Phillies 5, Braves 0

ESPN – Braves vs. Phillies – Box Score – May 15, 2008

I can’t even really complain. This game was never in serious doubt from the moment this afternoon when Chipper was scratched from the lineup with a “tweaked groin”, which is something I don’t know if you’re allowed to say. Even with Chipper, the equation was pretty simple:

[(Chuck James) + (Home Run Haven)]/(Tough lefthanded pitcher) = L

Without Chipper, it just got a little easier to solve. The Braves got four hits in the game, never more than one in any inning, and only one (McCann with two out in the seventh) for extra bases. They drew only two walks, both in the eighth, the only inning in which they remotely challenged.

James, meanwhile, was lucky to give up only five runs in four innings; he allowed three homers (which is kind of expected) but also walked five with no strikeouts. It’s hard to pitch much worse than that; his fielding-independent ERA for the game must have been off the charts. It’s really time for him to go to AAA and stay there until he figures something out. Or doesn’t. Maybe he should go back to thinking.

Jorge Campillo pitched three shutout innings, and Bobby may start looking at him for a start soon. Resop pitched a shutout eighth with the Phillies in Hibernation Mode.

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  1. Replay from the end of last thread:

    I’d definitely trade Anderson for Maddux. He’s not highly regarded and there are other CF in the pipeline (Schaefer, Hernandez). Lillibridge is a tougher call–he’s more highly regarded (though his ML cameo this year makes one wonder why) and we’re not deep at SS prospects.

  2. Why the Braves keep rushing Chucky back when he is clearly not ready for the season? The kid never had the spring training, and he kept being bounced back and forth between Atlanta and Richmond. The way the Braves have handled Chucky this season is so terrible…simply, Chucky is getting “Devined”.

  3. People, Chucky will be fine if the Braves just let him spend a month in Richmond without bouncing him back and forth between major and minor.

    Anderson for Maddux will be a great deal from my point of view.

  4. Anderson and Lillibridge for Maddux is an excellent deal for us. We still have Schafer and Gorkys in center, and Escobar can handle shortstop for the long term.

  5. Anderson and Lillibridge might be too much though, unless I’m over-valuing our prospects

  6. SD’s huge ballpark would be a Chucky paradise. Trading him for a half season or so of Maddux would be tough call but never say never. I’d rather keep Chucky as pitching depth and give him a few months at AAA to regain his May-July form of last season.

    Adding Maddux to Hudson, Jurrjens, Glavine, and Reyes would be a pretty decent rotation and give the Braves a shot at a winnable division.

    Isn’t it about time for another Hampton tease?

    Any news in the last few days on how close Gonzalez is?

  7. Smitty–I don’t think he’ll pitch again either, but it seems about time for another tease. Might be an ingrown toenail this time …

  8. The level of prospects given up for Maddux would be detrmined by how much of his 10mil salary we take in return.

  9. I’ve amended my earlier refrain of This Team Stinks to This Team is Injured And Stinks.

  10. As always, off topic, but I am pulling for Scott Williamson to make it back up this year. The thought of an all-star and ROY toiling away 9 years later at Richmond, well it’s a classic baseball story.

  11. Ben Sheets gives up 6 runs in the 7th inning to the Dodgers. If Yost didn’t have someone up in the bullpen after Andruw leads off the inning with a homer, he must have been snoozing.

  12. WTF is wrong with James? He’s never had trouble with strikeout/walk ratios in the minors, or even that badly in the majors until this year.

    He needs to go to Richmond until at least the All-Star Break.

  13. braves14, the Braves did a terrible job in handling Chucky’s recovery. It’s not Chucky’s fault, he should have spent the entire April and May in Richmond…instead those two months are now wasted and Chucky has to start all over again with his confidence completely destroyed.

  14. You know, with Khalil Greene a year away from free agency and having a poor season, the Pads might go for a Lillibridge/Maddux swap. Looking at their organizational depth chart, they don’t have anyone playing SS in the minors who’s anywhere near being a major league hitter. Hmmm….

  15. It can’t be stated enough that James can go back to his Lowe’s job with full benefits.

  16. Seger could cheese it up like the mid-tempo rocker he was, but “Turn The Page”, “Night Moves” are fine songs, and “Mainstreet” is a true classic.

    That said, he could definitely give Mr. Collins a run for his money on slumpbusters….

  17. I agree that Seger had some decent songs..

    But I’ve also thought that post-Night Moves Seger was a very poor man’s Springsteen and Bryan Adams was a very poor Canadian’s Bob Seger.

