Cubs 3, Braves 2 (11 innings)

ESPN – Braves vs. Cubs – Box Score – June 12, 2008

Chipper Watch: 1 for 5, with an intentional walk. Not a good day, he had a two-out infield single in the first and then struggled, and is “down” to .414.

Oh, the game? Same old, same old. Just another “Lead the entire way, blow a ninth-inning save by giving up a homer to a .210 hitter who remembers the Nixon Administration, leave fourteen men on base, Acosta does his thing in extra innings” job. Francoeur hit a two-run homer in the second — or so they tell me, WGN was celebrating its anniversary of Cubs baseball by showing a black-and-white telecast from a terrible angle for the first two innings, and I couldn’t see anything — and then the Braves went into extra-special hibernation mode.

Tim Hudson almost won it anyway. He went 6 2/3, gave up just one run, and that really shouldn’t have scored — Escobar and/or KJ blew a cinch GIDP (opinions differ on whose fault it was) and only got the batter. The baserunner later scored on a sac fly by Zombie Jim Edmonds. Campillo, back in the pen, got the last man of the seventh.

Bobby went to Boyer in the eighth, because someone had to pitch. He got the first two no problem, then allowed a double and a walk. (I looked it up; Boyer is much, much worse in two-out situations than in none or one out situations. He actually is a two-man pitcher.) He barely got out of it on a hard-hit groundout to Chipper. But Bobby brought him out for the ninth anyway, because someone had to pitch. He got the first man, then ZJE came to the plate. I figure, “Okay, he’s got to use Ohman or Ring here,” but no, Boyer stays in against the lefty, and ZJE hits an opposite-field homer that is a flyout in any other park in the majors. Boyer gets the next man, and then Ohman comes in to finish the inning. Makes loads of sense.

Nothing in the tenth, surprisingly, because “Mr. We Better Make Our Flight”, Manny Acosta, pitched for the Braves. KJ had a two-out double (his second of the game) in the eleventh, but Chipper was walked and Teixeira struck out looking. Acosta then walked the first man, threw a “passed ball” (I don’t blame McCann, at this point he had no idea where the ball was going), ealked that guy, then allowed a single at Infante to load the bases. Bobby finally got him out of there, bringing on Ridgway (is Ring dead?) who hit a pinch-hitter for ZJE on the very first pitch.

I hate this team.

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  1. Bleech.

    Off to the airport. Maybe thing’ll get better on Pacific Time.

    If you’re feeling social tomorrow night, I’ll be at the Big A, in Section 107 F, Row S, Seat 12.

    Stop by & say hi. Don’t worry, I won’t bite.

  2. Brought it up in the last thread, but everyone was too frustrated to respond. Matt Murton is the odd man out for the Cubs. Does anyone think we would be able to get him?

  3. I’d do it. Murton’s young enough to be part of a good team someday, and possibly good enough to be traded if the Braves can’t get good again in time.

  4. Just to carry something over from the last thread I think people need to lay off Ridgway. He pitched great last night and gets brought into an impossible situation today and people are calling for him to be traded, now that is overreaction. It’s one thing when you have a long history of suckage, like Frenchman, but you have to give players a chance.

  5. 2007, RISP:

    2008, RISP:

    That really speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

  6. Ridgeway picked an odd time to retaliate for Lilly throwing behind McCann on Tuesday night…don’t we think?

  7. I mean the Cubs don’t seem to have room for him, so it wouldn’t take too much to get him, would it?

  8. I heard on the radio that the Braves were up 2-1 in the 9th. Having been busy at work, I didn’t realize the game had started.

    My thought was not “good” but “I wonder who will blow it.”

    Cut to a couple hours later.. yup, 3-2 Cubs. Unbelievable.

    Anybody care to update our record in 1-run games or on the road? Me neither.

  9. Maybe the Cubs need a lefty specialist. We can give them one of our three. But I guess not Ohman since he struggled in Wrigley last year.

  10. Murton’s got to be better than our outfield rotation. Go for it.

    Seriously, what are the chances of keeping 2008 from becoming a lost season? There don’t seem to be many buttons to push, and we shouldn’t expect other teams to want our players when we don’t.

