139 thoughts on “I Got Nothing Game Thread, April 6”

  1. I had a bad feeling about seeing Simmons slide last night. I was surprised he didn’t break it since it jammed in the bag. When will team start banning players from sliding that way?

  2. Didn’t Simmons hurt a finger last season sliding? If so, combined with his comments from today makes me think he is a very immature player. Kind of obnoxious really.

  3. I was going to post what CSG did. Seriously, headfirst slides have already cost the team wins in the past (and possibly the present). At some point, “slide control” has to be implemented. I know, I know, no political stuff, but I will simply say that banning headfirst slides is an interesting parallel to the current debates regarding gun control and leave it at that.

  4. Trivia time — six players have recorded at least 100 hits for both the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves. Who are they?

  5. Elvis Andrus just stole a base against Tommy Hanson and the catcher didn’t even bother making a throw. Some things never change.

  6. From the AJC:

    Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons’ left thumb sprain is expected to keep him out for no more than two games so he didn’t have to learn another hard lesson about the risk of sliding head first.

    So much for the (rather) good news. Now this:

    Simmons fractured his right pinkie finger while sliding head first into second base in July 2012. He missed more than two months with that injury. Simmons said he doesn’t plan to stop sliding head first. “It’s just how I feel faster,” he said.”

    Apparently, our slick-fielding SS is as dumb as an earthworm.

  7. 16 — Alvin Dark

    Nice! But we’re talking Atlanta era only, or else it would have taken me all day.

  8. Jeez, Jason.

    Teheran’s issues at the major league level has been putting away guys with two strikes. Let’s see if he’s improved on that.

  9. Could Teheran not have caught that? It was right where he was standing. Wasn’t aware the pitcher couldn’t catch a pop up.

  10. It’s just general practice to let the infielders catch stuff I think. I’m sure pitchers could make pretty much all of those.

  11. You figure the pitcher doesn’t field every day like the infielders, so why risk it. Kind of like hitting.

  12. Laird’s doing his best Gattis impression.

    Edit: And Pena’s doing his best Belliard impression.

  13. “You figure the pitcher doesn’t field every day like the infielders, so why risk it.”

    It could not have been easier for Freeman to catch the ball on the run with an outstretched glove, than for Teheran to catch a short popup to the exact spot he was standing.

  14. Julio, for future reference, hanging breaking balls over the heart of the plate will not get major league hitters out.

  15. Aren’t the Cubs supposed to be a terrible offensive club? What’s Teheran’s outing look like with a good hitting team?

  16. Maybe MLB Gameday? They always seem to say pitchers throwing 90+ on television are really throwing 83-88 MPH fastballs.

  17. I’m watching the fox sports tv feed. He hit 92 on some of the later fastballs, but most were sitting in the 86-88 range

  18. It probably would be easier for Teheran to catch it, but it’s drilled into pitchers to stand aside if the infielder is close enough to make the play. That’s what’s coached.

  19. Bowman….After missing two months because of the fracture, Simmons said he would likely continue to slide head first. This latest setback has not altered his mindset.

    “It’s just how I feel faster,” Simmons said. “Maybe I’ll put something in my hand that makes it easier sliding. But I doubt I’ll just plain stop sliding head first.”

    Gonzalez said he and his coaches have warned Simmons and other players about the danger of sliding head first.

    “We talk about it all of the time,” Gonzalez said. “Don’t slide head first. Slide feet first and you won’t get hurt. But boys are boys.”

  20. Nice thinking by Uggla. The bats are asleep, but they’re still paying attention.

    81, 82- When you’re being paid $500,000 to work, you’re no longer a “boy.”

  21. Gearrin to a lefty with the bases loaded. Seems like a bad idea.

    But it worked.

  22. Will el Oso strike again?

    dangit it’s reed >:(

    and of course, a DP…

    That’s it, I’m blaming Fredi for this loss

  23. Thanks, Reed, we were just getting some hope again. (Only other guys left on the bench were Gattis and Simmons.)

  24. That is on Fredi. He could have pinch-run Reed for Laird and then pinch-hit Gattis. But that would have actually made some fucking sense.

  25. Jesus, Laird.

    102- Right, pinch running Simmons makes more sense. I’d forgotten he was an option.

  26. It is strange to see a Braves’ walk-off celebration without Chipper. This is really a different team than last year, but it may be a really special one.

  27. kc – That is what I was looking for: the dirt bath. I love this team, but I sure do miss ol’ Prado.

  28. And none of this “barely make it over the wall down the line” crap. We’re hitting these balls three rows deep into center freaking field!

    Woof. (And I’m not even Georgish.)

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