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Hudson won Comeback Player of the Year and finished fourth in the Cy Young voting, going 17-9 with a 2.83 ERA while throwing 228 2/3 innings. It was a heck of a comeback. Early in the year, he was putting up good results that looked completely unsustainable, walking as many or more than he was striking out but getting bailed out by double plays. Over his first fifteen starts, he was 7-3 but with a 2.54 ERA, having struck out 45 but walked 37. Long term, you’re going to get burned pitching like that Over his last nineteen starts, he struck out 94 and walked 37, went 10-6 with a 3.06 ERA. With his ground ball rates (the highest in the league) you can thrive like that, though you’d want a better infield than the Braves have.

While Tommy Hanson (or, down the line, Julio Teheran) is the Braves’ best bet for a true, dominant staff ace type, Hudson is the clear staff ace right now, the man they rely upon to give them their best chance to win. A lot of teams do worse. There’s a good chance that he continues to pitch as he did in the middle of the season, and in that case he can win the Cy Young Award if he gets lucky and none of the power pitchers has a big season.

If Hudson isn’t the fifth-greatest pitcher in Atlanta Braves history (after Niekro and the Big Three) it’s close. When I did my 44 Greatest series, I ranked Kevin Millwood fifth among the pitchers. Millwood was 75-46 with a 3.73 ERA as a Brave. Hudson is 73-48, 3.53… Hit .195 (15-77) with four doubles and eight sacrifices, drove in and scored four runs.

Tim Hudson Statistics

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  1. The Phillies pitchers could split their vots and Hudson could sneak in there. I think he is a top ten pitcher in the league.

  2. “I ask if it worries him that Chad relies so heavily on faith”

    “No says Billy. I’m just happen to be a believer in the power of the ground ball.”

    from Moneyball

  3. @1 and 2…
    Did I miss something? I’m not sure what you 2 are referring to. Can you elaborate?

  4. Has anyone ever validated The Teixt? No matter I guess as it is now Braves Journal lore.

    Huddy is up there on the all time Braves list IMHO. Great trade John. Nice job by Wren to get the extension.

  5. the Hudson text has cemented him in the top 3 of my favorite Braves of all time.

    Keith Law has Teheran as the top pitching prospect in baseball (#6 overall) ahead of Drabek, Hellickson, Chapman, etc. i found that interesting.

  6. Hudson’s not quite the pitcher he was early in his career but he’s still excellent. Since 2007 he’s been very consistent when healthy for the Braves. Another 5 good years and he may have a Hall of Fame debate.

  7. I had to look at Mac’s link, because I had forgotten this great moment in Braves Journal history. Thanks, Mac and Huddy!

  8. oh…now i remember. i’ve never seen someone that justs looks like a douche more than mark teixeira.

  9. Why do we assume that Teixera’s the douche and not Hudson? What has Teixera done to deserve this appellation? Has he actually anything besides just looking like a douce?

  10. I was going to say “because Teixeira went to Georgia Tech”, but Hudson went to Auburn, so…

    Thinking about it, though, Auburn people, whatever their (many) failings, are rarely douchey.

  11. I went to Auburn. Most of the guys were alright except the douchebag fraternity boys (and not all of the fraternity boys were douchebags, but the majority that fit the following stereotype were) that wore those really short shorts that almost looked backwards with a polo shirt tucked into the front. Presently, from what I understand, the douchebag frat boys are still rocking the short shorts that look backwards, but in place of the polo shirt tucked in the front is the fishing shirt tucked in the front.

    More comfortable, sure, but not less douchey.

    I’m guessing that every SEC campus has those guys floating around acting like they’re cool’s definition.

  12. It was a couple of Auburn guys who came up with the Teixeira song when he was traded here IIRC. Which sort of makes them ex post facto douches by association.

  13. To me, “The Teixt” is one of the all time classic BravesJournal posts. I like to think of Teixera as the douche as I was something of a Teix-Hater when he played for the Braves until he had some huge hustle/big play moments in a 4 game sweep of the NY Mets, but promptly began hating him again when he went pinstripe. However, It’s entirely possible that Hudson actually likes Teixera. People insult their friends all the time.

