ESPN – Braves vs. Cubs – Box Score – June 12, 2008

Chipper Watch: 1 for 5, with an intentional walk. Not a good day, he had a two-out infield single in the first and then struggled, and is “down” to .414.

Oh, the game? Same old, same old. Just another “Lead the entire way, blow a ninth-inning save by giving up a homer to a .210 hitter who remembers the Nixon Administration, leave fourteen men on base, Acosta does his thing in extra innings” job. Francoeur hit a two-run homer in the second — or so they tell me, WGN was celebrating its anniversary of Cubs baseball by showing a black-and-white telecast from a terrible angle for the first two innings, and I couldn’t see anything — and then the Braves went into extra-special hibernation mode.

Tim Hudson almost won it anyway. He went 6 2/3, gave up just one run, and that really shouldn’t have scored — Escobar and/or KJ blew a cinch GIDP (opinions differ on whose fault it was) and only got the batter. The baserunner later scored on a sac fly by Zombie Jim Edmonds. Campillo, back in the pen, got the last man of the seventh.

Bobby went to Boyer in the eighth, because someone had to pitch. He got the first two no problem, then allowed a double and a walk. (I looked it up; Boyer is much, much worse in two-out situations than in none or one out situations. He actually is a two-man pitcher.) He barely got out of it on a hard-hit groundout to Chipper. But Bobby brought him out for the ninth anyway, because someone had to pitch. He got the first man, then ZJE came to the plate. I figure, “Okay, he’s got to use Ohman or Ring here,” but no, Boyer stays in against the lefty, and ZJE hits an opposite-field homer that is a flyout in any other park in the majors. Boyer gets the next man, and then Ohman comes in to finish the inning. Makes loads of sense.

Nothing in the tenth, surprisingly, because “Mr. We Better Make Our Flight”, Manny Acosta, pitched for the Braves. KJ had a two-out double (his second of the game) in the eleventh, but Chipper was walked and Teixeira struck out looking. Acosta then walked the first man, threw a “passed ball” (I don’t blame McCann, at this point he had no idea where the ball was going), ealked that guy, then allowed a single at Infante to load the bases. Bobby finally got him out of there, bringing on Ridgway (is Ring dead?) who hit a pinch-hitter for ZJE on the very first pitch.

I hate this team.