Braves 7, Marlins 3

Atlanta Braves vs. Florida Marlins – Box Score – May 26, 2010 – ESPN.

Does anybody here know how to manage a bullpen?

Tommy Hanson had a first inning that very easily could have been disastrous. He got the first two, then allowed a line-drive homer to Ramirez. I don’t think he was shaken by that, I think he just completely lost his control, as he walked the next three men. He got out of it on a checked-swing strikeout, but things obviously could have been worse. He settled down for the next four innings, as the Marlins couldn’t do anything.

Unfortunately, the Braves couldn’t do anything either, and didn’t have a hit until Brian McCann bunted for one with two out in the fourth. In the fifth, though, Melky showed some of that youthful energy and singled leading off the fifth, then went to second on a wild pitch. McLouth got him to third with a flyout, then Hanson drove him in with another flyout.

Like last night, the Braves’ starter couldn’t stand prosperity. This time, Hanson walked the opposing pitcher, a career American Leaguer, on four pitches leading off the bottom of the fifth. He got behind the next guy but rallied for a strikeout, then allowed a double off the wall. They intentionally walked Ramirez, then Cantu singled in a run. Fortunately, the Marlins sent the runner from second, and Melky threw him out by about fifteen feet, which saved a run when the next batter hit a long flyout.

In the seventh, Yunel reached on a Prado, as Ramirez couldn’t get the ball out of his glove in time on a grounder up the middle but it was called a hit. Melky singled again, then McLouth bunted them up. Hinske pinch-hit and stayed in when the Marlins brought in a LOOGY, and drew a walk. They went to a righthanded reliever, and Fredi Gonzalez apparently was resolved to not, under any circumstances, use more than three pitchers in the inning, as he let the guy completely collapse on the mound.

Prado hit a long fly ball to tie it. Heyward, being Heyward, drew a walk to reload the bases, bringing Zombie Chipper to the plate. All Zombie Chipper can do is walk, which he did on four pitches to give the Braves the lead. Glaus singled to drive in two runs, then McCann singled to drive in Chipper, and Yunel had a clean hit to make it 7-2 when Glaus (who really should have gotten to third on the play before) made it home safely even though he should have been out easily because the Marlins completely botched the play. They finally got Melky to end it, but the game was now 7-2.

Since the Braves were now up by five runs instead of down one, they could use Moylan instead of Chavez. He gave up a hit in the seventh but got a double play, and wound up throwing only six pitches, so Bobby, showing that his protégé isn’t about to outmismanage-his-bullpen him, sent Moylan out for a second inning. He got the first two guys, then allowed three straight singles to cut it to 7-3 before getting out of it. Just to rub things in, Bobby then went with Wagner, who was of course well-rested, for the ninth. Sheesh.

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  1. Something must be bothering Saito. That’s the only thing that would make the last two nights approach sense.

  2. Saito is 40 and Bobby has used him like he’s 20. That explains most everything you need to know.

  3. DOB just tweeted that McCann was pulled due to a sore quadriceps, and not just for rest as we assumed. Says he’s questionable for tomorrow’s game.

  4. Saito was warming in the pen during the 8th, it was a 5 run game. No need for him tonight. Bobby said he needed last night off though

    more from Bowman….

    The Braves could choose to promote Resop within the next week. If they choose to utilize him as a starter, he could replace either Kenshin Kawakami, who is 0-7 through nine starts, or Kris Medlen. While Medlen has been effective in the three starts he has made in place of the injured Jair Jurrjens, the club could decide he is more valuable in a relief role.

    Resop could also be promoted to serve as a reliever and provide some of the bullpen depth the Braves lost when Medlen moved into the starting rotation. As long as Resop is promoted before June 15, the clause in his contract will become void. This means even if he would return to the Minors later in the season, he wouldn’t have the right to become a free agent or request a trade

  5. pretty much everyone on the team, except for Nate has had a lot of success vs Nolasco

    Prado .300
    Heyward n/a
    Chipper .423 4HR
    Glaus .667
    McCann .323 4HR
    Hinske .250
    Yunel .409
    Nate .214 (.421 OBP)
    Blanco .500 also

  6. #7 – yep, it would. I think the Braves should jump at the opportunity to trade him if they can before he makes any appearance at the mlb level again

  7. Let me get this straight:

    Medlen has been effective as a starter::we should bring some other guy up from the minors to take his place.

  8. AND

    That guy has been pretty bad his whole career as a reliever. That is absolutely brilliant.

