rank in that time is 29th.

  8. And the CFP isn’t designed to get the best teams matched up any more than the BCS was. It is solely to get more Power 5 conferences eligible for the title.

  9. What a joke of a game by Florida. The offense looked pretty good in the first half but only managed one score on three trips inside the 20 while the defense just looked disinterested, getting beaten up front repeatedly. In the second half, the offense regressed while the defense just seemed to get worse. They never pressured Michigan’s QB, and the secondary didn’t make a play the whole game. Maybe they really just didn’t care. That’s the only conclusion I can draw. Very disappointing.

  10. Bowl games are really unpredictable. You never know what the layoff will do. As an example, Oklahoma is 3 and 3 in their last 6 bowl games. They’ve averaged winning by 18 points (including beating Bama by 14) and losing by 28 points.

  11. This was the first Florida game I didn’t watch every minute of, and I only watched about half a quarter. I had the feeling that MacElwain just couldn’t wait for the offseason, so why watch?

  12. Whew. Dogs always manage to make it a little more interesting than it should be. Glad to get that one over. Also, nice to see McClendon break out some Dooley Ball with that flanker pass in the 1st half.

    Not going to pile on #11 too much, but I’m really hoping that our new QB is good enough to step right in and play next fall. Having almost no vertical threat really impacts the offense overall.

    SEC’s now 7-2 (3-1 vs. Big 10) with 2 bowl games remaining. Not too bad.

  13. the Bowls
    supposedly climactic for committed souls
    fewer watching
    Disney likely guilty of calendric botching.

  14. @18
    ..a minority taste no doubt but that says nothing per se as to his merits…he cares, there is passion, anguish even in this instance…so he’s throwing a fit, rambling, going on and on, re-exercising old demons likely…must have taken hours to write that…an old journo in his dotage who can’t let go…we should be so lucky, we need be kind…ask not for whom etc etc.

  15. Chass has been a right See You Next Tuesday at “every” age and deserving of eternal scorn for smearing Musial alone.

  16. Bruce Benedict is one of the worst SEC basketball officials I’ve ever witnessed. The best SEC basketball officials are most charitably described as “minimally competent.”

  17. @5, 7 – this Bama team’s MO all year has been to let you hang around for a quarter or two, then slowly but inexorably squeeze the life out of you. Wisconsin, Georgia, LSU, Miss. State, and Auburn all got this treatment before Sparty did.

    This team’s advantage is its depth and physicality, so they rope-a-dope teams for a bit, let them tire themselves out, then lay the wood.

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