  11. Is it true that we had the bases loaded with nobody out and struck out three straight times?

    That’s what Tedious Gasbag Belue said as I was passing by …

  12. Let’s put it this way…one more 1-run loss on the road and we will hold the record for the most consecutive 1-run road losses ever according to the Elias Sports Bureau. Right now we are tied with the Royals from 2000-2001. Although the Phillies haven’t extended the 6.5 game margin as of yet (there’s always tonight), I still think that the Braves could be 9.5 or 10.5 games out after the Angels, Rockies, Rangers show.

  13. The Braves are going to lose ten in a row, just like in 2006. The game to turn it around was today, and they were just two frickin’ outs away….

  14. I forgot to mention the record is 21 games. The Braves’ streak goes back to August of last year.

  15. #22, you are forgetting the sweep to the Phillies before we left home. It’ll be 13 losses in a row.

  16. So I get home from work, remember that I get the ‘other superstation’ and get to watch……. Boyer blow the save. Yeah someone’s got to pitch I guess. I didn’t know that this was Boyer’s second inning! What the hell??????

    At this rate Cox is going to have to adapt Boyer and support him for the rest of his natural life cause the kid’s arm is gonna fall right off right there on National (ok regional) TV.

    Texieria. Ok I’ll let him slide. That was a hell of a pitch he struck out on.

    So wise Braves Journal, what do you do with a team probably won’t contend this year, has a decent but not outstanding core of talent and potentially a lot of money to spend next year?

  17. #22, you are forgetting the sweep to the Phillies before we left home. It’ll be 13 losses in a row.

    I’m including it. The Braves have lost six-in-a-row. The Angels’ series will put them at nine.

    The Rangers will make-or-break the 10-game losing streak.

  18. i am glad i lost power and missed all the crap. I figure it will happen again tomorrow anyway, kind of like Groundhog Day.

  19. Blown Boyer… ugh. You can’t even blame it on one person anymore, they collectively suck. They have no fire, they can’t get in a rhythm on offense, the offense and pitching can never be good in the same game… Just sad. I’m with Jeremy, we should juse take solace in the fact that, for the time being, we are better than the Mets.

    If I was Wren, I’d have Hudson on suicide watch.

  20. well Bethany, i can blame one person today. (since the blame game is so popular here, hell, its the american way)………Mr Tex can own this one . i watched a replay and i swear, my mother or any ambulatory human (except maybe McCann himself)could have scored on McCanns’ double . there was no way that ball would be caught and he should’ve been past 2nd base when it hit the ground. and anyway, if the RF makes a super-human play, i’d rather see him doubled off first or thrown out at home……… thats enough, i wont even talk about the called 3rd strike with the bases loaded. that one got a big yawn out of him. ……… you double-suck Tex. i’ll be happy when you prove me wrong!!

  21. Actually the Rockies will make or break the 10 game losing streak (assuming the sweep by the Angels)

    On another note, am I the only one who thinks that Chipper will be hitting under .400 when we fly into Colorado?

  22. As slow as McCann is, any player should be able to score from first on any hit on which McCann can get to second. However, with nobody out you can’t blame Teixeira for not going or Snit-for-brains for not sending him. The blame goes for the three guys after Francoeur who couldn’t put the bat on the ball. Oh, and the genius GM who provided a roster where there’s no credible righthanded pinch-hitter for Norton or Blanco.

  23. Again, WTF, I leave the house, its 2-1 Braves, come home, and some old crap different day. I do now believe its time for a fire sale.

  24. For some reason I read chatter of LA making Kemp available. That couldn’t possibly be true, could it? They like our players… make it happen.

  25. Wow. I actually feel happy because I had to work and didn’t see this game. A HBP to end it? Really?? Oppo-HR by Edmonds?? Are you !@#%# serious?

    Happiness comes from NOT watching this awful team.

  26. AJC:

    The Braves hope to have left-hander Mike Gonzalez back soon from the DL, where he’s finishing his recovery from Tommy John surgery. With John Smoltz out for the season after shoulder surgery, the Braves have no other experienced closers in their organization.

    Cox keeps going with the trio of Boyer, Acosta and durable veteran left-hander Will Ohman.

    The manager hasn’t shown the confidence in Phil Stockman to use him yet in close-game situations….

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

    I mean really, at this point, what could using Stockman to finish the eighth or ninth inning hurt? What’s the worst that could happen? He’d lose the game, same as what’s been happening with Boyer and Acosta.