  18. I’m as nostalgic as they get, and it would be great to have Mad Dog finish his career in a Braves uniform, but Lillibridge for 3/4 of a season of Maddux would be a terrible trade.

  19. How about some harder stuff to fire these mofos up? I vote for the Dick Cheney theme song: “Am I Evil?” by Metallica. I think it’s actually a Diamond Head cover…anyways, it still rules.

  20. I would save “Turn the Page” for the next road trip losing streak since it is a fairly accurate song about being on the road. Maybe we need “Home, Sweet Home” by the Crue or “Home Cookin'” by Ronnie Dawson.

    I’m sure I’m late to this party but I’m loving the latest stuff by The Editors. “Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors” is one of my fav’s of the year.

  21. I love reading the Mets blogs. They are as frustrated with their team as we are…if not more so…

  22. I don’t think that the Braves mis handled James. They were desperate. He does need to get back to Richmond and figure things out. Where the heck has Jeff Bennet been?

  23. James can’t get by throwing up in the zone. He needs a third pitch and to use his legs more when he pitches. If he used his legs more he could get a few MPH on his fastball and wouldn’t tire as quick.

    That is why he needs to go to Richmond.

  24. I know it’s THE Brent Lillibridge and all, but if the back end of our rotation doesn’t stabilize in the next month or so, I would definitely swap him for Maddux (keeping an eye on Mad Dog’s performance in the meantime, naturally).

    This isn’t just nostalgia. Another starter who can get us into or through the sixth on a consistent basis, combined with (being an optimist here) the cavalry of fireballers soon to arrive in the bullpen and a deep offense is enough to win this division. Flags fly forever.

  25. Webb on his way to 30 wins and Cliff Lee on his way to a sub 1.00 ERA. Chipper and Berkman making runs at .400. When did the NL get time-warped back to 1920?

  26. #3

    KC, speaking of Devine:

    While none of us can say Kotsay isn’t doing a solid job for the Braves, there were plenty of cheap Kotsay-like options out there that wouldn’t have cost us Joey D., or give the A’s something else.

    I think most of us in here could have preicted this.

    But without putting myself at too much risk of the “I love Bobby” crowd, Joey’s performance is one of a littany of reasons as to why Cox needs to retire at the end of the season. To say he’s out of touch is an understatement.

    The way he treated Devine was inexcusable and seeing Joey with a 0.55 ERA in Oakland makes me cringe.

  27. I wouldnt have ever predicted Devine to put up these numbers, I guess the Braves didnt either. We have plenty of bullpen arms and Bobby didnt know how to use him and still wouldnt know how. I’ll just say that this was a good trade for both teams at the moment, but the A’s probably have it best long term. Its baseball, it happens, but Kotsay is playing good baseball for us. Cant complain too much

  28. But I’ve also thought that post-Night Moves Seger was a very poor man’s Springsteen and Bryan Adams was a very poor Canadian’s Bob Seger.

    Note the implication here that Canadians are not men with which I, for one, am totally comfortable.

  29. This game was about as sure a thing as you are going to get in baseball.

    I don’t understand the clamor for Maddux. He isn’t pitching that well in San Diego and he’s 42. Nostalgia is fine but are we shooting for the oldest pitching staff in history? Let’s try to work this from within the organization or bring in someone that’s not ready to join AARP. If you bring in Maddux and things don’t work out, where are you anyway? I’d rather give Morton or someone else a chance.

    Meanwhile, Tex really seems to suck doesn’t he?

  30. Is this a sign of a championship team when everyone knew the Braves were going to lose last night? Including the Braves?

  31. we can rip KJ and Frenchy all we want, but most of the blame for these offensive struggles should go towards Tex. The guy can lay off curve balls and pitchers know it, hey Cerano where’s jobu

  32. I don’t think any of the teams in the NL East are “championship teams” at this point. The Phillies have no pitching other than Hamels, the Mets are falling apart, and we all know about the Braves. The Marlins can’t sustain this. It is a long season but the mediocrity in this division is overwhelming so far. It appears that baseball is becoming the NFL, with “parity” ruling the day.

  33. I agree that Morton deserves a shot, and I’d give it to him right now. Let him, Jo-Jo, and Bennett battle it out for a while, but if they don’t get it done we have to make a trade. You can bring in a 42-year-old Maddux for a team that’s built to win this year, as this one clearly has been.

