old friends/roomies find themselves at odds tonight – at a tender age…let’s hope that merit and not the occasion wins out, that the friendship still survives… Teheran/Delgado, a moveable feast, it could happen again…most felt at the time we traded the right one but also remembered a splendid Delgado start at Fenway last summer…and Teheran had looked ill at ease on the mound a few times back then, some big flies too…but after the fact ain’t we all delighted now to have JT – a little smug too maybe, we got it right…

the vagaries of youth persist
evaluate if you insist
a most uncertain ploy
so who’s the man, the boy?
conclusions you might soon resist.

Two things when i think of AZ – Goldschmidt’s bat, Parra’s arm…three things, Martin Prado... MLB TV doing a lousy job up till now showing any of Chipper’s ceremony – nada…if these kids both goof on the mound tonight it’ll be a double embarrassment, no?  kind of, both Braves DNA…MLB just gave us a few hi-lights on Chipper…game underway



JT gives up 1 out dbl then K’s Goldschmidt and Montero..nice..DBacks lucky to be in Atlanta(87) – 114 back home tomorrow…

wasted…great opp fld 1 out dbl by Heyward, JuP scores him(bad throw Parra!!) but innings ends with Dan strike out with 2 in scoring position…  1-0 BRAVES


Martin leads off, great reception, pops out..JT  k, walk, Mac catches SB for 3rd out..Chipper in the booth, always interesting…pity about that throw(yes, that throw)…

 single for JT, continues to look useful at the plate…


 Teheran gives up l/off single, bunt, escapes impressively..Pitch count 57, Heinz..

 Jason lead off single, JuP hits into d/play..


Martin with 2 out single…JT now 6 K’s…both young pitchers to this point are a credit to the Braves organization…cool, calm and collected…

Uggla bloop l/off single, bases loaded 1 out after Parra loses one in the lights…JT up, bases loaded, good AB ends with sharply hit DPlay to 1st..


 Delgado singles, both pitchers good all round game…

you guys that bitch about his pop ups – suck it up! Simmonds homers!  Jup flies out to right, looks as good at the plate as BJ bad… FF is getting consistently robbed by this field placement, SS behind the bag..                 2-0 BRAVES


JT strikes out the side, looking better and better, composed…Papa Jones pontificates about No. 7 who had the greatest quote- “if i knew i was going to live this long i’d have looked after myself better’…10 K’s for Julio..

Mac scuttles another groundball out – you wonder what’s on his mind these days, millions at stake, he needs a good 2nd half…BJ doubles, i sure can call ’em! ..Pastor pinch hits for JT, great job by him, loved it…grounds out with 2 on.. Teheran’s line…6.0 4 0 0 10


 Avilan pitching, 4 pitch l/off walk to Marteen.. d/play ends threat..

Delgado done, he did well… 6.0 8 2 2 3 3K…their bull pen supposed to be hot..JuP walks, Freddie singles, BMac flies out…


Avilan retires l/off hitter, replaced…good job after 1st walk…Walden in..if you like Walden are you on Walden, Fond?    STFD, Walden’s been terrific…

our homeboy Zeke pitching…UGGLA TRIPLES – eyes wide shut…new macular degeneration report this week talks of success with miniature telescopes in each eye- seriously – what a solution…Captain Uggla at the helm..BJ walks..safety squeeze! RJ gets in the third run, Uggla in full flight…Simmonds balances his HR blast with his second(3rd??) pop up – you guys were right after all??     3-0 BRAVES


Kimbrel… great play Janish for first out..Kimbrel wild, walks Goldschmidt..gets the game ending DP…                  BRAVES WIN !!    3-0



had some Kipling lined up to finish with tonight…we don’t need Kipling after this…the ra-ra we’ll save for another day when heads are down and spirits drooping…this was the Braves at their best – professional, everyone doing their job, Teheran the undoubted star…Chipper must have been pleased..