    Then again it’s also very possible that Hudson just thinks Teixera is a douche for the same reason as the rest of us; his big stupid face.

  14. Love “The Teixt.” There’s a new one for the glossary.

    My company is flying me out to West Palm Beach March 12-13 for a quarterly meeting. As luck would have it, the Braves are in Jupiter playing the Cardinals the 14th and 15th! Anyone else planning on going? Roger Dean Stadium is a really cool place to see a game.

  15. Also very true, I’m only speaking for myself here, but for me the “Teixt” story fits into my preferred perception of the the Baseball Universe, so I’ve embraced it as Gospel.

  16. I dunno, I’d find a place in my heart for Robert Fick if he played baseball as well as Teixera.

    Good road win for Vandy. Hoping the Dawgs are a dispirited bunch this Saturday – what a heartbreaker! (Even worse, the Gators looked like they actually have some heart this year.)

    The SEC East is like the Big 10 in football this year – a cluster of very good teams, no great ones.

  17. “The Teixt” (great name, btw) and “Both of ’em. Count it!” are my favorite player-initiated Braves Journal memes. As for Mac-created memes… there are too many good ones to count. :-)

  18. I thought Andruw really did say “Both of them, count it” in his Gold Club court hearing?

  19. Wonder what it would cost to get Ben Revere from the Twins? With Hicks in the fold, he’s got to be expendable.

  20. 27 — In the same vein, a group of USC students made a rap video called “Rock Out with your Gamecock Out” on YouTube. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

  21. 30—Hmm, that doesn’t really seem to be in the same vein, to me. The Vandy thing is about the student experience, not a specific sport. I’m impressed with the production value of both, though.

  22. Jones: “There were two chicks in the room messin’ with each other.”
    Prosecutor: “What did you do then?”
    Jones: “Both of them — count it!”

  23. I am going to step out on a limb here.

    I had heard the story and have always been unclear about the “count it part” I posted the story on here (it has been a few years) and everyhwere I have seen it reposted has been my story copied and pasted. So maybe I added the “count it” part, inadvertently.

    This site is very well followed, no doubt.

    I first heard the story from someone who use to be an intern for Bill Simmons. But the “both of them” part is dead on true and very funny. “Count it” makes it even better, and it is possible it might be true.

  24. I am pretty sure that the “Count it!” formulation comes from the Simmons intern. He was in that “intern contest” and quoted Andruw this way:

    4. What do you think was the funniest moment in sports history and why?
    Worthwhile humor requires more than kicks in the groin; there have to be injurious consequences for some social condition. For example, Chris Anderson’s Dunk Contest abomination set the Brent-Barry-White-Men-Can-Jump movement back at least two decades, and Reggie Miller’s 1987 flat-top led to the Bel Biv Devoe backup singers seeming way less cool. Both were hilarious, but nowhere near the Gold Club trial, where athletes testified to promiscuity, racketeering, and other run-of-the-mill behavior. For me, the gold nugget was Andruw Jones’ testimony that two women in his room were “doing lesbian action” and, when asked what he did, Andruw deadpanning, “Both of them.” Count it!

    Note that “Count it” isn’t in quotes.

  25. @ 36

    I’ve been following this blog for a few years now, and I must say that the Count it! story is probably one of the best things I’ve ever heard.

  26. The following is an interesting link, but NSFW-ish:


    edit to add sample:

    “That Cub or Pirate fat is in the fire”

  27. Love that video, Stu. They should play that at the basketball games instead of ‘Black and Yellow’.

  28. Is Carolina really about to lose to Auburn at home?

    I’m with Mac. The story may be better than the legend.

  29. #49–I voted for Linebrink because I did not think that Proctor is good enough to become the ‘whipping boy’. We will see plenty of Linebrink and I am guessing little of Proctor….

  30. Weldon, UNC doesn’t play Auburn.

    by “Carolina” you are referring to South Carolina or Little Carolina. No offense, but “Carolina” is UNC to EVERYONE else not living in South Carolina.

  31. Chris, you really need to stop telling people what the name of their school is. You’ve done this before. Just because you put “no offense” doesn’t mean it’s not insulting, especially considering you called it “Little Carolina”.