    I’m happy for Joey Devine, but he didn’t get it done for us.

  34. I think you guys are being way too optimistic about James. He has been around for long enough to be better than this. The guy only throws two pitches, neither of them incredibly good, and he can’t locate them. He’s garbage and has always been garbage. He managed on luck and run support his first year here and that just is not going to cut it anymore.

  35. I’m not sure Maddux would want to come back to the east coast since he lives out west. I don’t think he has any particular affinity for Atlanta. Given the poor play in the division so far, the Braves don’t need to panic. Plus, pitching really hasn’t been the problem, Chuck James notwithstanding. They have been shut out four times in 40 games, on pace for 16 shutouts. Getting shutout by Hamels is no disgrace but it was the first one he has thrown in his career.

  36. james is just inconsistant. I don’t really care for maddux. Whats one 5 and dive guy for another? Sure he’s a little better. But he’s like lining up against a 40 year old deion sanders. We gotta find somebody. I’d love to see Campillo get a shot. But everything else being equal. Guys are in the bullpen for a reason. And even he blows up regularly.
    We’re a starter short right now in order to be in the mix. And a cleanup hitter from being worthwhile.

    That being said… Mark Kotsay is the man. I read on wikipedia that someone else is paying $5million of his salary. Can anyone confirm that? if its true. what a steal.

  37. My favorite quote from the ESPN game recap, courtesy of Chaz Manuel:

    I’m happy because all along I’ve said sooner or later he was going to throw a shutout and close out the game.

    Man, does he have special powers or something? Who could have foreseen that Cole Hamels, one of the best pitchers in baseball and only 24 years old, would eventually throw a complete-game shutout at some point in his career?

  38. oh, was there a game last night? as for bob Segar, anyone who thinks hes just a cheesy, mid-tempo rocker hasn’t been paying attention. Bob was rocking hard when Bruce was up in his bedroom learning chords on his Sears Silvertone guitar instead of doing his high school homework.

  39. I’m not excited about Chuck James. Unless your fastball clocks at 100 mph like Randy Johnson’s, you shouldn’t be in the major leagues with two pitches. That’s AA ball, not even AAA. In AAA, you refine your third pitch and he’s not even there. I’m not bashing him, it’s more blame on Braves’ management.

    I do bash on Mark Teixera. The best hitter in our lineup coming into the season is playing like a #6/7 hitter. Again, I don’t care what his stats look like at the end of the season. We lost last night b/c we didn’t score a single run. That’s really sad.

  40. We lost last night because we didn’t score 6 runs, actually. Hard to pin the whole loss on Teix.

  41. First, I have no faith in James. Supposedly, he had some new diet in the offseason and got himself in great shape. If there was ever a time he needed to finally “step up” to show us he is a real Major League pitcher, 2008 was the year to do this.

    Frankly, the Braves should have traded him when they had the chance and he had ‘perceived value’ around Major League Baseball. He has no value right now and would net us little. Some team might take a flier, but very few.

    I also agree with the sentiments that we have nothing to lose by giving some of our young pitching studs a shot in the rotation instead. Jo Jo’s been solid enough to stay, but dump James, and get one of the kids up like Morton.

    And I love Greg Maddux as much as anyone else, but he’s at home on the west coast (is from Las Vegas originally) is 42, not very good, and close to retirement.

    I mean, if we were the dominant National League team with 4 starting pitching studs, running away with the NL East but our only hole was the 5th spot in the rotation, then it makes sense to pick up Mad Dog to fill the 5th spot and also give him one last chance at winning.

    I know it’s not June yet but I have no reason to believe this team’s doing anything this year. The Phillies will probably win the East and the west or central will have a 2nd team.

    Too many injuries, too many holes, too many horrible managing decisions, crazy lineups, and bizaqrre use of the bullpen by Bobby to compete. Bobby, alone has cost us at least 5 games this year. I am counting the seconds until he retires.

  42. RE:59

    I can blame our most coveted player coming into this season for continuing to perform like an average player when he has to step up and carry the team. Yes, I know we lost by 5. However, I don’t expect a young team to always rally against a tough pitcher. I do expect elite players to carry a team. If you can’t stand the pressure then don’t ask for a big contract.

  43. I’m not saying Teix doesn’t deserve some blame for the team’s struggles so far this season, but you said he was the reason we lost last night, which is ludicrous. If he’d homered in every single AB last night, we’d have won 6-5. Sort of hard to demand 4-HR games from anyone, isn’t it?