  27. The Dodgers from what I’ve heard aren’t real thrilled with Kemp’s attitude. Ditto for Loney, at least we know Jeff Kent doesn’t like either one of them. They have called up LaRoche and he played 1B last night. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, and the thought of Matt Kemp patrolling CF would be awesome.

  28. I knew it…..

    Got on the plane in Orlando in the top of the 9th. When I got in the car I heard the radio score update and knew Boyer and Acosta were probably involved in the late innings, and also cursed the fact we probably left 15 runners on base due to bad situational hitting no clutch whatsoever.

    This team is ready for the chicken sacrifice or rubbing rosary beads on the bats. At a minimum I hope some tables were turned over or some water coolers were destroyed. How much longer can this mediocre to bad baseball persist?

  29. 47 — Well, Kent doesn’t really have a reputation for being buddies with teammates. But most of that stems from the situation with Barry Bonds. So not sure how to judge that.

    Maybe they just need a laid back manager to play for. Oh wait, they have one. hmmm…

  30. DOB has a sense of humor:

    “Another veteran lefty, Mike Hampton, is scheduled to face Braves hitters Friday in Anaheim in either a simulated game or batting practice, another step in his seemingly eternal comeback bid.”

    Boyer is reminding me a little of Chris Reitsma. Both pitched extremely well for a time, then Bobby wore them out and they began to falter. In Reitsma’s case he went downhill so fast he was pretty much booed out of town. I hope Boyer doesn’t share the same fate. Seriously, Wren, DL Soriano and get us some bullpen help before Boyer is ruined for life!

  31. FYI, braves journal is still the number 1 Google result for Francoeur Sucks, and is number 4 for ‘I hate this team’.

  32. I have to say, as badly as the Braves are playing, they also have been really unlucky. The Cubs hit two homers in this series that would have been fly outs in any decent stadium. On Tuesday, the Braves hit line drives right at people. All of this is just incomprehensible; it would be better to be losing 10-2.

    I never would have thought that we could seriously contemplate the Braves going winless on a 10-game road trip. But we can. This group of players, including the “face of the franchise” is rapidly destroying the legacy of the Braves. Or more accurately, perhaps, they are restoring their previous legacy from before the 90s. Congratulations guys! Could we bring back Ted Turner to manage the team?

  33. Gonzalez is pretty much on schedule from what I can tell. He was talking up being back fast, but June was about the best-case scenario. Best realistic case, anyway. I don’t know how much he’ll have to offer — guys coming off TJ surgery tend to be wild — but he can’t possibly be worse than Boyer and Atrosta.

  34. Teixeira and Ohman for Kemp would be awesome. Can we send them Frenchy to get a pitching prospect? I don’t mind getting Andruw back if the Dodgers pays 3/4 of the salary.

  35. You know what? Fire the whole coaching staff, BEGINNING WITH BOBBY COX. Why did we lose today, and why have we been at .500 for the last 3 years (and running)?

    1. Piss-poor bullpen management — are you telling me that no one could call it that Boyer and Acosta would blow this one? BOBBY’S fault.

    2. Failure to get a bunt down (which has been of epidemic proportions) and failure to get an f***ing bat on the ball when the bases are loaded, none out in the top of the 8th today — PENDLETON’S fault.

    3. Stupid running on the basepaths, especially from 2nd to home — SNITKER’S fault.

    4. I can’t figure out anything specific for McDowell, Mother Hubbard, and Eddie Perez right now, but give me some time — I’m a little flustered after listening to the last 5 innings today.

    When we were winning division titles, we had good enough starting pitching to carry us through the famine times in our feast-or-famine offense to end up with winning records come playoff time. Well guess what? That strategy hasn’t worked for the last three years because our starting pitching has diminished a LOT.

    And I don’t want to hear from other people that the Braves have had to “deal with a lot of injuries”……that doesn’t excuse teams from not getting the fundamentals of baseball correct. Sorry folks, but a fish rots from the head down, and it all starts with Bobby. Granted, Wren might not have done everything that could (or should) have been done as the GM, but it’s not like Bobby was given a poo-poo platter to work with this season.

    If people would look more objectively at how Cox has managed the last three years, we wouldn’t be thinking twice about replacing him. This is professional baseball we’re talking about, not an institutionalized head coach like Joe Pa or Bobby Bowden.

    I say until the Braves start to let it hang out with their wang out, all the video clips should be from the Big Lebowski……”You do any of that bush league sh*t like pulling a piece out on the lanes, I take the piece out of your hand, shove it up your *ss, and pull the trigger until it goes CLICK!”

