Yankees 3, Braves 2

New York Yankees vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 13, 2012 – ESPN.

So this streaky team has now lost four in a row. Like the previous game, this was a close call that they led (not for nearly as long) and lost on a homer.

The Yankees took a 1-0 lead in the first, Alex Rodriguez singling home Derek Jeter, but Tim Hudson settled down from there (he struck out eight and walked none in six innings) while the offense labored. They had the bases loaded with one out in the second, but Hudson struck out and Michael Bourn grounded out. Martin Prado was on second with none out in the third but was stranded. Jason Heyward doubled leading off of the fourth and Andrelton Simmons walked with one out, but again, they were stranded.

Finally, in the fifth inning, Prado led off with a single and Brian McCann homered, to give the Braves a 2-1 lead. And then Heyward doubled again with two out and was stranded, and in the sixth Curtis Granderson hit a two-run homer to make it 3-2. Bourn singled with two out in the sixth. Uggla and Chipper Jones walked with one out in the seventh. Bourn singled with one out in the eighth but Prado hit into a double play. Chipper singled with two out in the ninth, but Heyward popped up to end it.

It’s just so freaking frustrating. You outhit a team 12-7 and outwalk them 4-1 and you lose. Just rearrange the hits a little and the Braves could have easily scored six runs.

Craig Kimbrel struck out the side in the ninth. Well, he was well-rested.

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  1. This team is incredibly frustrating to watch: the current losing streak began when we were comfortably leading Toronto and about to sweep them. For whatever reason, we go from good to bad quickly and decisively. At best we will be treated to a roller coaster ride for the rest of the season….

  2. Cant pitch at home and only scored 2 runs combined against Nova and Kuroda.

    For once I agree with DOB.

    Buster writes that the Twins might consider trading Josh Willingham if they decide they’re hopelessly out of the playoff picture before the trade deadline.

    If I’m the Braves, I would pursue a trade for Willingham, and I mean seriously pursue it. Signed for $7 mill each of the next two seasons (2013 and 2014). He’s your left fielder, Prado goes to third base, and then you’ve got plenty of money to either re-sign Bourn if at all possible or trade or sign another proven leadoff hitter who’s not quite as expensive as him, plus have some money left to fill other needs.

  3. Willingham would certainly be an upgrade over Francisco off the bench. He’s been awful lately. Can’t remember a recent AB that didn’t end in a strikeout.

    Heyward, OTOH, seems to be doing a little better. 2-4 last night with a walk….

  4. Are his injuries chronic? I know he’s hurt a lot, but as long as nothing degenerative is going on, he’s well worth the risk IMO. I’ve coveted Willingham for years, and he’s exactly what we need right now, no doubt.

  5. There’s no way Willingham won’t start. If we trade for Willingham, I’m sad to say I think it would be Chipper headed to the bench. Unless we do something else that’s crazy like trade Bourn and put Heyward in center.

    That’s a long way of saying the whole thing seems unlikely.

    More likely that we trade one of Delgado/Medlen/Minor for a bullpen stud and a prospect or something.

  6. Willingham might be nice, but we could also use help in the bullpen. I can’t help but think that J.J. Hoover has added to the Reds already good bullpen, while Francisco’s value continues to be limited. Anyway, I can see us trading for help in the pen….

  7. I’m sad to say I think it would be Chipper headed to the bench.

    No chance. Prado would be a super sub( LF, 3B, maybe 1B) and Heyward would be platooned somehow.

  8. I agree, there’s no chance. I find it hard to believe we’d start messing with our best hitter right now either.

    There’s also the fact that we seemingly could’ve tried for Willingham multiple times, but we never seem that interested for whatever reason.

  9. Interesting tweets from DOB today.

    •No question, from all I’ve seen. RT @snelson22: @ajcbraves agreed rather have Hoover right now 1 hour ago

    •Not sig. loss if got claimed RT @snelson22: @ajcbraves whose roster spot would willingham fill is ? Francisco logical choice but no options. 1 hour ago

    •And how many starts for Hinske? Too many. RT @BaseballPress: @ajcbraves 7 starts for Ross in past month. I would agree been banged up a bit. 1 hour ago

  10. @#10

    Absolutely agree. Fredi seems to have forgotten that Prado can play 1B. Put him there, and let Constanza or Diaz play LF.

  11. Playing Constanza or Diaz instead of Hinske is just rearranging the deck chairs. If we get Willingham, we’re truly covered in the event of Chipper injury or Freeman injury/slump. Then bring up Pastornicky in August or September to be the infield sub.

  12. #13

    Point taken. But Fredi could have moved Prado to 1B last night if he really wanted to use Diaz as a PH.

  13. We should get Josh Hamilton to play LF, Carlos Gonzalez for CF, and Manny for a RH bench bat.

    That would make me happy.