  44. Hey, I didn’t say he was JUST a cheesy, mid-tempo rocker! He did wistfulness very well on a number of occasions. But you have to admit that “Horizontal Bop” is indefensible…

    I don’t have much to say about Teixeira, because he goes on team-carrying hot streaks every year, and I fully expect it to happen again. He’s in his prime and he’s got history on his side. It’s rare that everyone is clicking at the same time.

  45. I’m indifferent about getting Maddux. I mean, if they take Anderson (basically a salary dump) then sure, but if it takes Lillibridge… well, maybe. Part of me would love to see him as a Brave again, part of me thinks the organization needs to be looking forward rather than backwards (dunno if that even makes sense).

    I thought Kotsay/Devine was bad when we did it, and it now looks okay. Devine probably did need the proverbial “change of scenery” where he wasn’t the former first-round pick who blew the playoffs for the team in his first year up. Cox wouldn’t play him, and in fairness, he was always walking people while he was in Atlanta. Whether that was because Cox never gave him any sort of consistent playing time (I think that’ definitely part of it) or because he lacked confidence from being jerked around between the minors and the big club is up for debate.

    Richmond is doing well but his strikeout rate is still pitiful for the minors and his upside is a #5 who’ll eat some innings and not walk people, so no disaster there.

  46. #27–Send to Tex to Richmond? How about FREE SCOTT THORMAN!

    Seriously, Tex will probably hit and his year long stats, won’t be bad at all–but when he does get hot–and Texaphila breaks out with people talking about how the Braves should shower him with boundless wealth (“whatever it takes” as somebody said last month), I will dissent and point out that for a quarter of the season he has mediocre and not worthy of half the franchises riches.

    Cliff–Thank you for the piece on Jamie Richmond. The Kotsay trade has worked out better than I expected and so far I am happy to say that I was wrong about his value. Still, lets see him make through the season. That said, anyone who follows the farm knew at once that the Braves paid far too much to get Kotsay.

    Finally, let Morton have the time it takes to develop! I believe that the Braves have ruined or at least inhibitied a number of promising players by rushing them to the majors when they could have used more seasoning. I don’t know how much time Morton needs, but I don’t want to see him get ‘devined’ by being pressed into service before he is ready….

  47. Stu

    I think you’re missing my point. I’m not solely blaming him for last night’s loss. I’m stating that as one of the biggest salaries and highest profile persons on our team, Tex needs to carry this team. This doesn’t need always be by individual performance. Sometimes a timely hit instead of striking out can spark the offense. Your reasoning of him going 4-4 with 4 hr/4rbi means no one is on base. I’m saying when there are people on base, drive them in. This isn’t only for last night, it’s for the whole season. It’s called being clutch a.k.a. earing your paycheck.

  48. Well, like I said, I agree that he’s partly at fault for the season-long struggles—I mistakenly thought you were blaming him for last night’s loss.

    Also, FWIW, I said it would be a 6-5 game with him homering 4 times, which would include two 2-run homers for the two times he came up with a guy on base.

  49. #47: Wagner is quickly becoming my favorite off the field Met. It’s like he’s taking “cut the BS” lessons from Chipper.

  50. Morton has had a fairly long apprenticeship — it hasn’t always gone smoothly, but he began limiting HRs last year, and his control has improved markedly. He’s 24 — maybe it’s time to give him a whirl.

  51. I dunno. He didn’t really start pitching well until late last year. I’d like for him to get some more success under his belt before moving to the majors.

    As for Teixeira… no one player could have made the difference last night. Well, a Smoltz or Maddux in their prime could have pitched a shutout, but that still wouldn’t have won the game. The problem is that Teixeira has been underperforming all year. It’s extremely worrisome that we’re a quarter of the way into the season and he has five homers and 21 RBI.

  52. RE: 71

    That’s my point regarding Teixeira. Agreed that Hamel was on last night and one player couldn’t have changed that. However, I expect much more from a player of his caliber. It’s not okay to perform like that and expect everything to be cool.

    It’s funny, when I compare that to my industry, if I was underperforming like that, I know my manager would be on me.

  53. Billy Wags
    Wagner is also a guy, like Schilling, who likes to hear himself talk. Schilling is annoying for a variety of reasons, but he’s smarter than Wagner.

    Still, they do have one thing in common: They have no trouble showing up their teammates.

