Braves 2, Dodgers 1 (10 innings)

Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Box Score – August 08, 2009 – ESPN

What a game. I don’t know if either of these teams will have anything left tomorrow. It began with both starters giving the teams what they needed after last night’s epic, each going seven shutout innings. Clayton Kershaw for the Dodgers was a little better than Kenshin Kawakami, striking out ten Braves and allowing but three baserunners. Ryan Church doubled to lead off the game, but was stranded at second as Kershaw got a popup and two strikeouts. Kawakami only struck out four, but he was rarely threatened either, until the seventh. He gave up a hit to the leadoff man, who stole second and went to third on an error; the announcers blamed Yunel for not making a play, but I don’t think he had any chance to make it, and he would have had to jump on top of the baserunner to even try, which is probably against the rules. Kawakami got a groundout with the infield in for one out, but then walked the bases loaded. He was over 110 pitches at this point, and everybody thought Bobby would come get him — but Bobby stayed on the bench, and Kawakami rallied, getting two strikeouts to end the threat. Great pitching.

The Braves’ best chance to score was in the eighth, and it wasn’t much of a chance; two out pinch-walks from KJ and Norton. Church hit a ball to deep short that almost got through; Furcal threw to third, and KJ was just tagged out. If he’d realized what the play was, he might have taken a more direct route, but he was thinking of scoring if the ball got through. Kris Medlen came on for the Braves, and he was awesome. After walking Furcal leading off the eighth, he struck out Ethier, Ramirez, and Kemp, and then threw a 1-2-3 ninth.

Thanks to Kelly Johnson, he’d get rewarded with a win. Adam LaRoche, with one out, fell behind 0-2 but did a great job working his way back and drew a walk. KJ then took a two-out, 1-1 pitch over the right field wall, giving the Braves a 2-0 lead.

But nothing’s easy for this team. Rafael Soriano, pitching for the fourth day in a row, is completely gassed; his velocity is off about five miles per hour. He gave up a leadoff single to Pierre, but then rallied, getting a flyout and a strikeout. He got 0-2 on Ethier, but couldn’t finish him off, and allowed a run-scoring double. After falling behind Ramirez, Bobby ordered the walk. Soriano got ahead of Kemp, 1-2… and Kemp hit a ground ball up the middle. It wasn’t hit that well, but at almost a perfect spot. Yunel made a tremendous diving play, which at first I thought would just preserve the tying run from scoring. But he got up, threw the ball, and got Kemp by a step. There’s not more than two or three shortstops who make that play, who have both the range and the arm. Luckily, the Braves have one of them.

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  1. What a game tonight, the Braves have been playing with a fire in their belly since the all-star break.

    On another note… I hate to be the one to point this out, but it’s looking like that series against the Phillies next weekend might just be the most pivotal series of the season.

  2. All I can say is that, after that awful ending the other night, it’s great to see some fight in this team.

    They’re not packing it in at all & they’re getting some great efforts from people we haven’t always been able to count on. Esco saved our ass, but KK, Medlen & KJ were huge.

    Clayton Kershaw is a monster & it’s always terrific to get a win whenever a guy like that is on his game. When you beat Santana or Halladay 1-0, you just thank your lucky stars.

    If we can get 3/4 out there, it’ll get the next week off to a helluva start.

  3. After that start, Lowe has the highest ERA amonst Braves’ starters. And all over 100 ERA+. And kawakami can have extra rest next week with the off days.

    Strange thing is even with all this stellar starting pitching, we never put together an extended win streak. You would think good starting pitching is the key to long streeaks, but the Phils earlier, and now the Gnats are bashing their ways to it.

  4. Finally some love for KK on this board?!

    Great job by Medlan. The kid is quietly putting together a solid rookie season.

    Hat tip to Sori. Pitching four days in a row deserves some recognition regardless of the results.

    What can you say about Yunel? You can love him or hate him, but no one can argue the fact that he is damn important to the team.

    KJ…I have given up on him, but if he keeps producing like that, I don’t mind keep saying it. Kelly, I have given up on you.

    @3 You are right, I am tired of Ethier too. He is indeed becoming a new Braves killer.

    @4 I actually think our starting pitching has kept us from suffering any long losing streak, which is the key reason why we are still in the race. In order to have an extended win streak, all three parts of hitting, pitching, and defense have to come together.