    It is obvious Weldon was talking about South Carolina. I don’t think anyone was confused considering everyone talks about the SEC here.

  32. It’s official: I know absolutely nothing about SEC Basketball this year.

    Florida and Vandy show great skill and toughness and then next game fall apart. (Actually, Arkansas played the best game they’ve played in years.)

    Maybe Bama and MSU are the best teams in the league.

    When the Big East beats each other up, it shows the depth of the conference. When the SEC does it, we’re just a bunch of average teams. (This year, that might be true.)

    Selection Committee’s going to have a hot mess on their hands.

  33. I, as well, have come up against the UNC people thinking it should be a federal law that you’re only allowed to use Carolina to describe them. I, as well, think they should probably get bent. It says Carolina across the front of South Carolina’s football jerseys, for God’s sake. It can be used to describe either.

  34. Miss St is terrible. I think Vandy, UT, UK, Florida and Georgia are the best five teams in the league and the order they are in chances almost daily.

  35. I would tend to agree, Smitty, but then Bama and MSU keep beating some (allegedly) stronger East Division opponents.

    The SEC Tournament may mean a lot this year. (Btw, it’s a fun event, for those who haven’t attended yet.)

  36. Using “Go Braves” with no exclamation point as the baseline Replacement Comment, @55 is found to have scored a -1.5 VORC.

  37. Re: Carolina
    When I think of Carolina (usually spoken), I still think of UNC. Comes from years of hoops success & high profile.

    The school in Columbia, the one also known as USC, has some identity issues. Beyond blogworld, FWIW, I call them “South Carolina.”

    Re: MSU
    Mississippi State is a weird team. They have some talent, but (from the couple games I’ve seen) very few smarts.

    When Vandy pressed them in the 2nd half the other night, MSU did everything wrong trying to solve it & ended up pissing away the game. They dribbled into double teams, the ball receivers didn’t come to meet the pass & they failed to attack the basket once they got the first pass over half-court. They looked like a brainless middle-school team.

    Nonetheless, I find any team with the enigmatic Renardo Sidney somewhat fascinating.

  38. @63,

    Absolutely love it. I suggest we start a new Braves Journal tradition.

    Being some random college guy in Utah, I’ll share my thoughts. Whenever I talk about college football with my friends, “Carolina” is almost always in reference to South Carolina (USC is in reference to the illustrious Kiffin’s university). When it comes to basketball, we don’t ever really say “Carolina”. It’s almost always “UNC” or “North Carolina” or “Tarheels”.

    Just one guy’s thoughts, but I’m not sure what I’d being saying if I actually attended a school in the SEC.

  39. @69

    That goes to show you why the Marlins don’t fit in Miami. Can’t even play in their stadium…

  40. If the Marlins could get away with it, I’m sure they would try to sell off all of their home games next year.

  41. @69 $$$

    U2 pulled 6 mil a show in 2009. Get the Boss in, maybe Phish for a week, and you’ve payed for the season…

  42. Using “Go Braves” with no exclamation point as the baseline Replacement Comment, @55 is found to have scored a -1.5 VORC.

    You’re only saying that because you live in your mother’s basement, Sansho. You don’t even like comments. You should leave the comment analysis to the people who used to be professional comment-makers. There are things about making comments that you just can’t understand unless you’ve done it for a living — and there’s no computer that can tell you what a good comment is.

  43. braves14

    i’ll stick with it. carolina is NOT south carolina. sorry. end of story. just deal with that fact. let it sink in and move on.


    by Carolina, did he mean USC-Columbia? my point exactly.

    as for UNC people getting “bent”, Nick, I contend that your inferiority complex (in all things athletic AND athletic) is astounding. heck, even the Simpsons dissed USC;

    (From 2002) When Lisa clutched the front gate of Springfield’s elite private school as her father, Homer, tugged on her ankles. Despite her pleading, Homer told her the family couldn’t afford it; he tried to reassure her by saying he would send her to school in South Carolina.

    A distraught Lisa insisted she didn’t want to be a Gamecock.

    Talk about “getting bent”.

  44. carolina is NOT south carolina.

    There is no law saying only one is Carolina. They can both be called that. It’s not one or the other. You let that sink in.

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