  36. Sorry if that sounded like I was just talking about incidents from today’s game — this has been stuff that has been going on for a LONG time now, I think I’m just tired of watching/listening to it, especially when it comes to losing to the f***ing Cubbies — I don’t care how lovable that team is.

    “Eight year olds, dude. Eight year olds…..”

  37. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy (KB24). Kobe may be the first athlete to commit murder in the lockeroom after the game. So that’s something to look forward to. My money is on Sasha Vujacic.

  38. #37 – No they gotta send Tex in that situation. From what I could tell they stopped him before the relay man even touched the ball. He would have easily been safe, I don’t care how slow he is. And how many times have we had to watch the bases be loaded or any other 3rd base no out situation and not be able to plate the run. If for no other reason than to push the envelope and be aggressive when it’s helpful (instead of swinging at every slider in the dirt and watching every hanging slider fly by). Besides even if they throw him out you got a runner at 2nd 1 out and maybe Frenchy, who had 2 hits already might find himself another hit (though I doubt it).

    I can’t believe we had 3 abs with bases loaded and couldn’t even have the decency to GIDP. Pathetic.

  39. So is there any point to keeping Soriano on the active roster when he can only pitch about every 5 days? It’s madness and I’m not talking about the Macho Man folks.

  40. I can’t believe that I stayed up to about 2:00 AM to watch a team that I know sucks and will certainly lose–especially with a slim lead in late innings.

    There is plenty of blame to go around. I am not even worried about a long losing streak–in fact, I would almost welcome it, because it might become the basis for some realism (on the part of Braves’ management) about this team. Given our injuries and team dynamics, it is hard for me to see how we will be competitive. Therefore, it would be better to start making trades and developing players for seasons beyond 2008….

  41. Stephen, your mood today is much worse than yesterday. Obviously, staying up that late to watch that kind of performance doesn’t help.

    I can’t imagine what it’s like to be Huddy. The guy pitched his heart out everytime and he does not deserve all those NDs…

  42. Hudson has been awesome. He can’t pitch any better. Curse all those people (I was one of them) that said he was washed up and should be traded two years ago.

  43. Yeah–that fair; in fact, I wondered late last night what you were going to think in the morning when you found out about the Braves’ loss.

    I would certainly be in a better mood, if things were going better on the farm. Its not all been bad, but between Cody Johnson, Evarts, Locke, Barrett ( a real cause for concern) Rohrbough (another cause for concern) Brandon Jones and Lillibridge, there has been a lot less to cheer for than I would have hoped.

    I am beginning to thank that we should begin a process whereby we would offer to the highest bidder. I am thinking AL East teams: imagine a bidding war between Tampa Bay (how great their rotation would be with Huddy), Boston and the Yanks. It could be sweet.

    Its not just that the Braves are 7 back, but it is the way that they lose which is so hard to take…

  44. I wouldn’t trade Hudson, unless it’s for an insane package of prospects. Durable and consistent front line starters is the greatest currency in the game.

  45. Jeremy–I wouldn’t either–but then what I was suggesting was a situation where we mighte get the ‘insane package of prospects’.

    KC–Hudson must feel incredibly frustrated–like the way Smoltz felt last year….

  46. Yes! Braves Journal late crew is on! Did you guy like the old school coverage? I woke up this morning to a text from my friend mentioning the Braves were in Black and White. I thought he was drunk but it turned out to be true. I completely loved it.

    Woman update: So I’ll follow everyone’s advice and take her to a Giants’ game rather than A’s. If we go at night it will be so freaking cold she’ll have to cuddle up.

    While she doesn’t know baseball she is originally from Croatia and is thrilled about their Eurocup upset over Germany. It’s apparently only the second time they only beat Germany? Which is funny b/c the US beat them soundly twice. (If you know what I’m talking about)

    Hudson is the man. Who cares if he’s frustrated- it’ll just bring out his inner monster. I have a feeling we are about to reel off five straight. You heard it here first. BTW my optimism may be because when I left to pick family up at the airport the Braves had the lead and I only had to endure text message updates of our subsequent loss.

    What’s up w/ the late crew? Stephen? KC?

