Nice rookie season. When Escobar first came up, he hit for a high average but with little secondary offense, limiting his value. As the season went on and he played more, he started adding some walks and a few homers, and by the end of the year he had a good, batting-average-based but all-around offensive game, .326/.385/.451. Though the Braves played poorly when Renteria was out, it wasn’t Escobar’s fault, as he played some of his best baseball during that stretch.

Doesn’t, however, seem to have an obvious offensive role, though with this team’s makeup he’ll probably hit first or second. Doesn’t have middle-of-the-order power, wasn’t a really successful basestealer (5 of 8 ) and really doesn’t seem like a leadoff type, though if he can hit .326 his OBP will be more than high enough. He was the hardest player on the team to strike out, or close to it.

Range factor as a shortstop was poor, but higher than Renteria’s. Way below average as a second baseman; a little above average at third. However, his fielding percentage was best as a shortstop.

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