    Greg Maddux is one of my favorite players of all time, but I’m not sure I give up a whole lot for him at this point and for one season. Taking that salary from a losing team like SD might be enough.

    I’m actually quite a fan of Canada & Canadians. (I am, after all, a not-so-closeted NHL fan—plus I like their comedians & their beer.) However, I still like to poke fun at them & their musical artists.

  54. I agree the National League is mediocre right now, but the difference is the Mets and Phillies have the potential to really beat up on the bad teams when they are right….while the Braves struggle against those same teams.

    So many issues. I think one of the main problems is the Braves don’t have that dynamic offensive player to compliment Chipper. Rollins/Utley/Howard/Burrell, Reyes/Wright/Beltran, Chipper…………

    I agree on this Tex guy. Sure as with KJ, there numbers will be good at the end, but the lack of consistency is just killing the Braves right now. Especially with the guy being in the clean-up spot. The line-up just seems flawed. No speed. Sort of boring. Let’s leave Blanco in everyday and see what happens.

  55. #74,

    Actually, Canada has had a lot of great bands come from there in the past few years. Most notably – the Arcade Fire.

  56. Tony, I believe Tex IS the guy we brought to compliment Chipper. He’s one of the best switch hitting clean up hitters in the league. There is no one else we have to fill that position. I’m all for playing Blanco but our need is to get our big hitters to hit. KJ is still a developing player. These younger guys will contribute when as they develop. It’s the experienced guys that shoulder the load.

  57. The NL is mediocre – except for the Diamondbacks, who barring injury, should absolutely be representing the NL in the WS this year.

  58. Actually, some analysts (including AL loyalists like Rob Neyer) think that the NL is catching the AL, largely because the NL is a lot younger.

  59. #55 – its my understanding that Kotsay is making $8 mil this season, Oakland is paying $6 mil of that

  60. I agree Shoaib, KJ is a developing hitter. Just for comparison when Chase Utley was 26 y/o he hit 28 hr, had 108 rbi’s and .291 ba….if KJ can just hit .291 at 26 y/o I will be happy.

    Truthfully, I think Tex may not be healthy. Either way I believe with the warm weather he will be okay. Francouer has taken a step back. I know it’s unfair to Frenchy, but since they are hyped as the young stars of the division…David Wright is way better.

  61. what about Freddy Garcia? he’s now rehabing and inviting teams to watch him pitch. He might be cheap and worth a look. At least we wouldnt have to trade any prospects for him

  62. The New Pornographers are another Canadian band I dig. My wife loves Barenaked Ladies. (Please refrain from all obvious jokes.)

  63. Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind,” is a classic.

    I think Tex is pressing. I am sure his wonderful agent is reminding him all the time about $$$$

  64. So, are you saying that you want some Gordon Lightfoot for tonight’s game thread?

    Sundown is fine song.

  65. Tex maybe pressing. Both New York teams will be looking for a 1st baseman, and Boston might be too. So he will get a huge contract at the end of the year and I think he knows it.

  66. Isn’t Rush canadian? Obviously, I’m not a big fan, but I there seem to be a lot of them out there.

    Although, “Spirit of Radio” is also a fine song.

  67. Ha…that’s funny. Big Papi as the Met’s 1st baseman. Can he even move left to right anymore? He’s only 32? Damn I thought he was at least 35. I guess everyone can’t be Manny going strong at 35 y/o.

    Mo Vaughn….what a disaster.

  68. AAR,
    Better than Triumph?

    I vote “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” (Saw The Replacements do that once—yes, they were hammered.) I’m still astounded that was a Top 40 hit. For nautical-themed pop tunes, it makes “Sink the Bismark” sound like KC & the Sunshine Band.

    And Neil Young gets the eternal Canadian nod from me. (His dad was a hockey writer in Toronto & he’s a SJ Sharks supporter.) And his last album, “Chrome Dreams II,” was pretty good.

    Hey, what’s wrong with a disco beat? Don’t you ever get your groove on?

    Sometimes it works (the Stones’ “Miss You”), sometimes it doesn’t (Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”), and sometimes it’s “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” by Kiss, which never fails to make me laugh.

    BTW, for the baseball game tonight: Let’s try to load the bases against Joey Devine, OK?

  69. Does anybody have any (serious) information about Hampton? I see he made a couple appearances at Richmond. Since then no news. What’s up with the guy.

    Also Tommy Hanson is off to a good start at AA.

  70. Geez…I guess this not a baseball blog afterall.

    That’s odd. Last night I was thinking, “Geez, I guess this isn’t a baseball team afterall.”

