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  1. I voted early this year. You know what…it’s not the same. My civic romantic side was not as engaged.

  2. They do. I got my “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker on Oct 16th. I feel the same way a little about early voting not seeming quite the same, however I’ll take being in and out in 5 minutes over fighting crowds for an hour or so. Plus the wife and I moved this year (still in the same county) but I was afraid to take the chance that there may be some confusion over which precinct we vote in, this way just ensured it wasn’t an issue.

  3. I got an “I voted sticker” I wore it for a few days. There is just something about it that makes you feel good!

  4. I plan on voting during the after-lunch, before-dinner time slot. I hate lines and I dont have patience.

  5. Interesting how we take voting for granted but there are places where people risk their lives to vote. As Winston Churchill (I think) said, democracy is the worst political system except for all the others.

  6. Heh – Love the Churchill quote.

    Here’s a vote I would be interested in seeing:

    This weekend the wife and I watched both Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I am pretty sure both are among the top 10 comedy movies of all time. Spinal Tap is probably there too. And for me, There’s Something About Mary.

    What are the top comedy movies of all time?

  7. Animal House, Young Frankenstein – boy am I showing my age or what.

    At 0630 this morning the polls here in my suburb of Columbus Ohio were packed. It took 45 minutes but the lines moved and the conversation was cool. According to most of the punditry the outcome of the national election hinges here in the Buckeye state. Its going to be interesting. I just hope that voters and not lawyers determine the winners.

  8. Several years ago I watched The Producers (the original) for the first time and couldn’t believe I’d never known about it before. Even now, it’s dated-ness just makes it funnier.

  9. If we’re excepting Mel Brooks or Woody Allen movies–hard to argue too much with “Blazing Saddles” and/or “Annie Hall”–I’d go with “Lost in America” with Albert Brooks.

    Off to the polls…

  10. Steve Martin’s “Roxanne” and Ackroyd-Murphy’s “Trading Places” cracked me up. Martin’s “Leap of Faith” wasn’t funny but is still one of my favorite movies,

    Great photo, AAR. Wish we could stick THAT Murphy in center for the 2013 Braves.

  11. I remember reading an interview around when that cover photo was taken (in Inside Sports, I think) with a longtime sports photographer who was asked who his most handsome subject had been, and he said Dale Murphy was “handsome as the dickens”. So there ya go.

  12. I’d put Superbad in my top 10. At least the first half of the movie.

    Actually, I feel pretty confident positing that the first half hour is the best part of ALL comedy films.

  13. The Money Pit.

    I hit the between breakfast and lunch lull at my polling place. No waiting.

    Still have my sticker on, and I don’t plan on the leaving the house again. Dee says I’m odd.

  14. @8 Thanks, Parish
    Beat the post-election blahs with funny movies.

    I’d bring “Young Frankenstein” to the party.
    I have it on VHS, Pioneer Laserdisc, DVD, Blu-Ray and a digital download from Netfilx. Whatever works.

  15. Yes. Animal House has to be in the conversation. Also, I am surprised no one has mentioned Dumb and Dumber. Christmas Vacation, too.

    @18 – Pioneer Laser Disc?!? Now, that’s funny!

  16. Edit:

    That is to say:

    In no particular order:

    Blazing Saddles

    Young Frankenstein

    My Cousin Vinnie

    My Favorite Year

    The Princess Bride


    Animal House

    Trading Places


  17. And for those of you whippersnappers who HAVE to have sound in your new-fangled motion pictures, us ood farts are partial to:

    ‘The General’ with Buster Keeton.

  18. I’m guessing that fear of talking politics has kept Dr. Strangelove from being mentioned so far.

  19. Add Major League.

    “Is not good to mess with Little Jobu.”

    That brought us one of the great Braves Journal nicknames. When i told my then middle school son that he should call Soriano Jobu after that scene in Major League he cracked up too.

  20. Have to submit a vote for Dumb and Dumber. Whenever I’m flipping through the channels and I see that on I will watch it all and I will still laugh my ass off.

