ESPN – Braves vs. Blue Jays – Box Score – June 29, 2008

First off, Francoeur sucks. I just wanted to mention that.

Secondly, Joseph Reyes was terrific, made essentially one mistake, and wound up losing the game because of the punchless, Francoeur-laden, offense. Reyes gave up a double with a runner on first in the sixth, the runner scored, and that was the ballgame because of the terrible hitting. The Braves struck out thirteen times. They had just five hits. Only one was for extra bases, a leadoff double by Norton in the seventh; the awful hitters behind him (including Francoeur, who sucks) couldn’t get him in.

Chipper, Escobar, and Infante are all still out; at some point one of them has to go on the DL if none is capable of playing, but it’s not like there’s anything great down at Richmond. McCann had a rough day, going 0-4; this was magnified because Teixeira walked three times, twice intentionally. Blanco, who was born to be a left fielder in a turf park but twenty years too late, concluded his great series with two more hits. Lillibridge is still overwhelmed, Brandon Jones has cooled off, Gotay looks hapless, Norton isn’t good enough to play even semi-regularly, much less to DH, and Francoeur sucks. That’s more than half the team. If McCann (or one of the other remaining good players) doesn’t do well, we’re in real trouble.