ESPN Box Score

A disappointing end to a disappointing series to close out a very disappointing week of Braves baseball. This was the second consecutive divisional series the Braves lost. Wasn’t this supposed to be the “easy” part of the schedule?

Today, Kris Medlen was bad, but recent problems with runners on reared their head to make sure the Braves ended up getting Pettiboned. The Phillies rookie held the Braves to just one run over 5.1 innings. It really felt like it should’ve been more. The Braves had the same number of hits as the Phills, including a double and a HR (Chris Johnson regression watch is officially postponed until post-ASB) , but I guess when you rely on the pitcher to get the sole RBI in a 2nd-and-3rd with nobody out scenario, you can’t really expect much. When you’ve got batters getting kicked out in early innings arguing balls and strikes (and even worse, being on the wrong side of the argument) it feels like the focus is no longer on winning the baseball game. As frustrating as the Uptons are right now, it’d be so much easier to root for them if they didn’t act like dicks all the time. Folks used to complain that the Chipper Jones-era Braves were emotionless. Well, I’ll take a lack of reaction to bitching at the ump on every borderline call.

Anyhow, the Braves got behind early, squandered chances throughout the game, and just when you thought maybe they could get back into it, put together enough boneheaded plays to ensure it was over.