  21. “Dr. Strangelove” is my fave Kubrick. Some of it is played so straight that one can forget that it’s really a black comedy.

    Two more: “The Sunshine Boys” & “Midnight Run.”

    Walter Matthau is hysterical in “Sunshine Boys” and, IMO, “Midnight Run” is the only decent comedy with DeNiro. Of course, Charles Grodin still steals the show.

  22. Tommy Boy.

    As I’m looking through the movie list – see lots of ones that were funny, but have not necessarily held up well over time (which is naturally the way that things go with movies).

    Seems to me, though, that many of the classic 30 minute comedies had some unforgettable moments & episodes. Is that just a case of quantity having a natural advantage over a single movie?

  23. @39 Good point about 30 minute comedies.

    Mel Brooks said it’s hard to laugh for 90 minutes. It wears you out.
    But then again, how often do you get the chance?

  24. My faves have to be “Airplane,” “Waiting For Guffman,” “What About Bob?”…man, I know I’ll wake up at 3 in the morning thinking, “How could I forget [blank]??”

    Ububba, “Annie Hall” is one of my all time favorites but the end always breaks my heart. I almost forget that the first 2/3rds are hilarious.

    It took me two hours to vote but I’m glad I did. Voting is sexy after all. In fact I’m pretty sure my polling location gave me an STD.

  25. @33 – Interesting. I get that some of the slapstick, gross out humor may not appeal to you. So, what do you find funny?

    Dr. Strangelove is brilliant. One of my favorite character names is General Bat Guano. Sterling Hayden was terrific.

  26. @41 – so do I.

    Why do I get the feeling Bethany is thinking “I’m surrounded by meatheads.” ?

    Fair enough. But what does the distaff side find enduringly hilarious?

  27. Airplane! !

    I can’t believe I forgot Airplane!

    “First time?”
    “No, I’ve been nervous lots of times before.”

    “I just wanted to say ‘Good luck, we’re all counting on you.'”

    “Surely you can’t be serious?!”
    “I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.”

    “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.”

    “Excuse me stewardess, I speak jive.”

    “I know you! You’re Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!”

    “Joey, do you like gladiator movies?”

    “Because of my mistake, seven men didn’t make it back.”
    “Eight, Lt. Zip died this morning.”

    “A hospital! What is it?”
    “It’s a big building full of sick people, but that’s not important right now.”

    OK, I’ll stop now…

  28. I laughed out loud in the theater at Zombie Land. Not sure if it will stand the test of time or even become one of my all time favs but it sure was funny at the time.

  29. I think different people just gravitate towards different types of humor. Usually if it’s supposed to be funny, or it’s outrageous, I’m not digging it. But I won’t try to speak for my gender. It’d be hard for me to pick a movie that is labeled a comedy that I really enjoyed. Lots of tv shows, though. Give me two hours of Seinfeld over any movie that’s supposed to make me laugh.

  30. O Brother Where Art Thou. Easily my favorite comedy followed by The Jerk, Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre, Holy Grail, Anchorman, Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, Up, and my favorite growing up…Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

  31. @51 – The scene where Gregory Hinds slaps five with the blind guy holding the sign saying Oedipus. ‘Say Mutha *(&%$’

  32. Ryan C – O Brother is in my top 3 too, maybe #1.
    Anchorman and Major League next I guess, Anchorman is most quotable of the 3 but I can rewatch O Brother over and over, good call.

  33. “I’ve got to concentrate…concentrate…concentrate. I’ve got to CONCENTRATE…concentrate…concentrate. Hello…hello…hello? Echo…echo…echo. Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon…Manny Mota…Mota…Mota.”

  34. If his knees test out, I gotta say I’d be interested in seeing Lance Berkman patrol LF for 120 games next year(and back up Freeman at 1st). He’d be a buy low candidate and always has the potential to put up monstrous offensive numbers. What I like about signing Lance is that if he does get injured, there’s plenty of options to try out in LF.

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