  9. Joe West looks like an orc from The Lord of the Rings.

    An illustration — MT

    ?w=222″ alt=”” />

  10. per mlbtr
    Braves Sign Yasser Gomez
    By Ben Nicholson-Smith [May 26 at 9:35pm CST]
    The Braves signed Cuban outfielder Yasser Gomez, according to Jorge Ebro of El Nuevo Herald (via Twitter). Gomez, who is now in the Dominican Republic, will not receive a big bonus from the Braves.

    Gomez defected from Cuba late in 2008, at which point at least one scout considered him major league ready. At that time, he was described as a speedy outfielder who had hit for high averages in Cuba. Gomez, who is about 30 years old, was declared a free agent last summer.

  11. If the Braves call up Resop, put him in the rotation, and bury Medlen in the bullpen…I don’t know what I’ll do.

    Just the idea crossing the Braves’ minds is batshit insane.

    Radar Gun has shown he’s a 4A guy.

  12. Thanks Mac. If only I could figure out how to put a pair of Oakleys on that orc.

    West was itching to throw White Sox out of the game tonight. Totally ridiculous.

  13. Did the braves win the game?

    What’s up with the phillies?

    The bats are beating Lincecum 6-0.

    Is there a full moon tonight?

  14. I hope Yasser makes it to the bigs so we can see the fan group. Yasser’s PLO?

    Is Resop still in an option year? If not, it would be hard to play games with the contract.

  15. I’m going to pretend that the Braves are not serious about taking Medlen from the rotation so as to preserve his value as a reliever. It’s so insane as to be a joke, right?

  16. Has to be. Of course, the reasoning for doing the same thing to KK — he’s 0-7! — is equally insane. I notice there’s been no mention of Lowe…

  17. The Phillies are in a dreadful offensive slump.

    They’ve lost 4 in a row and 6 of 8, scoring only 15 runs in those 8 games. And they’ve been shut out 3 of their last 4 games.

    Kinda crazy, but the Braves are only 2 GB.

  18. NY1???

    Seriously? Is this the best NYC has to offer? This guy is a terrible sportscaster.

    I do not know the guy’s name, but come on people, we can’t do better in New York City?

  19. They do, on the local affiliate stations. Those guys make a ton o’ dough, too.

    NY1 is a cable-only channel. And not everyone in NYC gets it. Jersey has one, as does Long Island. All similar production values & talent levels.

  20. I know that Heyward and Chipper got a few combined walks tonight, but I would be curious to see how many games the Braves have won this year with Prado, Heyward and Chipper getting a combined zero hits. Give some credit tonight to the bottom of the order. If the Melk man can produce anything like he has this month (.261/.333/.370) that’s at least somewhat of a decent half of a platoon with Hinske.

    I think/hope we might be approaching the time against lefties to see what Melk Dud can do in center and Infante can do in left.

    The lineup 1-8 except for McClouth is showing signs of life, and that has to be encouraging.

  21. The Braves continue to do a good job of working counts even when they are not hitting and that made the difference tonight. Despite allowing only two hits and two walks it took Robertson 109 pitches to get through six innings.

    By comparison Hanson got through six with 89 pitches despite the fact he gave up four hits and five walks and was pretty much all over the place.

    With Robertson out of the way the Braves were able to come back against the back end of the Marlin pen.

  22. I hope the Braves trade resoP instead of give him time up with the big club to show everyone why he was in Japan just last year.

  23. Re: 25
    “I couldn’t make the games because I was…out of the country. Doing government work! Yeah, the PRESIDENT called me… that’s the ticket…”

  24. I got an idea, it will make everyone happy.

    Bring Ressop up and stick him in the pen as the long guy. Throw Chavez and Martinez back down to Gwinnett where they belong, and bring Kimbrel back up.

    See, this GM stuff isn’t so hard, all issues fixed.

  25. Isn’t there a guy playing for Texas who appears to have put it all together after a stint in Japan? It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Resop finally learned how to pitch.

  26. Was at the game yesterday, rain poncho and all. It was somewhat like a Marlins-Braves game I attended last season, where the Braves didn’t have much going against Josh Johnson but worked him over the point where they tired him out and took the lead late in a low-scoring game.

    What amazes me is how much Chipper personifies the team: nothing in the tank offensively, except excellent discipline. Tommy’s sac fly at-bat was awesome and really seemed to turn things around.

    Nonetheless, 2010 seems like the year of the Zombie Braves. Even down to how slow they are, and how it seems like some of their limbs are ready to fall off at all times. And every so often, they rise from the dead to win improbably.

  27. how safe is it to say that Teheran is possibly going to reach the majors by next June? He’ll probably reach AA before years end and I guess they may send him to the Ariz fall league. If so and he continues to progress he could reach AAA to start next season and may reach ATL by June

  28. I would just like to reiterate the fact that I love Ozzie Guillen.

    34—Highly unlikely. He’s not going to be rushed like that.

