Braves 5, Giancarlo Stanton 2, Marlins 1

The Braves, two days after being almost no hit by Julio Iglesias or Michael Buble, or whichever crooner the Reds sent out Wednesday, turned around and notched 13 hits and 5 runs to continue their winning Miami ways.

Julio Teheran wasn’t sharp, and isn’t that becoming a disturbing trend with Julio? – going 5 2/3 innings while throwing 103 pitches. He only surrendered 2 runs while doing so, and would have secured a win except for the absolute rocket that Cody Martin gave up to Giancarlo Stanton (his second dinger of the night) that tied it at 3 in the bottom of the 7th.

However, the Braves had their hitting shoes on. Phil Gosselin had three hits, and Todd Cunningham, up to take Kelly Johnson’s spot on the roaster while he’s on the DL, pitched in with 3 hits of his own, a nice running catch to rob Martin Prado, and his first big league RBI, which, oh by the way, was the winning run in the 8th.

Miami started off fast, with Dee Gordon continuing to hit anything round and white, coming around to score in the first on Marcell Ozuna’s single. The Braves answered in the second off David Phelps, with the big blow being Julio’s two out two run single after fouling off a number of nasty pitches. That set the tone, as the Braves answered every Marlin run-scoring inning with one of their own in their next at bat.

Stanton tied it up in the bottom of the 3rd with his first homer of the game, Teheran’s 9th long ball surrendered so far this year. But, the Braves seized the lead back in the top of the 4th, with Cunningham and Cameron Maybin putting up back-to-back doubles.

After Stanton’s cruise missile to dead center in the 7th, the Braves finished the scoring with Cunningham singling in Nick Markakis and Andrelton Simmons scoring on Christian Bethancourt’s strikeout/wild pitch that riccocheted off the Miami catcher into the dugout.

Jim Johnson worked around J.T. Realmuto’s lead-off double in the 8th (or as Chip said a number of times, T.J. Realmuto) and Jason Grilli pitced a 1-2-3-4 9th (the 4 being a one out walk to Stanton, which if you are going to walk someone in the 9th with a two-run lead, walking the guy who had hit 900 feet of homers is the one understandable guy to walk). Anyway, the Braves win, and swap spots in the standings with the Marlins.

Alex Wood tomorrow against Mat Latos. It would be helpful for the pen (and my blood pressure) if Alex managed to go for more than 5 and change, for a change.

28 thoughts on “Braves 5, Giancarlo Stanton 2, Marlins 1”

  1. It’s a good thing Mike Minor won his arbitration case this year. That extra money will come in handy after his baseball career is over–meaning from here on out.

  2. Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks

  3. Mike Minor winning his arbitration case this year will not help him as he re-negotiates his post-surgery deal with Atlanta. I doubt they will forget.

  4. I doubt the Braves will make a qualifying tender to Minor, and that he will become a free agent. I expect there are a number of teams in need of pitching that would be willing to take a gamble on his return to health that would price the Braves out of the market.

  5. Well, we have wasted about 12 million bucks on Floyd and Cahill gambles the last 2 seasons. Why would we not pony up for Minor if he’s healthy? Beachy and medlen are different stories bc they will likely never start again in the bigs

  6. You’d expect the Braves to have more inside info on their players, so when they’re taking a chance on Floyd/Cahill, it really is more of a gamble. And when/if they let Minor go, it won’t just reinforce for the rest of the market how cost-conscious we are; it’ll be a strong indication that his shoulder really is done-zo.

  7. Remember when beating up on the Marlins inspired optimism earlier in the season? Now we know, Mat Latos isn’t particularly good anymore.

  8. Wow, just as a fan, it’s nice that we get to see Giancarlo and Harper. I hate what they do to us, but I would hope I would have admired Chipper in his day if I was a fan of another team.

  9. In interview Jose Hernandez is pure latino Tim Hudson…

    host of cliches interspersed with a hundred ‘you knows’.

  10. I would call anything besides a curveball below his knees would be considered a mistake.

  11. Looked a lot like the pitch Stanton wanted. I’d say that was an incredible pitch, but that may not have been intentional

  12. When I said yesterday that Cunningham needs to get off to a good start to stick in LF, this was more than I had in mind. Good job kid. It makes so much sense that we gave EYJ your ABs.

  13. Matt Wisler had another good start last night. He has allowed 3 ER in 19 IP over his last 3 starts with 14K:3BB

  14. Don’t look now, but we are 19th in win-loss record. One would assume that if The Plan goes accordingly, this hasn’t exactly been the worst first year rebuilding effort.

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