  5. Did I read the box score correctly that Diory Hernandez and his .217 OPS vs lefties started this game instead of Kelly and his .957? Hitting lefties is the only thing Kelly does well anymore! I get that Bobby won’t ever be into sabermetrics but is it really asking to much that he at least look at the splits?

  6. Why is KJ not getting any starts in LF? I’m guessing he has more of a future than ACHE.

  7. So, Grst, do you call the kids in the class you subbed in, “retards?” You wouldn’t be teaching if that had happened. You meant it in a derogatory way, and used a word that is degrading to people with Mental Retardation, as did PWHjort.

    Do you call black people *******?

  8. Awesome, back to back Extra Inning wins is a great thing to see when you wake up.
    Sori needs a day off or his arm will fly off like a Monty Python joke during a pitch.

    I like Medlen, I hope he has a future on our staff as a starter.

    KK, what do you say, great job.

  9. You are right. Using the word retard is no different.

    Now you know how I feel about the use of the word retard.

  10. I have enjoyed watching these last few games on MLB.TV. It amazes me how much Vin Scully knows about Braves players. I wish our announcers knew as much. For example – McCann had scholarship offer to BAMA and Sori grew up idolizing Smoltzie.
    Dodger telecasts are more professional in my opinion. The extra slow mo camera is really nice feature.

  11. Without wanting to prolong the discussion here, I wanted to point those interested to the “r” word campaign. I have signed the petition and I encourage others to do so as well. Please visit the site, and even if you don’t agree with the statement, be aware that you are offending many readers here when you use the r word.

    Now, I hope we can get back to talking baseball.

  12. Wow, we win out two biggest games of the year and people are talking name calling? Send emails.

  13. well I fell asleep again and woke up very surprised….I hope this team can pull this one out today. Losing the 1st in a heartbreaker and then somehow still winning the series. This is a different team

  14. FWIW, I hate the word “retard,” but like a few other words, it’ll be awhile before people realize it’s a highly offensive word to a lot of folks (on various sides of the political spectrum).

    Anyway. Amazing win. I just wanted to come on here and say that. Amazing win.

  15. biggest thing to take note of here is that KJ is finally squaring up balls again. Prado at 3rd and KJ at 2nd while Chip is out

    Maybe Bobby will finally start trusting Acosta and Medlen a little more. They are the only relievers that arent gassed, Logan also

    Mac, you may need another thread for people who want to talk about namecalling, Im guessing this is about the 4th thread that its continued into. Its got to stop, esp with thats being said

  16. Hey, Medlen, in his last 13 and 2/3 innings, has surrendered only 2 runs and 2 walks while striking out 15. The Yankees have gotten amazing mileage by putting Phil Hughes in the setup role, and I’d like Bobby to get Medlen more and more high leverage innings. I mean, why not?

  17. Just watched the game on condensed game feature… Had to watch Escobar’s play to end the game again and again and again. It’s giving me goosebumps! What a great great win!
    And please stop the ridiculous namecalling stuff.

  18. Mac, that was a good observation on Furcal’s play on KJ. At first I was ticked at KJ’s lack of a slide/hustle on the play, but looking at the replay, he was rounding it and thinking of scoring.

    as for the name calling, is it that hard to just be nice? both sides? does it cost that much to you?

  19. Baby Braves all over again except this time its the pitchers. Medlen is building some trust. Glad we didn’t trade KJ for a middle reliever. Its been pointed out here that the Braves haven’t developed a lot of pitchers. End of that. Hopefully next season our outfield development drought will end.

    Mac an outstanding re cap. I didn’t see the game last night but that re cap was the next best thing.

  20. All of this talk about derogatory terms regarding special needs people is really retarding the development of the thread of a great win. Does anyone have any retardant we could use to slow down this process? Just wondering.

    Go Braves.

  21. If you’re getting upset with the use of the “r-word” to describe the umpire, I don’t know what to tell you, except you’re probably being a bit picky. It isn’t an insult to people with mental disabilities (I guess it could be implied, but let’s be literal here), it’s an insult to the umpire. Would you rather me say the umpire has a mental illness? Mental Retardation is an illness, it’s a medical term. I don’t see how classifying someone who doesn’t have the disease as having it for the purpouses of insult to that individual insults the larger group I’ve classifies him as. Words are only as offensive as society percieves them. How we went from “medical term” to “deragotory, unacceptable insult”, I don’t know. I certainly didn’t mean to. And I’ll even go ahead and apologize for using it, because people are obviously offended. But take a deep breath.