  47. Charles–Its pretty cool that KC and I are the ‘late crew’ for Brave Journal.

    In any event, the first two innings were really in black and white–I enjoyed it more than most–but the reduced 1948 camera angles were frustrating. See Mac’ s commentary for a less generous account.

    I watched the game until late night (my time) with my pregnant wife who insightfully declared that Frenchy is a good player in black and white. This may well explain the rest of his season–the colorized version.

    Croatia has had some strong sides, but beating Germany is still a BFD. Your situation sounds promising and I wish you the best…

  48. Charles, I would think Croatia girls would prefer soccer and basketball over baseball any day! Maybe that her to a bar to watch Croatia playing their third Eurocup game will be a better idea than going to a A’s and Giants game.

    Stephen, when I found out the score this morning, my first reaction was “Of course”. This is starting to feel like the 10-game losing streak two years back…like I have forgotten the feeling of a win…

    Btw, what on earth has happened to Evarts? Cody Johnson sucks…worse than the Frenchy level of suckness.

    Keep Huddy, keep huddy, keep huddy…

  49. Stephen, congratulations for being a new father soon! First one?

    …sorry Charles, I meant “…take her to a bar…”

    My brain is not functioning particularly well right now.

  50. Yeah–it will be our first in July….

    Cody Johnson is still young for his league, but he does make Frenchy look patient…

    I do not know what exactly has happened to Evarts–except that he appears to be injured and I read somewhere (I think Shanks Q &A) that the Braves are hoping that he does not need Tommy John surgery. Barrett is the one that I am most concerned about at this point.

    Charles–Take KC’s advice (in addition to the Giants game): take her to a bar to watch Croatia play–it ought to be good fun!

  51. Stephen, my boy is three and a half months old. Enjoy the moments of silence while it still lasts!

  52. Well, considering Cody is a year older than Heyward and Freeman, I would think he is capable to be playing a little better than how he is playing now.

    It’s interesting to see M-Braves moving Schafer back to the leadoff spot. I was wondering why they had him batting third when he had always been the leadoff hitter at both A-levels…

  53. KC–Congratulations!! Let me add that yes we are treasuring quiet and sleep while we can…

    One thing I will say for Wren is tht he did not rush Schafer and he has kept Morton at Richmond as long as he possibly could. Schafer has had only one really super season so maybe they are not sure where his best strengths lie. In any event, it looks like he needs a lot more time at AA.

  54. 7.5 games back…. Actually it looks like the train has derailed. Yes, but it’s really not something I’m looking forward to. The Braves are still undernourished. Need to trade someone for a nutritionally balanced diet.
    from a realist :-(

  55. At this point, there isn’t one Brave (outside Chipper and McCann) that shouldn’t be available for the right price.

    Hudson would have to bring in 2 young ready to play Ace types and perhaps an OF prospect. If Billy Beane thinks he’s got the bomb with Blanton, imagine what Wren COULD get if he lets it be known that Hudson is available.

  56. Exactly–especially if teams (like the Yankees) worry that other teams in their division (Red Sox and Rays) will get Hudson.

    It might be interesting to see Hudson go to the Rays for Price and more. The Rays would have a great rotation and the Braves would gain a potential ace.

    It might even put a Vandy pitcher in a Braves uniform.

    I doubt that it would ever happen, but it will be fun to see Stu’s reaction….

  57. Well everyone, i’ll be away for the rest of the month… Hopefully when i come back the braves will be on a 17 game win streak…

  58. I understand that people are frustrated but there is no point in panicking and doing a fire sale. Those don’t generally work. And, in fact, the Braves don’t have that many tradeable pieces anyway. No one is going to give the Braves much for a half season of Teixera and I’m not even sure who would be a fit for him anyway. Trading Hudson would be crazy unless you really don’t care about contending for five years. It’s one thing if teams want to approach them about, say, Ohman, but there is no point in just giving guys away. It’s called leverage; how much are you going to get if everyone knows you want to dump players? I think trading deadline moves today are generally much less productive. It’s not like you are going to get the next Jay Bruce for Corky Miller.

    My preference would be just to go with what you have, see if the team does anything, and make moves during the offseason, UNLESS, someone comes and blows you away with a deal. What Wren should not do is trade away prospects for some marginal guy just to win 83 games this year.

    These days in sports, things can turn around quickly. The Braves have a lot of problems but they aren’t going to be solved by making deals out of frustration or anger.

