136 thoughts on “I really am depressed by this ballclub game thread: Mariners at Braves, June 22”

  1. We have a chance to take 2 out of 3 from the Mariners–ought to be easy, but it almost seems like an epic struggle.

    On the nice side, maybe Lillibridgg (who is from WA) get his first big league hit against Seattle….

  2. JJ pitched well despite the total collapse behinf him, and Frenchy got hit in the clutch.

  3. Thank you for the lesson in semantics, Coop.

    Again, it’s hard to believe that we’re just 5 games behind the Phillies, but that’s where we are. There’s more than enough time for the Braves to win the division, if everyone gets healthy and starts playing the way they have in previous years. (I know what you’ve said about Hope, Mac, but indulge me.)

  4. Agreed–Until the Phillies (or another team)run away with the division or the Braves completely collapse there is every reason to hope for the best. If the Cardinals can win the World Series with 84 regular seasons wins, the Braves can at least stay competitive for awhile….

  5. Between innings late in the game last night, they played Sussudio on the loudspeakers at Turner Field. And then we won the game. Is there anything the music of Phil Collins can’t do?

  6. Awesome about Frenchy not being in the lineup. Too bad Norton is the best alternative. I wonder if it’s because of the injury, or the injury is the excuse Cox is using to do what he should have done many times before – sit Frenchy.

  7. Well, he’s taken Norton out of the middle of the order and Brandon Jones is in the lineup instead of Francoeur. This is pretty much the best lineup that it is possible for us to field with the people we have available at the moment. Only minor quibble is that perhaps Jones should be hitting sixth.

  8. That lineup is as good as you it’s going to get with Chipper and Escobar out. Any time your best hitter (Chipper) and either third or fourth best hitter (Escobar) is out, it’s going to look at least a little ugly.

    O’Brien says this was a “scheduled” off-day for Francoeur. I don’t believe. Bobby knows he’s been awful. Put him on the DL with “inability to hit”.

  9. Is there any word on Chipper’s availability for next week? I ask for fantasy-related purposes mainly…

  10. seriously though 5 of the 8 starters we’re not an opening day starter for us. Silva sucks so why dont we get Huddy some runs, he deserves a win

    after last nights game, I had to buy a McCann shirt

  11. I’m wondering the same thing, Adam M. Though I do have Evan Longoria waiting on the bench. The great thing about Chipper is that he’s a fantasy stud, but you gotta have a back-up 3B. My 3B and CI are pretty solid: A-Rod, Chipper, and Longoria.

  12. That’s crazy. I have Longoria too and have to make this decision by tomorrow at noon. Anyway, if you have A-Rod that might be a logjam.

  13. I love the Braves Live (!) excuse why Frenchy isn’t playing. “It is a schedualed off day for Jeff. He did get hit in the hand and the foot.”

    Too bad he didn’t get hit in the head. Frenchy’s head isn’t a vital organ.

  14. So for three entire years he doesn’t take a day off, and suddenly, the day after getting hit in the hand, he has a scheduled off day. Riiiiiiiiight.

  15. Well, there hasn’t been too many weeks this year where I’ve had to make a decision. Longoria didn’t get called up until a couple weeks in, and then A-Rod was injured, Chipper has been injured a bit, and Longoria was in a slump. For all but a couple weeks, it was an easy decision who to start, especially since there are lineup spots for a corner infielder and 3B.

    I really blew it with Jair this week. I think he was a two-start pitcher, but I was worried he wouldn’t make his starts, so I sat him. That didn’t turn out too well.

    Longoria is .200/.292/.350 in his last six. Hitting around .250 for the month, but his isolated discipline and power are up. Tough decision.

  16. I’d pass–the only thing Freel upgrades is the expense of putting a bunch of mediocre players on the field

  17. That was scary, seeing Jones, LF without Jones , 3B in the lineup card.

    And Mac playing the day game after a long night game? Arghh. Stupid Corky.

  18. is this site really full of badass tough guys??…….or a bunch of sniveling little weasels rooting for someone to get hurt?

  19. MLB gamecast says BJones is actually in RF w/ Norton in left. If so, I like that arangement even more.

  20. His velocity is fine. he’s hit 92 on at least 3 fastballst his inning, that’s the norm with 82 changeup, 86 slider….he’s fine.

