Nats 6, Braves 3

Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – October 02, 2009 – ESPN

The Braves lose, and you know what? I’m okay with that. Seriously, now that the season is officially going to end in a couple of days, I can be happy that Derek Lowe didn’t get his sixteenth win because the Braves exploded for a bunch of runs the day after Tommy Hanson pitched his heart out in a no-decision turned loss. I’m petty that way, I guess.

Lowe wasn’t eligible for the win, leaving with two out in the fifth having thrown 106 pitches, walking five and striking out four, allowing eight hits, including a homer, and all six runs, five of them “earned”. He finishes the year with a 4.67 ERA. Here is the complete list of Braves pitchers who have thrown 30 or more innings with a higher ERA this year:

And here’s the complete list, with the same criteria, of those who have a lower strikeout/innings pitched ratio:

Three more years!

The Braves actually led after two, when Ross doubled in Escobar and Infante. Their other run came on a Chipper groundout in the seventh. Did I mention that the winning pitcher was Livan Hernandez? It can be difficult, after putting on a run like the Braves did, to play for no stakes. The Braves actually outhit the Nats, but drew only one walk.

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  1. Crap sdp, you’re not giving us much to work with, are you? How about a response framed as a question:

    George W. Bush or Derek Lowe

    Who are two individuals we wouldn’t mind being affliated with the Texas Rangers next year?

  2. re: #19 last thread

    the cubs would have to be batshit insane to take that deal. Maybe we can swing lowe/KJ/church for Bradley, but there’s no way we get Lee for what you’re suggesting. We’d have to thow in Medlen at the least which I would hate to do because he has value to us at the very least as a setup man

  3. You could have Bradley for free tomorrow if you took on his contract, so it would be basically Lowe for Bradley, but yeah KJ/Church for Lee is a bit, um lean.

  4. Derek Lowe has got to go! I hope that Wren can find a way to move Lowe….Three more years of Lowe might actually be worse than the last years of Mike Hampton. With Hampton the problem was largely confined to the drag imposed by the contract; with Lowe we will get the same kind of drag and the Braves may have to start him every 5th game for the next 3 years….

  5. I liked Boog a lot, I’ll miss him too. Here’s hoping we don’t have Chip Caray II for a replacement.

  6. I like Boog. He is light-years better than Chip, Gant, and Jordan. Damn ESPN.

    I am very confident that Wren will be able to move Lowe this offseason.

    Frank, call Omar quick!

  7. I really hope that Wren can move Lowe….I suppose there are enough teams desperate for pitching help, but 45 million for a pitcher who will be a #3 or a back end of the rotation starter may be a tall order….

  8. Boog will go from one Joe to another. From Simpson to Morgan.

    I think he will miss Joe Simpson.

  9. Yes, I too hope Wren trades Lowe, drops Hudson’s option, Dumps Kawakami on some smart GM and our Braves lose 100 games next year.

    On second thought, I’m gonna just laugh out loud at the inane mindless speculation, including my own.

    By the way, how many of you morons voted for Barack Obama? I promise not to tell, I’m good at keeping secrets.

    p.s. I voted for Ron Paul

  10. The thing that gets me is that some of you feel compelled to respond to Coach.

    I’ll admit that the inane madness spewing from his keyboard is entertaining in a sort of watching one of your friends beer google kind of way but engaging in refutation of that madness is madness itself. Its plain to me that the man has opinions and no one is going to change them no matter how off base they are.

  11. Cox813 (NJ): What moves should the Braves make this offseason, if any? If you assume that they re-sign LaRoche for a year or two and that Heyward gets called up next year, it would seem that they’re pretty set to compete again. Should they re-sign Hudson?

    Joe Sheehan: Hudson’s deal involves an option, which I would pick up because it’s money they have and he’d allow them to trade a starter. I’d advocated moving Jurrjens, but I’m less certain of that now, because while I think there’s risk with him, there’s clearly upside. But he could bring back the kind of hitter the Braves could really use, a talent-under-control like Jurrjens. I don’t know that Vazquez or Lowe brings that kind of player back. Well, I know Lowe doesn’t.

