Growing up watching the Braves in the late 80s and early 90s, there were two teams you really hated: The Los Angeles Dodgers and our geographic rivals the Toronto Blue Jays.

That’s right! Screw you Darryl Strawberry! You too Kelly Gruber and George Bell!

I am sure most of you spent your Memorial Day like I did; shooting Blue Jays in your backyard with a BB gun in preparation for this wisely planned out two and two series.

You could tell how much this rivalry means to the Braves. First, they snuck into Canada around 4:00 am. Then, in order to not be detected by the Jays, the Braves then dressed in uniforms that looked like they were about to liberate Baghdad. The Braves were so well hidden; it looked like the Jays were just taking BP until the 7th inning when El Oso Blanco hit a baseball to Up State New York. He is now in the top five in the league with 11(!) homeruns.

All in all, this rivalry has shown a few things so far: 1) It has turned brother against brother; 2) The Braves have the sucky Rasmus brother; 3) BJ may be benched; 4) Tim Hudson isn’t right, 5) Gattis needs to play every day and most importantly…

…6) Melky is still fat