    EDIT: One thing I didn’t think about is that using the 6-letter noun form of the word identifies people by their disease, and I now understand why people have come to view it as a derogatory term. As a result, I’d again like to apologize for using it. With the pretext that I didn’t intend for it to be perceived that way. And I’ll now edit my post in which I used it and won’t make the same mistake again.

  22. And still no one has said that “mental retardation” isn’t even the correct usage anymore… The correct term is Intellectual Disability or ID.

  23. If Albert Puljos comes up with the bases loaded, you walk his ass. He is 8-10 and slugging 2.400!

  24. I cannot believe we are comparing the n word to the “r word”. That someone would be so consumed with being offended by something that he would martyr himself and compare it to a word that is so ugly is one of the most pathetic things I’ve seen.

    All the guy was saying is that he wouldn’t want someone with special needs or ID or whatever the heck kind of name you want to give it umpiring a baseball game. Doesn’t matter how great the people with these conditions are or how much they teach you about life, they just wouldn’t be qualified for certain occupations. He wasn’t saying they were lesser people, he was saying they shouldn’t be umpiring baseball games. If you want to argue against that, that’s a whole additional issue.

  25. From Talking Chop, this struck me as funny.

    ‘Jason Heyward breaks the 100 AB barrier in AA with a line of:

    102 AB .422 AVG 12 2B 2 3B 5 HR 22 RBI 17BB 12K .504 OBP .725 SLG

    That’s good for those who don’t know stats too well.’

  26. 32,

    I wouldn’t want a blind guy driving my bus either.

    Seriously, the bwarrend and Grst thing needs to end. BW asked for an apology, which is his right. Grst declined and explained his stance, which was his right. End of discussion. Agree to disagree.

  27. Eric Stultz pitched a 4-hit complete game shutout against SF on May 9th. Other than that, he doesn’t have a quality start in his eight other starts. And their bullpen must be worn down.

    Meanwhile our starter is ranked 11th in the league in IP. I like our chances for the series win.

  28. Am I the only other parent on here with a child with special needs?

    That said, I did not take offense to the comments made about the umpires. I took it as a shot at the umpire and not as someone calling my daughter a name.

    Bwarrend, I am not saying you are wrong to be offended, but it is probably not the place or context for a crusade.

    Grst, he’s not asking for $100. You offended the man. Why can’t you be gracious enough to apologize?

  29. @38 People own their own emotions. I own my words and my meaning. There’s nothing “gracious” about being forced to apologize for a slight that didn’t exist. I’m tired of people in this society thinking they can dictate meaning, and to hell with the obvious intent, through their reactions. You and just about everyone else understood my meaning and that it was not directed at anyone but an umpire, so why is it my responsibility to apologize for one person’s choice not to understand? This is no different than those people who get offended at “niggardly.”

    He should apologize for continuing to deliberately make things up about me and my intent despite having already been corrected.

  30. This conversation is off-topic and doesn’t make the site any more enjoyable to me. I like the occasional talk about SEC football or whatever, but I’m getting nothing out of this, and it’s distracting from the discussion of baseball.

    So with that in mind, Tim Tebow: Great SEC QB or Greatest SEC QB?

  31. I cannot believe we are comparing the n word to the “r word”. That someone would be so consumed with being offended by something that he would martyr himself and compare it to a word that is so ugly is one of the most pathetic things I’ve seen.

    Yup. Even on the internet, you would have to search long and hard to find something dumber than post 9 in this thread. Just go away. It’s just a word and it wasn’t even directed at you. Get over yourself.

    Anyway…great game. I’m glad we didn’t just give KJ away at the deadline. He showing signs of life and Chipper’s always going to be a little hurt.

  32. Here goes KJ trying to make believers out of us again.
    Dont drink the Kool-Aid!
    As soon as we trust him he will go south on us again and pull an 0 for 30, but I am glad he is doing now with Chipper hurting.

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