  59. It might be interesting to see Hudson go to the Rays for Price and more. The Rays would have a great rotation and the Braves would gain a potential ace.

    It might even put a Vandy pitcher in a Braves uniform.

    I doubt that it would ever happen, but it will be fun to see Stu’s reaction….

    Stephen, I almost had a heart attack just reading the suggestion. I can’t think of a single professional-baseball-related event that would make me happier. I’d rather have DP and lose than win a World Series.

    You know, now that Vanderbilt has such a strong baseball program, I keep waiting for the Braves to take one of our guys—one of the actual pro prospects would help—so that I can have a super-high rooting interest…but it doesn’t happen. I’m so jealous of one of my best buddies, a Cubs fan, whose team took Ryan Flaherty and David Macias in the past draft.

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure Price is untouchable, and certainly wouldn’t be included in a deal for Tim Hudson. Seriously, look what Santana brought back this offseason—not a whole lot. Hudson would probably bring more—he’s under contract for longer and teams just give up more in July than they do in the winter—but I don’t think that would include one of the two or three best prospects in the game.

  60. I really can’t blame the bullpen for a lot of these loses, not even yesterday. It’s the offense. As Chipper after yesterday’s game…the wrong people were up with the bases loaded and no one out. And as he also said….you have to put the ball in play.

    By the way when is Prado coming back. He was actually having a good year. Norfante is ridiculous. By the way Blanco is 6 for his last 54

  61. Yeah, I’m afraid it’s time to make Blanco the pinch-runner/defensive replacement. He’s still useful, he just doesn’t need to be our starting CF.

    If Soriano is disabled, maybe they’ll call Anderson back up to see. But I doubt it.

  62. I dont think its panicking, I think its more a realization that the product we have on the field currently isnt good enough to win 80-82 games. There have been way to many injuries and there hasnt been enough talent come up to replace whats been lost. Its not that we need a fire sale, but we can trade off certain pieces if it’ll help us next year. Tex isnt coming back and if we can get a package thats better than two draft picks than move him.

  63. how can you have the wrong people up there with the bases loaded no outs. They all are professional athletes and should be able to get the ball in play. Its sounds as if the Braves players dont trust one another to get the job done. When you watch teams like the Phillies and Cubs, they are able to succeed because they believe in one another. No one on their team feels like they have to do it all themselves. Someone picks up their team every night. Everyone has to be able to pick each other up and be able to get the job done

  64. More from Chipper:

    “We have to make plays to save run…We need to execute. We don’t execute. Everybody else executes, we don’t.”

    “Everybody else makes the crucial play. We’re struggling with it. … This loss here had nothing to do with luck. It was just bad baseball, plain and simple,”

    “It’s not easy to win on the road,” he said. “You’re in a hostile environment and the whole world is against you. You have to bring it every day. I don’t know if some of us bring it every day.”

    WoW….I don’t know if some of us bring it everyday. I really like Chipper….

  65. The way this team is going, the “wrong people” with the bases loaded and no outs are anyone except Escobar, KJ, Chipper and McCann.

  66. To be mentioned with the futile Kansas City Royals has to hurt people like Chipper and Huddy. They are not use to losing. Unfortunately Tex is pretty much accustomed to it coming from the Rangers.

  67. This is classic bad Earl Weaver Baseball. The team was built for the long ball, and in games they hit them, the braves give hope. When they do not get them, they look bad. I hate it . The starting pitching covered Bobby all these years. Tex’s struggles have hurt, but it is the outfield drop off that has killed, namely the corners.

  68. The team should not trade Hudson. No way, I don’t care if this team loses 100 games.

    If the Braves are still under .500 and way out in mid-July, then you trade people like Teixeira. Just because you concede 2008 doesn’t mean you have to concede 2009.

  69. I was “watching” this game on Gameday Live on my computer yesterday from the office, and I literally laughed out loud when Ridgway hit the batter to end the game. The Braves have reached comic levels of awfulness.

  70. That was oneof the more painful losses, even worse than KJ dropping the ball in Hudson’s last outing. In this game, you just had the feeling that they were going to lose, because they had less than a 5 run lead. it’s was like watching Major League.

    Hudson pitched until he couldn’t even feel his fingers anymore. I noticed on those last two pitches he was shaking has hand like he had injured his wrist. He was just numb like the rest of us, because he knew once he left the game, it was over.

    There needs to be a sacrifice, be it a player or a coach.

