ESPN – Braves vs. Pirates – Box Score – May 12, 2008

It is generally not a good thing when your baseball team continually sends you to the thesaurus because you’ve run out of negative adjectives and nouns. In this case, I was going to call this game an “atrocity” but realized that I’m overusing that word, and will go with “outrage”. This game was an outrage. It was outrageous in every way.

The Braves outhit the Pirates 8-6. They outwalked them 6-5. The Pirates committed four errors, and through seven innings had more errors than hits. And they won, because the Braves’ performance with runners on base was, well, an outrage. They left fifteen men on base and lined into a double play. Chipper was 3-4 with a walk and never saw third base — in fact, he was never advanced at all, reaching second base on a double and a fielding error. Omar Infante led off, and we’re still waiting for him to make solid contact or work the count — he was 0-5. Matt Diaz was also 0-5. Francoeur had two hits with nobody on base, but grounded out and struck out in a pair of two-men-on situations.

Jair Jurrjens did fine for four innings, but the pressure of trying to stay in the game got to him in the fifth, and he gave up a three-run double. That’s a loss. Bennett pitched around problems for two innings, then Acosta came in to give up a two-run homer to LaRoche just to add to the humilation. Acosta should thank his lucky stars for Resop, because I can’t say that our worst reliever is the closer.

Game thread for the nightcap. Here is a video.

This team doesn’t deserve The Beatles.