    In any case, they need at least two outfielders, even granting Heyward gets there in the summer. Nate McLouth is still a fourth OF masquerading as a starting CF.

  12. P.W.Hjort,

    Well then, it would seem that we do not have any outfielders at all. Let’s move the walls at the Ted 200 feet closer to home plate and see where that gets us next season.

  13. The BP crowd hates McLouth. You can ignore their comments on him.

    Well, UZR doesn’t like him very much as a CF (I personally think he is fine). EqA/EqR is a little off this year, mainly because of the drop in slg pct since coming to Atlanta and getting hurt. Assuming he really is a 300EqA/100 EqR player, that puts him in the top 25 – 40 offensively in MLB. Doesn’t seem like a 4th OF to me. Odd that their own stats indicate he’s not bad at all and yet there is no love.

  14. When Baseball Prospectus admits that their methodology is flawed and that every evaluation they’ve ever made of Chipper Jones’ defense is utter bullshit I’ll start considering their opinions on Nate McLouth.

  15. Calling McLouth a 4th outfielder is harsh and ridiculous, but it’s the sort of thing you wind up saying when you’re in a chat and trying to come up with off-the-cuff answers that are slightly interesting.

    McLouth has a glove that’s best suited for a corner but a bat that only stands out in center. In a corner, he’s a passably good hitter and a passably good fielder. In center, he’s a very good hitter but not a great fielder — the amazing leaping catch last night notwithstanding.

    He isn’t a fourth outfielder by any means. Just not a star.

  16. Every team in the league has at least one starting outfielder worse than McLouth. To say that he’s a fourth outfielder is the sort of analysis you expect of a fan who thinks that his team should be all all-stars.

  17. McLouth is a +2 in Plus/Minus this year. I think the -37 last year was a fluke, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pirates had been positioning him funny to contribute to the bad rating. He’s no GG, but he’s not that bad. League average offense and defense from your CF. Yeah, that’s not a 4th OF.

  18. Johnny,
    I could care less about opinions. I can PgDn with the best of ’em.

    But at a certain point, some manners are in order.

  19. The primary problem with every defensive statistic to date is that none of them really account for 1)team by team positionings or 2) year to year fluctuations in performance. It’s just as likely that McLouth’s “-37” from last year is as predictive as Brady Anderson’s 50 home runs in 1996.

  20. MLBTradeRumors says that Bobby Jenks may be available this off season. He’s due around $6M after arbitration….would he be a sensible pick up if Gonzo/Soriano get too pricey?

  21. My own eyes tell me that McLouth isn’t actually bad out there. Not good, mind you, but fine especially when you consider his bat. Sheehan saying he’s a 4th OF is ridiculous.

  22. you know, losing the last 5 games of the season would ruin a lot of the halo effect the second half has had on me.

  23. He’s a decent glove in center, with a good bat. He’s a good glove in the corners with an average bat

  24. I wouldn’t have known we had a game this afternoon if ububba hadn’t made that comment.

    I see our offense has decided to mail it in.


    I believe this is the least consequential injury in the history of baseball.

  26. Hey, Braves tied it up on a McCann 2 RBI single. Jurrjens pitched really well, 7 IP, 2 runs, 2 BB, 7 K

  27. Dawgs have had very few penalties today & they’ve avoided turnovers (so far).

    I think that taunting penalty on our TE was bogus, but whatever.

    And thank goodness we have a great punter—that’s Kevin Butler’s kid.

  28. Nate McLouth is overrated but this Georgia/LSU fotball game is going down to the wire.

  29. Another celebration penalty, on LSU? I’m pretty neutral as a fan for this game, but SEC officiating really sucks.

  30. This game has had 3 “celebration” penalties. None of them should’ve been called & one of ’em is going to help determine who wins the game.

  31. This is why I can’t get excited about football, it gets me angrier than any other sport.

  32. This one’s right up there with the Jasper Sanks “phantom fumble” game.

    And Greg Norton comes thru…in a game that doesn’t matter.

  33. Well, Norton just guaranteed himself another year on the team with that one (sigh). I mean, after all, the last memory Bobby will have of him is a good one.

  34. And in case a select few haven’t put two and two together just yet, I live in Minnesota and love it here!

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