Marlins 6, Braves 5

Mike Minor is not right. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but last night was his second straight start of giving up six runs and the fourth time he’s given up at least that many in 15 starts. His ERA is zooming past 5.00. We thought he would be our ace, and he’s been our biggest liability. As someone pointed out, it’s spookily similar to his first half in 2012:

Apr 8 to Jun 30, 20121585.
May 2 to Jul 22, 20141586.

A couple of things stand out. He’s giving up a ridiculous number of line drives, and as a result his BABIP is ridiculously high. (Astonishingly, his homer rate was even higher in 2012 — that’s why his ERA was a run higher — but it’s still plenty high in 2014.) Now… BABIPs tend to come to earth. But even though we like to think of BABIP as being luck-driven, there’s more to it than that. Of all of the batted ball types, line drives are the ones that are likeliest to turn into hits. It isn’t bad luck that is allowing all of his opponents to square up the ball. He’s grooving a lot of pitches.

And it’s a shame, because the team showed a bit of life last night. After he gave up a first-inning run, the offense came back and made it 1-1. After he gave up three in the third, they got one to make it 4-2. After he gave up two in the fourth, the offense went into Hibernation Mode for four innings, but they finally struck back for three in the 8th, making it 6-5. It was inspiring to watch the offense show a little fight, a game after the bats all laid down meekly like lambs.

But it wasn’t enough, and it’s awfully hard to rely on your offense to bail out a starter who coughs up six runs in four innings.

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  1. from previous thread…

    iceberg, re KO…

    no, hardly…i just enjoy three qualities in a sports journalist…passion to the point of anger when appropriate(the first Dungay piece two nights ago)…an educated intellect, the guy is bright…and a sense of the ridiculous often at his own expense(the Cliff Lee one liner last night)

    Once in a while i like to share something – your comment was cheap.

  2. Top prospect Jose Peraza has been moved to second base. With LaStella and Simmons holding down the middle infield for what looks like years to come, how soon before you guys think he gets moved to CF?

  3. Peraza is a potential major league shortstop. He or LaStella will probably be traded. At Peraza’s hitting profile, he would look much better as a shortstop than as a CF.

    Now, the holes on this team could have Peraza in CF or wherever.

  4. Actually, it looks like it’s against the Mariners. And this is their top prospect Taijuan Walker’s third start. Looks like he was mostly effectively wild today: in five innings, he had five strikeouts and six walks, but gave up just two hits.

  5. Sorry, my bad.

    Interestingly, the home-plate ump is Jim Joyce.

    And… Robinson Cano breaks it up with 2 outs in the 7th.

  6. Varvaro on paternity leave, Schlosser called up. Thought Jaime would get the next call, guess he hasn’t been throwing strikes.

  7. @4 Boyer has actually been in the majors for the past month, and pitching decently (until his last outing). This weekend will be a “Baby Braves” reunion of sorts with Frenchy and him in town.

  8. #20
    Pray for a scholarship, perhaps?

    No, really, it should be a great (if potentially pricey) experience. I know plenty of NYU grads, some of whom came to the big city for school, loved it, stayed & are doing well here.

    That said, NYC certainly isn’t for everyone, but there’s no place like it.

  9. That girl’s going to be okay. It’s her grandparents I’m worried about. Hillary did well with scholarships, but I’d be glad for her to get a few more.

    I was last in NYC in 1964, and this country boy was terrified.

  10. #24
    The city’s still fast, but not nearly as scary as it once was, IMO. And that NYU area is pretty cool, actually.

    I mean, there are worse areas to live & matriculate than Greenwich Village.

  11. Heyward makes it look too easy. That’s not actually a routine play with a righthanded hitter up there, but he sure makes it look like one.

  12. Kyle Wren a homer away from the cycle tonight. Peraza 2/4 with 2 SB (and a CS) and Cedric Hunter with a HR. J.R. Graham struggled again.

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