Really has no business at all making the roster, only he is (a) out of options and (b) the last Canadian on the team.

Thorman was handed the platoon first base job and played pretty well in March and April. He started playing most of the time when Craig Wilson was released, and simultaneously stopped hitting at all. The Braves desperately flailed trying to replace him with Saltalamacchia, Julio, and even Woodward, before Teixeira stabilized the situation, probably a couple of weeks too late. Thorman’s .216/.258/.394 season (in 120 games, 287 ABs) is probably reason #3 (after the travails of the bottom of the rotation and Andruw’s substandard season) that the Braves missed the playoffs.

The guy has real power. He just can’t connect often enough to make use of it, or draw enough walks to balance a low batting average. Painfully slow, not a good first baseman, 26 years old. Is probably not as bad of a hitter as he looked last season, but he could hit forty points higher and still not be any good… Bad against righthanders, but Belliardian (.176/.227/.221) against lefties.

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