  71. What’s wrong with swapping recipes?

    3 pounds, dried wheat extract
    2 pounds, Wheat malt
    1 pound, Barley malt
    1 pound, dried malt extract
    2–1/2 ounces, Mt. Hood hops
    Wyeast Wheat beer yeast

    OG: 1.057 FG: 1.012
    Make a yeast starter two days beforehand. Mash the three pounds of malt a la Miller. Boil for one hour, adding 1-1/2 ounces hops at the start, 1/2 ounce at 30 minutes, and 1/2 ounce at 5 minutes. Cool and pitch yeast. Ferment. Bottle.

  72. Nice articles about Chipper….Carlos Beltran is 31…I wonder if his starting to do an Andruw Jones.

    Chipper Jones , 36 and Manny Ramirez, 35 both having great years. Two hall of fame locks.

  73. weird. it seemed, from a hall standpoint, that the joneses have swapped positions. andruw, with his incredible defense and good offensive center field numbers looked to be a lock, while chipper with his late career injuries and poor defense was not. oh, what difference a year makes.

  74. here’s my recipe:

    Remove one John Smoltz
    Remove one Rafael Soriano
    Remove the bat from one Mark Teixeira
    Remove Mike Hampton (always remove Hampton)
    Remove one Mike Gonzalez
    Add one Chris Resop
    Add one Martin Prado
    Occassionally remove Kelly Johnson
    And continue to add pinches of Bobby Cox

    that recipe should net you a 20-20 record in your first 40 games if made right.

  75. Nice Crasnick story on Chipper. I’d like to think that Frenchy (who’s quoted in the story) has a lot to learn from him.

    Could not read the Neyer thing because it was an Insider thing. But I think Chipper’s definitely a Hall of Famer.

  76. Well I’m in NY and unfortunately it’s time for the dreaded subway series….

    Looking at these salaries:

    Yep the Mets and the Yankees suck. Jim Thome, Mike Hampton, Jason Giambi and Richie Sexson should be charged with robbery.

    Andruw really should be ashamed. How lazy do you have to be not to work out. But when you think about it, he has been in the league for 12 years already. 14 years is not bad.

  77. lol………just looked at the “Buffalo Springfield” video……….subtract one Neil Young….add one David Crosby…..where did that come from?

  78. Tony, I think the hype around Frenchy is primarily in Atlanta. I live in DC and people know of Frency but not in the same esteem as Wright. I don’t care who says you can comare the two – you can’t. People here tried to compare Zimmerman to Wright and that man is hitting .230 or something like that.

    Stu – the New Pornographers are pretty cool, too. Actually, I’m wondering of people can name a really good American band (not from Seattle) that has come around in the last 5 years. Yes, there are a few from Athens (Go Dawgs) and Austin, but my point is that the music scene in Canada is improving. I’m not from Canada nor would I wanna be but I’ll give them credit on their music scene.

  79. coincidentally, the up and coming Athens band is called “of Montreal.” Go figure…

  80. Great Crasnick story on Chipper. I wish Chipper could do the Vulcan mind meld on Francouer and KJ.

    Alex, LOL – sooo sad that its really true.

  81. Actually, the video from Wednesday was Buffalo Springfield at Monterey, but Young had left the group for a time and Crosby was sitting in. Thursday was CSN at Woodstock.

    Neyer would apparently rank Chipper sixth among “modern” (post-1920) third basemen (after Schmidt, Brett, Boggs, Matthews, and Robinson, with a nod towards Darrell Evans). This is largely due to defense; Chipper’s offense measures up to any of them.

  82. Saw a great doc on VH-1 a couple weeks ago about the Monterey Pop Festival. Hope they replay it—lotsa good performances & behind-the-scenes stuff.

    Of Montreal has been around for a decade, actually. But they’re real good.

    Lotsa good non-Athens/Austin/Seattle American bands. But here’s a few: Centro-Matic (Denton, TX), The Shins (Portland via New Mexico), LCD Soundsystem (NYC).

  83. Right now I live in Brooklyn. I agree in DC they are praying and hoping Zimmerman turns out to be that star they so desperately need…but he is not doing anything. Frenchy got exposure and hype b/c of TBS…now it’s gone, so outside of Atlanta, no one cares.

  84. Actually, I think Frenchy gets some exposure because Sports Center frequently has highlights of him throwing guys out at home. I would bet most people think he is better than he is.

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