  71. Stu–You are probably right (I don’t really expect the Braves to deal Hudson)) but the possibility of winning a division might make Tampa Bay become willing to take risks.

    That said, if the Braves did trade Hudson this summer, they would get a great deal in return….

  72. The Braves shouldn’t trade Hudson, unless we get a Tim Lincecom in return. In other words an absolute lock. Lincecum is 8-2 with a 1.99 ERA…Do we have anyone like that in our system? Or a Volquez?

  73. That said, if the Braves did trade Hudson this summer, they would get a great deal in return….

    Trading proven (Hudson) for unproven (Price) isn’t a great deal. It’s a great way to be a 90-loss team next season.

  74. Seriously, why do we still have Ruben Gotay on the roster? It made sense until Omar came back. Now he’s just a horrible pinch hitter that can only play second base. It doesn’t make sense. Its worse than the Chris Woodward experience. At least he could be a defensive replacement.

  75. Pete mentioned yesterday that with the loss, we have the same record as the Pittsburgh Pirates.


  76. Well, the Pirates are . . . good, right? From a cursory look, the Braves and the Pirates have the exact opposite hitting problem: their outfield is solid and they’re getting nothing from the infield (except Doumit), and we all know how the Braves’ outfield and infield are. Strange.

  77. I was just joking about the Pirates being good, of course. That would mean the Braves are also good.

  78. Freddy Sanchez is hitting .239? He’s too good of a hitter to be hitting that bad. The one thing the Pirates do have is 5 starting pitching all under the age of 30.

    Diaz wasn’t doing anything when he was healthy. We really miss Kotsay b/c he was actually hitting and it allowed KJ to give us something at the bottom of the order.

    Did I hear someone say Norton will be the DH in Anaheim? BJ better start tonite. Blanco has plummented back to earth, and was only a singles hitter to begin with. Now he’s not even that.

  79. #97–Maybe, but as things are now we project out to be a team with nearly 90 losses…

  80. From Neyer’s blog:

    The Braves continue to amaze. Thursday afternoon they lost their 21st straight one-run road game, which merely ties the major league “record” set by the Royals in 2000 and 2001 (apparently this is one of the records that does carry over from season to season). What’s amazing is that those Royals were a lousy team with a lousy manager, while these Braves are a pretty good team with a Hall of Fame manager. Does not compute!

  81. thats the problem. All the spots you thought you would get good power from are all not hitting for power together ( tex,diaz,frenchy) If 2 of three were on pace for what was expected, this would be a much improved team. That is the problem with long ball baseball. Sometimes the ball just does not leave the yard.

    This braves team just does not manufacture runs. Bobby’s teams never do. The only agressive thing bobby ever does is the dang squeeze, which always backfires.

  82. Manufacturing runs is a stupid strategy. You don’t add runs with outs. The problem with this team is less a lack of power than it is not hitting with runners on base. In point of fact, they’re trying to manufacture runs — which as I say, is stupid — which is one of the reasons why they’re so much worse with runners on base, and why so many of their runs come with two out. If they’d stop “trying to move runners along” and “making productive outs” and just hit the problem would solve itself.

  83. I should have stated my case better. I did not mean manufacture – aka bunt over, but aka be agressive. you never really see the hustle plays on base paths or the extra chance taken. The braves do not hit and run the way other teams do. There are many times to make people make mistakes that the braves do not take. Make the human make the mistake. Alot of the not hitting to me looks like guys trying to take the ball out of the park instead of just worrying about making contact or going the other way. I mean Jeff is the prime culprit, but all of the outfielders have the same problem. I never thought I would think that about diaz , but he looks just lost this year.

  84. Was following this game on the Blackberry last night from Lake Minnetonka. I am in awe that we lost. Really unbelievable.

  85. this team needs to reduce their strike outs and learn how to get runners on base and balls in play. The three k’s with the bases loaded with no outs could be the worst execution I’ve ever seen. We take good pitches and let their pitchers get ahead and swing at balls way out of the zone. No hitter has a game plan and they “panic” if you want to call it that when they fall behind. Blanco used to work the count and now he’s just another free-swinger. Is he out of options? If not, send him back down and give Anderson the shot. He’s a singles hitter, but he’s a true CF also

  86. In his last 54 at bats….Blanco is batting .111. I am not trying to beat a dead horse, but I think that’s a problem.

  87. In his last 54 at bats….Blanco is batting .111. I am not trying to beat a dead horse, but I think that’s a problem.

    He’s hitting 8th, though. You could handle that if your 6 and 7 guys were hitting.