  14. I would think Willingham is platooning w/ Heyward of is in to give Chipper the night off.

  15. Prado needs to play somewhere every day. The issue that worries me is that we’ve got lots of players that are candidates for “filling in for” that should instead be pencil-them-in-everyday-unless-they-are-hurt types of guys. If Freeman doesn’t hit then we have little to no playoff hope, since we don’t have a plan B there. A strict Heyward/Diaz RF platoon wouldn’t be the end of the world, and is probably the best way to maximize the output from there for *this* season. I feel like our playoff window closes after *this* season anyway, so if Fredi goes that route I won’t complain.

  16. Remember when some BravesJournal regulars (and other Braves fans around the ‘net) were talking earlier this season about how Heyward could learn so much from Freeman, how Freeman is the better player/prospect, etc.?


  17. Got a little giggle out of this one. It appears Curt Schilling is accused of defaulting on a loan that he personally guaranteed. ESPN runs a piece on the story and concludes with “Messages were left Thursday with public relations companies representing Schilling.” Or they could have walked down to the ESPN employees cafeteria to ask him about it.

  18. If we could ever get Josh Willingham, I’d worry about the lineup’s odd-man-out later.

    Of course, I suspect he’s going to be a very popular man very soon.

  19. Working in ESPN’s news department has to be a career-length exercise in cognitive dissonance.

    Sure, report on the story. But don’t make anyone involved look bad, because they’re our business partners; don’t make the parent company look bad, because we have stockholders; and don’t push too hard, because you might find something that we would prefer you not publish but we don’t want to have to explicitly tell you to keep it quiet.

  20. @23,

    ESPN certainly isn’t the only media company that has conflicts like this. And they do some very good journalism at times. They are in this to make money, not to serve the public interest. Also, there is another side to this point as well. How often does the media, in the guise of investigative journalism, hang someone out to dry without having all the facts or misinterpreting the facts? Obviously Curt Schilling is not a particularly sympathetic character but I don’t see why he he needs to be made to “look bad” at this juncture.

  21. They are in this to make money, not to serve the public interest.

    And that’s one of the big reasons why ESPN sucks.

    ESPN punted on the notion of news a long time ago. What it does now is push its brand at every turn & over-cover the leagues (and conferences) that it broadcasts.

    (Remember when ESPN used to broadcast the NHL & it devoted more than 60 seconds to the league on SportsCenter? Now it doesn’t, and the coverage it gave to the Stanley Cup Finals was tiny. Not a coincidence.)

    If you have a “news organization” that partners with the leagues that it covers (by broadcasting their games), it’s very difficult to expect them to give honest coverage of those organizations.

    (Remember how ESPN almost ignored the Roethlisberger incident(s) until it was essentially shamed into reporting to the extent of the other outlets? Again, not a coincidence.)

    But that also means I don’t have to watch ESPN, so I generally do my best to get my information from other sources.

  22. @20 I’m still not sure I disagree with that sentiment. Freeman is recovering from an “injury” just like Heyward was. Freeman was leading the league in RBIs and killing everything not very long ago.

  23. Problem is his injury doesnt appear to be any better and now has a seperate hand issue.

  24. I feel like the fact that Joey Votto is on pace for 71 doubles this year isn’t getting enough attention.

  25. From the article but no way this is true.

    • Votto has not popped up to the infield all season. In fact, he has popped out to the infield only three times in 2,138 plate appearances over the past four seasons.

    • Votto has pulled a ball foul into the stands only once in his entire major league career. Once.

    “Sure, I remember it,” he said. “It was my rookie year. It wasn’t that deep — and maybe 20, 30 feet foul. I haven’t hit a long home run foul in my whole career.”

  26. I think it was Gene Freeze that they said would make people forget Babe Ruth if they moved the left field foul line twenty feet to the left.

  27. Remember when some BravesJournal regulars (and other Braves fans around the ‘net) were talking earlier this season about how Heyward could learn so much from Freeman, how Freeman is the better player/prospect, etc.?

    I know, that sure was cute.

  28. So this streaky team has now lost four in a row.

    Halfway to the new eight-game losing streak.

  29. The downside to a roster construction like the Braves have, with quality, average-to-very good players at each position (SS included now!) as opposed to the stars-and-scrubs approach, is that there really isn’t an opportunity to get much better via a deadline trade. There aren’t any obvious holes to fill, and any trade for the types of guys usually available (and affordable) at the deadline would have a small impact.

    Now, as far as the pitching staff goes…

  30. #43 -Saw that on ESPN last night. $100,000 though?