  29. Stu – didnt know what there plan would look like. Didnt Hanson pretty much stay on that path? or was it longer

  30. So does Zombie Chipper walk around yelling”BALLLLLSSSSSSS!!”

    where is my bad joke drum roll?

  31. Melky is 7 for his last 13, with a HR….however he’s still sporting a .593 OPS

  32. @34-Teheran pitched 15 innings in 2008 and 81 innings last year. I doubt he will see AA this year. If anything, the Braves may even cut back on his innings later this year. They’ve been pretty conservative with his arm, so far.

  33. Hanson pitched 100 innings at high-A (where Teheran is) and was a year older. He then pitched 98 innings at AA the season before he was promoted.

  34. I’m still not sure how good this Braves team really is (I’m afraid the zombie metaphor might end up being, um, salient), but there is one thing about it that is different: they lead the majors in walks. I’m too lazy to look it up, but that’s rare for the Braves, isn’t it?

    Beating the Marlins tonight would be nice for all the obvious reasons, the least important of which is that it would make me feel good–because it seems like Florida has given the Braves fits the past few years.

  35. with the success we’ve had against Nolasco, pretty much everyone on the team outside of Nate has hit him, and how Huddy pitches against the fish…..I like our chances tonight

  36. @43

    Why is it a step in the right direction? You can’t own a nickname. He doesn’t use Heyward’s name or picture on anything.

  37. I am most emphatically not a lawyer, but I believe David is correct and that this suit is going to be thrown out faster than Yunel on a grounder to second.

    Is there anyone here who feels competent to judge pitching motions? I am not. I am wondering if Hanson has been doing something different the last three starts that’s messed up his control of his breaking ball.

  38. 46/48 – I was facetiously referring to a step in the right direction of suppressing the horrible “J-Hey Kid” nickname. All nicknames involving a first initial and the first syllable of a last name are by definition stupid.

  39. 53—You may be right — I haven’t done (and won’t do) the research — but I wouldn’t just assume that 9th-Circuit law is going to mirror that in Georgia.

  40. Apparently Jason and MLB aren’t involved in the suit, though Jason is trademarking the nicknames. The suit is from a guy who runs a charity and knows Jason and has permission to use them? Strange.

  41. Wait wait, the guy who runs the charity is CJ Stewart? the same guy who was busted with OJ for sports memorabilia theft?

  42. Teheran will NOT be in the majors next year. He most likely won’t make AA this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he started 2011 in High-A, then get pushed up to AA mid-season. That’s what they did win Hanson.

    Randall Delgado, now, he’s another story. He could certainly make AA any time they want to put him there. If he excels and there’s a pressing need, I could see the Braves giving him a look in the second half of 2011.

    With both of these guys, however, don’t be surprised if they take an extended stop in the high minors. They’re 20 and 21 respectively, so it’s not like there’s any rush.

  43. If this Yasser guy really does look like a viable leadoff/CF option I wouldn’t be surprised to see him brought up after the allstar break, and inserted at the top of the order. Then the braves lineup of the future could come to fruition:

  44. Is there anyone here who feels competent to judge pitching motions?

    Feels competent or is competent.

  45. @61:

    I’m afraid we have mounting evidence that Chipper has no future as a clean-up hitter . . . and maybe no future in baseball at all.

  46. @63, oh good god man, please. Yes Chipper is having a rough start, and yes, he is near the end of his career. But if a 94 OPS+ in 162PA is “evidence”, the list of the convicted is going to be quite long indeed. Given his track record, I think a few more data points are in order before going all Terence Moore/Fred McGriff here.

  47. I hate the fact that I don’t want to see Chipper in our lineup of the future, but it looks like it is time for him to go.

  48. OK, comparing me to Terence Moore . . . that’s low. But I’m a big boy and can take it.

    And I said mounting evidence, as in, not all of it is in yet. But so far, he doesn’t look like a clean-up hitter to me. Hell, I really, really, really hope I’m wrong.

  49. Just so far this year, Chipper’s been an average hitting 3B. He probably has enough for this season. It’s the next two years as a $13 million benchwarmer that have me worried.

  50. The thing that gets me about the Chipper hate is… who do you see as the better option? Omar Infante? Really?

  51. I dont think anybody hates Chipper.
    We all just see a guy who we all loved as an Atlanta Brave and want to see thrive but he just doe not seem to have it anymore.

  52. Can we at least give him until the AS break before writing him off?

  53. When I said “future” I meant immediate future, like the second half of the season… sorry poor word choice. I also don’t see Glaus and the Melkdud around in 2011.