    Still, yeah, we need Kotsay.

  88. Yea you are right. Let me quit picking on Blanco with .311 slugging %….Gotay is at .225, while Jurrens is at .200. Does Gotay have speed? Can someone explain to me in detail why he is on the roster?

  89. Blanco’s throwing arm is also an issue. Has he made a throw on target yet? I think I’d rather see more of Anderson, or even B. Jones , but I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

  90. So, to recap, Blanco can’t hit for power, can’t hit, isn’t a true centerfielder, and can’t throw. Why is he on the major league roster as anything but a pinch runner, then?

  91. Goatboy is horrible, with Infante back he truly has no reason to be here, trade him for a 6 pack of Pabst.

  92. And by “at” Turner Field, I mean outside the stadium. You probably couldn’t get an effigy inside.

    Don’t forget to factor in the ambiance just outside the gates.

  93. mac:

    Agreed. Sitting back and just swinging away for the deathbomb each time when there is someone on base just is not going to work. The approach with no one one is proper, and that is why the desperity is so infuriating.

  94. I can’t wait to see the amazing line-up of DH’s over the next few days. Infante? Gotay? Norton?

  95. I will be grudgingly accept Norton or Infante.

    Gotay? Absolutely not.

    On the other hand I’m not looking forward to this being an excuse to DH McCann four times and get a lot of Corky at bats.

  96. Dan–That is frightening: I think that I would rather recall Scott Thorman for a few games–at least he hits the occasional (very occasional) long ball…

  97. Glavine out until mid-July. I figured he was done for the year…so this ….is……ummmm..

  98. I stated earlier that I think Corky is better than his .091 average would indicate. If given a chance to play on a regular basis I bet he can raise his average to almost .150!

  99. Corky has hit a lot of balls right on the nose. He just hasn’t had any good luck.

    -Bobby Cox :)

  100. Look, it’s obvious that Chipper should DH with Norfante splitting time at third base, but who knows what lurks in the mind of Bobby Cox?

  101. I think Bobby Cox believes that hype about himself from the media “folk”. If you take Glavine, Smoltz, Maddux…this is what you have. There were only a couple of years with McGriff , Justice and a young Chipper, Chipper and Sheffield, and Galaraga have the Braves had an above average offense. And even those were inconsistent. Hitting and the bullpen has always killed the Braves. Now don’t even have the pitching.

  102. Malone knowing the Braves luck, as soon as Lester is ready to pitch for the Braves….nevermind that’s a bad thought.

  103. Just to cap off my week, I’ve just been subpoenaed for no reason and have to take a vacation day next week to drive to Birmingham to tell a judge that I don’t know anything.

  104. That sucks, Mac, I’ve been subpoenaed as well :( Not sure why police reports aren’t enough.

  105. 143. mac, that sucks. Braves are sucking. Italy’s going to need some luck to get out of the group of death in the eurocup with the refs not helping at all. And I lost my license (as in I can’t find it… and I just don’t want to go stand in line at the dmv). ugh.

  106. Well at least by the time the Braves lose tonight and tomorrow night…I should be completely smashed…

  107. Yeah, he did. Let me tell you, it just made a lot of guys in this Washington, DC newsroom suddenly feel the full force of their own mortality.

    Rest in peace, Tim.

  108. I have a dude trying to trade me Jeff Francouer in a fantasy baseball league as a sweetener on a deal.

    (Um, that’s the joke, sorry)

  109. Trading Hudson for David Price Would be incredibly stupid–and that’s why the Rays would never do it.

    I take it from Mac’s comments that he no longer has faith in Bobby Cox’s managerial abilities. I mean, this is like the elephant in the room, right? That Cox has either lost his mind or been exposed? Or, whatever the case, that he’s part of the problem?

    I’m often fascinated by the line Braves fans walk between calling him and idiot and revering his accomplishments as a manager, which are, as Rob Neyer points out, Hall-of-Fame worthy. In any event, no matter how many wins or divisions titles there are, I’m with Marc: manufacturing runs, giving away outs, and bunting are all stupid.

  110. if the braves saved up all their money from the crapy minor league signings this year, couldn’t they just have signed a real left fielder.

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