    BTW, Scott Diamond update

    5-1 44IP 49H 4BB 28K 1.61ERA 1.19WHIP

  31. So, a bunch of you are advocating for Willingham to take ABs from Freeman, basically. With the premise being that Freeman looks like he’s having the season Heyward did last year. Either Willingham or Prado play 1B this season under this scenario. And if Willingham or Chipper gets hurt, Freeman gets a little more playing time.

    I guess that’s not totally far-fetched. I just don’t like the idea of our best hitter missing any games or moving around the diamond a bunch.

    I’m just upset that I didn’t get more backing when I wanted a different “injury prone,” all-bat player who was traded on the cheap this offseason and who also happens to be topping the WAR leaderboard at his position currently.


  32. I don’t know if you guys have realized it yet, but…


    This has to be the best day all week!

  33. Hey, I liked the Lowrie idea!

    Starts by corner IF/OF/DH bench players through 63 games:

    Francisco – 20 (on pace for 33 more)
    Hinske – 17 (on pace for 28 more)
    Diaz – 16 (on pace for 26 more)
    Constanza – 7 (on pace for 11 more)

    So, assuming the same rate of injuries, slumps, days off, and DH games as we’ve seen so far, there will be 98 available starts for players not named Prado, Heyward, Jones, or Freeman. Drop Francisco and there are at least 50 available starts for Willingham this season.

  34. Not to mention he’s a righty, which comes in handy against Santana, Niese, Hamels, Lee, Buehrle, Gonzalez, and the great Ross Detweiler…

  35. I don’t like the idea of moving Prado around or not giving Freeman/Heyward max playing time to develop, but I do think Willingham makes some sense. I don’t think there’s a perfect move we can make, position-wise, without just replacing our bench parts for less crappy bench parts.

    I also don’t have faith that Chipper is going to be able to play much this season.

  36. Willingham is another nice to have piece, but he is not going to solve all the problems. The core problem with this team is not enough of premium talents. The Braves are starting to be like the Hawks…lots of good players with no superstar/premium talent. This team can win enough games year in and year out, but they will never be good enough to win the league.

  37. Matt Cain was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the first round of the 2002 draft, from high school in Germantown, Tennessee. The 25th overall pick in the draft, he threw 88-92 MPH in high school, showed a strong curve, and was physically projectable at 6-3, 180 pounds. His command was erratic in high school and some people felt he was a slight overdraft

    Lucas Sims seems to be a better prospect than what Cain was. Hope for the best I guess…

  38. Reading that Matt Cain retro led me to the articles below it about pitchers drafted in the first round out of high schools in Texas, California, and Florida, and it made me thankful that I was no better at baseball than I was. Even on those lists, less than 10% had a major league career. Those are still “the best of the best”, having been drafted in the first round of the MLB draft.

    Just imagine how many young men spend several years of their life pursuing a major league paycheck when the odds are stacked so heavily against them. I’m glad I wasn’t tempted to pursue that.

  39. Jurrjens gave up a grand slam in the 7th to lose 4-0 at Gwinnett. 2 walks, 3 Ks.

  40. Sooo…Baker ordered his pitcher to buzz Lowe because Lowe is an alcoholic? That must be it, since he seemed to bring it up out of absolutely nowhere. Guess he was fed up with all the blotchy sweatiness….

  41. #59 – Thought the same thing. I checked the box score to the grand slam to see how it took place. Single to RF and two walks loaded the bases. Still, 3 of his last 4 starts, show some improvement. I still dont think he’s healthy.

  42. I think there is one of five things wrong w/ Venters:

    1) He is hurt
    2) He is over throwing his slidder
    3) He is tipping his pitches
    4) He has been over-exposed
    5) His release point has changed

  43. Maybe all five?

    I don’t believe he is hurt because I think the team would have seen it and done something. You can say a lot about the Braves organization, but being foolhardy with their young pitchers is not one of them.

  44. @65 – I’m gonna need someone to break down the F/X, consult Fangraphs, and write a dissertation on how that pitch is a slider before I will believe it’s not a curvebal.

  45. YES!

    Atlanta Braves ‏@Braves
    Livan Hernandez has been designated for assignment and Kris Medlen has been recalled from Gwinnett. Medlen will be in uniform tonight.

  46. Braves must fell somewhat confident that Teheran is almost ready. I doubt theyre extremely confident in Minor and Delgado moving forward.

    Time to rid ourselves of Wilson and Fransisco.

  47. When I think of Livan Hernandez, I think of him rolling down a hill in a very morose manner, and then climbing back up and doing it again. And it sounds like a sack of potatoes rolling down a hill when he does it.

  48. Lineup vs lefty tonight –

    Prado 1B
    Diaz LF

    Nice work Fredi.

  49. Livan’s last outing was atrocious–mainly because he hadn’t pitched in two weeks–but was he really that bad? Yes, it’s probably time that he moved on, but let’s not forget that he helped the Braves win a few games.