  21. I am missing the commentary on MLB.com–is anybody else having the same problem? Since it may be Chip, its actually nice…

  22. Joe continuing to bitch about Ichiro having that on the back of his uniform.

    :continues rolling eyes:

  23. Once, there were Mariners fans who complained that they had a guy with “Simpson” on the back of his uniform.

  24. Looks like teams are realizing that Blanco has about a strong of an arm as Danny Wuerffel.

  25. Douglass,

    Throwing down the gauntlet is in the Bad Mother F*#cker code.

    I like this Ibanez guy. I wonder what it would take to get him

  26. braves 14,

    I hate Danny Wuerffel, but at least his arm was acurate.

    Blanco’s arm is a gun, without rifling and no powder in the shell casing

  27. Mac,

    I think you just sumed up our whole season with the pitch count.

    I hope TP gets a managerial job this winter

  28. We are in danger of ending Silva’s streak of bad pitching….Not that I am surprised at this point….

  29. I’d say Tex is the best with the glove on the field right now. (I say that without looking at any stats.)

    And as I speak, he homers again

  30. I don’t want to defend TP, but Frenchy apart, this team hits pretty patiently. Silva is a guy you hit or not. You are not going to run the pitch count up on him, as all he does is throw strikes.

    Tex? really..Maybe Boras told him Seattle was a possible suitor.


  31. According to Plus/Minus, Teixeira is the eleventh-best defensive first baseman in baseball, while KJ is the 22nd-best second baseman. So yeah, you’re probably right. Yunel and Chipper are by far the team’s best defensive players…

  32. Just a personal thing… Can we not call McCann “Mac”, call him “Heap” or something else? ‘Cause I scan all these comments and it confuses me when my name pops up.

  33. Well, if this lineup’s gonna be competitive at all, our good hitters are gonna hafta rake. Let’s tack on some more, boys.

  34. Douglass… Yunel is rated as the best shortstop in the majors, and it’s not close.

    Rank Player +/-
    1 Yunel Escobar +19
    2 Orlando Cabrera +12
    3 Troy Tulowitzki +9
    4 J.J. Hardy +8
    5 Omar Vizquel +7
    6 Erick Aybar +6
    7 Cristian Guzman +5
    8 Maicer Izturis +3
    9 Omar Quintanilla +3
    10 Cesar Izturis +2

  35. Hah, I know this Mac. I was referencing a spat I had on hear with Bethany last week when I made the exact claim you just made and had Bethany attack me because “she hates him” and “didn’t believe” my stats.

  36. Guess I should add that when I pressed her to say who she would rather have Khalil Greene (LOL) was the name she came up with.

  37. As a very sarcastic person, sometimes I forget how difficult sarcasm can be to detect on the internets.

  38. Just for amusement’s sake, selections from Baseball Prospectus:

    [T]he shortstop job belongs to Escobar, but it’s not clear he’s good enough to hold it… batting average will be closer to .280… Escobar is not a superior defensive player, either. Brent Lillibridge could pass him by August.

    “Also, Chipper Jones should be in left field.”

  39. I think you get into sample size issues when you look at any statistic over half a season, but I imagine defensive ones in particular could get pretty exaggerated. Not saying they’re not accurate in this case, but Tex has always had a strong defensive reputation, and IIRC has done well on defensive metrics in the past, so I’d be surprised if he suddenly became mediocre.

  40. I dunno Mac, I think Lillibridge still might pass him by August.

    (unless we make a move for Khalil Greene)

    (see? sarcasm.)

  41. Figures that the rain down here would knock out DirecTV during a game in which the Braves were actually playing well.

  42. Heh. Yeah. I asked Sheehan about it in a chat earlier (indirectly), and he pointed to the slump that Escobar was in at the time. It is accurate that the power numbers aren’t there like you would like from Escobar, but his walk rate is up over last year, so even though he’s taken a BABIP hit, his OBA has improved.

    The defense has been fantastic, though, for Escobar, and while he’ll never be a top-teir guy offensively, he’s looking like he should be better than the proverbial “futility infielder”.

  43. Another promising thing offensively for Yunel is the much improved walk rate — even batting right in front of Chipper much of the time.

  44. Plus, Boog and Joe says he’s just getting his ‘man strength.’ So he’s got that goin for him, which is nice.

  45. Maybe that come back win last night has put some life in this team. Or maybe it is that Frenchy is on the bench and can’t hurt the team

  46. Yes.. now its the time to trade Tex.. Tex for Looney and Kemp!!… do it Frank.. do it do it

  47. Don’t know if anybody else noticed or cares, but since Gerald Laird got hurt, the Rangers called up Max Ramirez to back up Salty.

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