ESPN – Braves vs. Reds – Box Score – May 30, 2008

Well, anyone can have a bad game. And Chipper Jones, who has been the best player in the NL this year (all apologies to Berkman and Utley) just had one terrible game, maybe the worst of his career that didn’t involve an injury. He went 0-5 (dropping his average to .409), hit into two double plays, and made two horrible misplays in the eleventh inning that let the Reds score the winning run.

Hey, it happens.

For most of the game, it was the same script as we saw in the first two Milwaukee games, with slight variations. Tom Glavine was great, but Edinson Volquez was almost as great and the Braves couldn’t quite work him into real trouble. Scoreless through five. In the sixth, KJ led off with a double, Chipper grounded out to get him to third, and Teixeira hit a long fly ball to score him. But the Reds countered with a pair of doubles leading off the bottom of the inning and scored two runs. The Braves tied it in the seventh after Norton led off with a double, went to third on a single by Infante, then scored on a GIDP by Gotay. And then back to the no-scoring until the eleventh.

KJ led off with a single that Jay Bruce made a great play on to save a double, and Chipper grounded into his second double play, followed by a hot shot by Teixeira that Encarnacion turned into an 5-3 putout. Bruce led off with a flare single against Ring. Griffey hit a tailor-made DP ball to Chipper, but Chipper totally Pradoed it into a single. Brandon Phillips hit an almost identical ball, but softer, right at Chipper, who Pradoed again, and Bruce came around to score the winning run.

I think Chipper will be the first to tell you he lost this game; I want to say that he’s done a lot for this team this year, and he didn’t lose this game singlehandedly. None of the hitters but Johnson and McCann really did much. Chipper was 0-5, but the rest of the team had only seven hits combined, four by the two I mentioned. Hey, he had a bad game, maybe you guys should have picked him up.