  50. Interesting tweet from Gammons:

    The Braves were right there with the Cubs @$30M on Jorge Soler, with the White Sox and Yankes between $25M and the Cubs @ $30M

    So maybe we’re not as poor as we thought.

  51. #79 – Nice to know. His contract with the Cubs lets him opt out of his annual salary and go to arbitration if he decides to do that. I wonder if we had the same type of clause.

  52. I had no problem with Livan if he was used in the proper role. But since Fredi isn’t competent enough to do that, it’s good to take the potential problem out of his hands.

  53. Mark Bowman ‏@mlbbowman
    Freeman’s hand is still a little sore. Will be evaluated on a day-to-day basis. Might be something that bothers him all year.

    Willingham sure would help solve some issues.

  54. If we can go two weeks without using a guy, why don’t we add another bat instead?

  55. Greetings from Chicago…

    Driving up Lake Shore Drive this afternoon & listening to the Cubs/Red Sox game on WGN radio was pretty funny. Caught it just as the Cubs announcer (Pat Hughes?) indicated that Carlos Marmol was coming in to face the Sawx in the 9th with a 3-0 lead.

    “OK, Cubs fans… strap yourselves in. It’s Carlos Marmol trying to save this one. As you know with Carlos, it’s never easy. Sporting an ERA over 6.00, he doesn’t always know where it’s going…”

    “First pitch to the Boston catcher… ALMOST HIT HIM! A foot and a half inside—ball one… Here we go again…”

    It went on like that for 15 minutes. Marmol managed to load the bases, but wriggled out of it in the end. The genuine fear in the Cubs announcers’ voices, however, was priceless.

    We may have our issues, but we don’t have to suffer through that guy.

  56. Not quite the same as F-Day, but then Livan hadn’t festered for nearly as long.

  57. From Bowman:

    Prado on playing 1B: “I’m like the Matrix. I’ll just download the program before I take the field.”

    I freaking love Prado.

  58. People saw that AJC snippet the other day with McCann saying he made a mechanical adjustment, right? Whoever wrote it got the vibe that McCann knew he was about to go on a tear.

  59. The Orioles are having a good year, but haven’t made the playoffs in 15 years. Yet I swear I just heard Chip refer to them as a “juggernaut.”

  60. Interminable innings by Hanson. He may not be able to go four. Good thing Meds is back.

  61. Well, Prado’s download of First Base Defense didn’t delete his Plate Discipline program. I hope it didn’t displace any other vital programs, like Third Base Defense, Offensive Power, or Bowel Control.

  62. Chipper, I hate you right now. The ump has no strike zone, this guy walks the bases loaded, and you SWING AT THE FIRST PITCH.

  63. Hanson doesn’t need anyone’s help to blow this one guys. Really unnecessary here.

  64. First pitch swing after walking the bases loaded from Chipper, and a high throw from Simmons, blows this one rather quickly.

  65. Greetings from Russia! I was lying in the bed staring blankly at the ceiling thinking how bad jetlag sucked when I realized there was Braves baseball on and that I have the MLBTV package. Life was good until I logged in.

  66. I am in Moscow. My friend is an author and is doing some research for his 3rd book. He needed someone to bounce some ideas off of so he asked me to tag along. Thus far, all I can say is Russia is an odd place.

  67. Russia is an odd place. But I highly recommend the Tretyakov Gallery and the Pushkin Museum, if you’re into art. I’ve always loved Gorky Park, too, though it’s a strange mixture of old-fashioned and glitz. Then again, that’s pretty true of the whole city.

    You may want to get out to the huge flea market at Izmailovo. And while you’re there, be sure to eat some Georgian food. It’s spicy and really delicious.

  68. Thanks Alex. I’m actually right next to the huge flea market. Going there sometime today. We have a lot on the agenda.

  69. Prado on playing first: “I’m like the Matrix. I’ll
    just download the program before I take the field”.

  70. Wow! Impressive work by Kris on his first day back. Who was that loser he replaced?

  71. Welcome back, Medlen. Great play, Martin.

    And Yanks beat Nats 7-2, so hold ’em, Braves.

  72. #132

    MLB.tv rules for the traveler, especially when you’re awake in the middle of the night in Europe.

    Enjoy—this game is finally turning our way.

  73. Unfortunately, no one can be… told what Andrelton Simmons is. You have to see him for yourself.

  74. Anyone with connections that can find out what is up with Gattis? It’s weird that there’s absolutely no info on his injury.

  75. Where can you find the graphs showing called balls and strikes? I was listening to the game and it sounded like a lot of Tommy’s pitches were strikes but the ump had a bad zone. Just wondering, thanks.

  76. Signing Manny Ramirez now is a terrible idea. He’s a washed-up fatso who would offer nothing.

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