  54. Enjoying the radio interview with Chipper from that MLBTraderumors link:

    [audio src="" /]

  55. Chipper has been nowhere near an average hitting 3B. He’s 12th out of 15 in NL 3B OPS. And while he is 2nd in OBP, there are five guys within 25 points of him. Meanwhile, he’s 13th in SLG, and he’s 88 points behind the number 11 guy. Throw in his fielding….I dunno. I don’t see a lot to look forward to.

  56. I’m more worried about Chipper’s lack of power. I think he is still our best option at third and he has shown in the past he hits homers in spurts.

    However, him and Heyward should flip in the order

  57. Raw OPS is pretty misleading, especially with Turner Field putting up a 95 Park Factor so far – but I agree, he certainly isn’t average at this juncture. The point is, which is more likely, that he will regress to the mean somewhat over the course of the season, or that he has completely fallen off a cliff at 38, despite having had moderate to exceptional success in his career and recent history?

  58. Even if he doesn’t hit HRs the rest of the year, I’ll take the walks & the occasional 2-run single.

    And yes, I’ll hold off on calling him done. For the moment.

  59. The folks with blinders on re: Chipper need to separate their emotions from their analysis. Noone on Mac’s site is “hating” Chipper. Noone. I don’t know that anyone is suggesting that he should be benched, so the “who, Omar Infante?!” bit is overkill as well. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is *struggling* at the plate. He still has one of the best batting eye’s in the game, but his bat is *slow* and he hasn’t shown real power for almost a year. If he were 27 you’d write it off as a bad run of luck. He’s 37, and 37 year old third basemen collapse quickly.

    He should, at best, be flipped to the two spot where he can cut down his swing and play for singles, doubles and walks, and let Heyward drive him in. At worst, he should drop behind Glaus and McCann in the order.

    That’s not hating. That’s simply acknowledging reality, even the reality that idols and superstars eventually get beaten by this game.

    As for him walking away after this year, if he doesn’t regain some form between now and then, I’d respect him a lot more if he did.

  60. #78 – agree 100%….

    only spot I see for Chipper in a lineup is the two hole. He needs to be more concerned with getting on base (which he’s still good at) and less worried about driving the ball for RBI opps (not so good anymore). Im really surprised pitchers arent challenging him more. Ive come to the realization that it may be time for him to retire, but before that happens Id like to see what he could do in front of, not behind, Heyward. I think he’s capable of keeping a .400OBP, but when he’s slg under that, he needs a different spot in the order

  61. Sam, who has used the word “hating” here? I certainly didn’t – and I don’t think I am being sentimental either. Chippers age and career point are not lost on anyone, but I thought we were all fairly agreed that batting order construction has a very limited impact except in the most extreme arrangements. So I am not quite sure where you are going with this – we seem to agree that Chipper should stay in the lineup for now, he is aging, and the possibility exists that he may well have fallen off a cliff. However the idea that “37 year old third basemen collapse quickly” seems a bit disingenuous – how many data points could you possibly have to make this statement, and second, guys who manage to play until 37 are usuall pretty damn good, so much more so in fact that it’s quite possible they age a little differently.

    If you were responding to someone else, please forgive my hubris.

  62. The problem with putting Chipper in the two hole is you would be putting a slower runner in front of Heyward. I am not saying that’s a deciding factor, but it may be reason enough to hold off on the move for now.

  63. “Chipper hate” is in @68

    It seems fair to note that, currently, both claims about 37 year-old third basemen — that they collapse quickly or age differently — are unsubstantiated on here.

    Who are Chipper’s most similar batters?

  64. Was anyone else waiting for LeBatard to ask Chipper about Teixeira in the douche/not-a-douche game? ;)

    This is what you get for letting a total amateur try to do the work for you…

    Chipper’s most similar batters through 37, judged by OPS+:
    1. Gary Sheffield (911) – not in horrific decline at 38
    2. Jeff Bagwell (884) – retired at 37
    3. Duke Snider (844) * – retired at 37
    4. Billy Williams (835) * – decline at 38, then retirement
    5. Mike Schmidt (834) * – decline starts at 38, done at 39
    6. Frank Thomas (831) – decline at 40
    7. Fred McGriff (825) – decline at 39
    8. Al Kaline (823) * – still productive in final year, 40
    9. Dave Winfield (820) * – decline at 41
    10. Reggie Jackson (812) * – unproductive at 37 and 38, and again for good at 41

    Just for fun…
    George Brett – decline at 38
    Wade Boggs – hmm…declined at 34, up again at 36-37, down for good from 38-41
    Eddie Mathews – also messy, but done at 36

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