93 thoughts on “Back to under .500 game thread: May 3, Astros at Braves”

  1. Since we get to choose between a Hawks game 7 and the Braves, I will be relying on your report more heavily than normal, Mac. Go Hawks (and go Braves too).

  2. So Infante (second) and Prado (first) are starting today. Does Cox know what stats are?


    vs. Left: .308/.419/.654, 1.073 OPS, 2 homeruns (26 at-bats)

    vs. Right: .174/.255/.283, .538 OPS, 1 homerun (46 at-bats)

    Johnson also hit .333 (in 150 at-bats) against left-handers in 2008 and had a higher OPS against them than right-handers that year too.

    Sure, platoon him and make his starts against right-handers. That really makes just a whole lot of sense….especially with Infante’s OPS against right-handers nearly 200 points higher this year.

  3. @2 – Looks like the definition of small sample size. Kelly’s career platoon splits are very close …

    v. RHP = .261 .350 .441 .792 and tOPS+ 100 in 1173 PAs
    v. LHP = .294 .362 .431 .794 and tOPS+ 101 in 467 PAs

  4. FYI, Omar’s career splits …

    v. RHP = .262 .307 .389 .696 and tOPS+ 100 in 1437 PAs
    v. LHP = .263 .305 .397 .702 and tOPS+ 101 in 693 PAs

  5. What does that do, do we DFA hm, or am I hoping for too much.

  6. You’re hoping too much, but that was my first emotional reaction when I saw the headline (probably because I never would have signed him in the first place and so I’d look for an excuse to get rid of him). Bobby’s enamored… I don’t think there’s much to do about it. The Braves will have to work hard to win despite themselves.

  7. Boy I just can’t stand this anymore. This team finds ways to lose I didn’t know existed. What a pathetic bunch of crap, from the coaches to the players.

  8. This team’s cruddy offense has gotten bailed out now a couple of times with bases-loaded walks and now a bases-loaded balk.

  9. I can’t see the game – how has Reyes looked? As good as the results show?

  10. Ugh! Bases loaded. Bye bye Jo-Jo.

    It is strange that the Hawks and Heat keep winning by double digits in a series that goes 7 games.

  11. @36 – Now why do you have to go and bring up crap like that. Now I’m bummed for the rest of the day.

  12. And both games go to commercial at the same time. How do they plan these things so well?

  13. Leadoff triple and I would say we have a really good chance of leaving him there.

  14. Holy crap – just put the dang ball in play there. Jeez. Bunch of minor leaguers.

  15. That was predictable.

    Who said we have a mediocre offense without McCann? I would say it is one of the worst in the league.

    With B-Mac, we may get up to mediocre.

  16. I don’t understand how there can be a 60 point flip from Game 6 to Game 7 …

  17. Haslem just got thrown out of the Hawks game for a flagrant foul against Pachulia.

  18. Well, does it make sense for there to be a series that goes seven games when all the games are blowouts? The closest game in this series was ten points.

  19. The Hawks are trying to make it closer, but it’s still 18 with 2 minutes to go.

  20. 12 points with just over a minute. Might have to bring the starters back in.

  21. Wow, Ross drops the pitch out with the runner going. How incompetent can one team be?

  22. If Schafer has a Reggie Sanders-like career, he’ll be one of the best ballplayers of his era. Remember, Sanders is one of 6 members of the 300-300 Club — along with Andre Dawson, the Bondses, the Say Hey Kid, and Steve Finley (!).

    I’d be willing to let him strike out in order to have a career like that. Or even a career like Mike Cameron. Just so long as he does all the other wonderful things that go along with striking out.

    (Though I admit, Jordan K’fer is kinda funny.)

  23. No.

    Alex, I was speaking in terms of Reggie Sanders in a Braves uniform. Looks like teams are starting to attack Schafer with high fastballs. His approach reminds me of Sanders that year he played with the Braves — he can’t lay off it and he can’t hit it.

    And by hit it I mean make contact. He can’t even foul that pitch off at this point.

  24. Oh geez… Russ Ortiz. Bet he looks lights out against our feeble offensive attack.

  25. Jesus – we need a #4 hitter and quick. Chipper will never get a pitch to hit at this rate.

  26. I thought he fell over first base covering, but in a later shot they showed that his leg buckled before he got to the bag. He made the play anyway, but had to be carted off. I would guess that he blew out his knee.

  27. Mac – Thanks for the update. Hope he’s okay.

    Joshua – No worries man! Garrett Anderson is on his way back! :)

  28. Assuming our bullpen doesn’t cough up any more runs, who thinks we can tie it up in the ninth? Maybe Prado will single ahead of a Diaz homer… anyone? Bueller?

  29. I had a dream last night that Francoeur OPSed in the .700s this year, but he drove in 100 runs and the Braves decided he’d turned it around for good, so they traded Heyward. Worst nightmare I’ve had since I was a kid.

  30. Wow… was that flyball as deep as Gameday made it look? I’m picturing Diaz pulling an Otis Nixon to keep it in the park… the out indicator is on top of wall.

  31. This team is beyond suck. Like I’ve said before if the front office doesn’t make a trade for a cleanup hitter it will be another below .500 year

  32. Called third strikes to the last two hitters. This team is special.

    Weldon- thanks!

    Oh well guys… another series loss. See you tomorrow… same fail time, same fail channel!

  33. This team is great and this franchise is definitely on the right track…

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